Wobo outreach training


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Wobo outreach training

  1. 1. WOBO Outreach Training
  2. 2. Why Outreach? Outreach is WOBO’s Backbone  Advocacy clout  Financial support  Volunteer activity It just feels good
  3. 3. Introducing… You! Why did you join WOBO?
  4. 4. Simple Steps for WOBOOutreach Set up Engage Seal the Deal Register Members Report Back
  5. 5. SET UP:Lookin’ good at the Outreach Table WOBO Outreach Materials Snazzy Table Wear your bike/walk love
  6. 6. ENGAGE:3 Easy Ways to Describe WOBO What does WOBO do?  Works to improve neighborhood quality of life in Oakland by making walking and bicycling safe, accessible, easy and fun.  Actively participates in local planning processes to ensure that full bicycle and pedestrian accommodations are included in the planning process.  WOBO is working hard to help create a vibrant bicycling and walking community.
  7. 7. ENGAGE: A WOBO HistoryLesson Founded in 2007 First Success: Traffic Calming around Whole Foods Oakland Work on Bicyclists’ and Pedestrians’ behalf in Oakland Key Achievements Helped get new bike lanes striped on the Harrison-Oakland corridor; Gained a commitment to stripe bike lanes on Franklin and Webster Streets by 2010, meeting our short-term goal for the Bike Broadway campaign; Conducted a bicycle inventory on Broadway and a Pathways and Stairways Inventory throughout Oakland Launched a community effort to establish Oaklavia – our hometown version of “Sunday Streets”
  8. 8. ENGAGE:What we do today - highlights Bikeways Campaign: 30 miles in 2011, complete network by 2020 Bike to Work Day – partnership every May Follow Local Planning Processes Community Events e.g. Bike-In movie nights Parklets and Pedestrian Campaigns
  9. 9. ENGAGE:TIPS Getting the conversationstarted Familiarity with the conversation Commonality Be Yourself Brevity
  10. 10. ENGAGE:TIPS Getting the conversation startedBack Pocket Guide to WOBO:3 simple questions to break the ice  How do you get around?  Where’d you ride from?  What bike/walking/transportation issues are important to you?
  11. 11. SEAL THE DEALAsk and you shall receiveAre you a member of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland?WOBO works to (insert your favorite easy description here).Will you join today?
  12. 12. SEAL THE DEAL Talking Points: What’s the deal? Levels If you’re a new member, you get $15 off a regular membership – only $20 IF you’re a renewing member, it’s $35 If you’re a household, it’s $50It’s not scary to ask for money…
  13. 13. SEAL THE DEALTalking Points: What’s in it for me? You get discounts at local businesses Strengthen the voice of bicyclists in Oakland – our members give WOBO clout with decision makers Join other Oakland community members who are working improve neighborhood quality of life by making Oakland a better place to walk and bike
  14. 14. Thanks, but no thanks Sign up for Email list Make sure they take a brochure Know when to say when…
  15. 15. REGISTER MEMBER:Sign Up nuts and bolts Fill out the form Are you a household? Make sure it’s legible Credit Cards? Get their money: cash or check in the envelope “It’s in the Mail” Thank you and Welcome! Put member registration in tabling envelope
  16. 16. TIPS Dealing with the haters Critical Mass We don’t encourage rude bicycling We don’t exclude drivers! I live in SF/Berkeley/Fremont… “If there’s just one gripe about cyclists…” (we offer something for everyone…) Admit when you don’t know the answer. Know when to give up. It’s ok.
  17. 17. Give it a try Easy Sell Tough Sell
  18. 18. You’re ready – Volunteer! Oaktoberfest – This Saturday, October 1! Rockridge Out and About, October 9 PEDALFEST, October 22
  19. 19. ~Many Thanks~Ride and Walk On!