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Summertime & Your Pets


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Summertime in Australia can get very hot and your pets need to keep cool or they are at risk of getting sick, or worse. This fun little presentation goes through some ideas for keeping your pet safe, happy and cool this summer.

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Summertime & Your Pets

  1. 1. Keeping pets safe in summer
  2. 2. Summertime in Australia can get hot and unbearable for all of us.
  3. 3. … but our pets are not always so lucky Humans can go inside with fans and air conditioners to keep cool …
  4. 4. Please don’t forget your pets this summer.
  5. 5. Here are some tips to help keep your pets safe and cool in hot weather.
  6. 6. Dogs and cats need plenty of fresh water, in the shade so it stays cool.
  7. 7. Ice blocks in the water help the water to stay cold.
  8. 8. Shady trees in the yard are very important.
  9. 9. Dogs and cats need undercover areas to hide from the hot sun.
  10. 10. Your pet would love to come inside where its cooler.
  11. 11. Some dogs love to cool down in a paddling pool …
  12. 12. Cats can cool down by laying on a damp towel.
  13. 13. Animals in cages, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds need to be in the shade when it is hot.
  14. 14. Remember the shade moves … so you will need to move the cage throughout the day.
  15. 15. The hot sun can cause them to become very sick … or even DIE.
  16. 16. the safest place for your pet is inside the house. Cool bathroom tiles are a great spot to rest. In hot weather …
  17. 17. In Summer, a frozen water bottle can be a great help for cooling your rabbit or guinea pig.
  18. 18. When it’s hot, your bird will love a light spray of cool water from a spray bottle.
  19. 19. Animals in the car NEVER leave your pet in the car during summer After just a few minutes, the inside of the car can become hot like an oven Even if the windows are down, your pet can still become very sick or even die!
  20. 20. Please don’t forget your pets this summer.
  21. 21. Your Pet Needs You!