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  1. 1. Global Business Services – Finance & Planning - within IBM
  2. 2. Our Sales Force daily gives our customers one promise: “The promise of integration and innovation”
  3. 3. In Global Business Services line of business this means one of the 2 Services fields: – Core consulting • Business Analytics and Optimization • Customer Relationship Management • Financial Management • Human Capital Management • Strategy and Change • Supply Chain Management – Application Services - handles long term end-to-end management of clients' application portfolios (design -> build through -> management/evolution) • Application Management Services • Application Innovation Services
  4. 4. In other words: “Addressing of clients' core business processes”
  5. 5. Once the contract is signed, it starts its 2 lives: At the customer’s In IBM internal systems and organizational structures ( operations )
  6. 6. March 2005
  7. 7. Mission - driving IBMs business results: - reduced complexity and increased efficiency (end to end financial planning processes) - becoming a highly valued partner helping the business to achieve financial results.
  8. 8. March 2010
  9. 9. 77 people
  10. 10. Roles in the process REPORTING information about the financial position of the company (the base for the Management in making economic decisions) FORECASTING Days Sales Outstanding – reports analysis and accurate forecast to support accurate and timely invoicing in accordance with the c. terms and conditions, further keeping control of payment/cash flow = taking actions to solve overdue or disputed invoices SUPPORT & FACILITATION Of Contract Management Overview on financial health of individual contracts - by delivering the financials such as Revenue/Cost Forecasts and Gross Profit Analysis ADVISORY financial advisory to the business on accurate Signings and Backlog reporting according to external WW requirements like GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) *LINKAGE Of business and Accounting
  11. 11. This year the General Business Finance & Planning will be reaching its 50:50 target mode for Finance & Planning in Country vs. Finance & Planning in Center employee number. Why such a split?
  12. 12. The 50:50 ratio ensures the Finance and Planning operations staying close to local business and leverage on centralization on the other hand. - concentrated talent and skills (brings innovation) - fast reaction to changes on the market (flexibility) - environment for standardization (brings efficiency)
  13. 13. The existence of Centers of Excellence like Global Business Services Finance and Planning shows how IBM is day by day managing its own business better. Simply by keeping the same promise it gives to its coustomers “The promise of integration and innovation”