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Yuliya Nabieva, Head of Partnership Management, Spil Games


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Game Publishing Challenges. Mobile and Web Markets (White Nights St. Petersburg 2016)

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Yuliya Nabieva, Head of Partnership Management, Spil Games

  1. 1. Game publishing challenges. Mobile and browser games markets
  2. 2. 2016 Launch 6 major casual / mid-core mobile F2P titles 2004 First website 2005-2011 Rapid expansion of online portals CAGR 109% 2014 Strategic move to Mobile & Native 2012 Pioneer Mobile Games (HTML5) Today 125 FTE / 25 nationalities  120M cross platform users  5 portal clusters and 35 domains Transform into a Mobile 1st company 2012 Largest Online Casual Gaming company > 200M MAU From an online casual gaming company to a leading cross-platform publisher
  3. 3. Rest 5% Europe 36% North America 23% South America 15% Asia Pacific 21% Cross device and localized in 13 languages Massive >120M MAU reach, 20% on Mobile We think global but we push local
  4. 4.  Over 10 years of publishing expertise  120M+ activer users a month (web), 35 local domains  One of the Top 30 Publishers on Google  3M+ unique MAUs mobile In a nutshell
  5. 5. Challenge #1. Platform. Tale of the 2 Giants…
  6. 6. Challenge #2 competition. 2,2 M apps in Google Play and 2 M apps in Apple AppStore …
  7. 7. Solution. Your game should meet one of the categories to stay ahead of the competition Title uses market proven concepts and brings it to the next generation of quality on a certain platform. Title moves in the borders of market proven concepts but adds a special USP / twist which is strong enough to make it outstanding. Title is different to projects and trends that are actually on the market and has the potential to disrupt or even open a new genre of games. Next Generation Games Disruptive GamesProven plus USP
  8. 8. Challenge #3. Marketing is expensive Paid Marketing is EXPENSIVE
  9. 9. Solution: App store optimization, SMM for viral effect and Store relations, get your game featured
  10. 10. 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 Dec.14 Jan.15 Feb.15 Mar.15 Apr.15 May.15 Jun.15 Jul.15 Aug.15 Sep.15 Oct.15 Nov.15 Dec.15 Jan.16 Installs(Millions) Showcase: Troll Face Quest 17  27 videos by vloggers on Trollface Quest Videomemes: 18M total views  Trollface Quest vlog videos >20M views  PewDiePie’s troll tube video 3M views
  11. 11. Casual Web games account for 5%, PC/MMO - 27%, mobile 30% of the total market share. Mobile is not conquering all game market
  12. 12. Challenge #1. Facebook? Is there a new opportunity? Social Networks Game Portals Game Stores Steam Chrome Store Sina weibo Qzone Open platforms, need to invest in traffic, integration required Open and closed, integration required, marketing depends on the vendor Closed platforms, integration required, marketing is solely at platforms consent Try as many platforms as possible, audience is different, find the right platforms and invest
  13. 13. Challenge #2. Which genre has a potential? Solution: Top 5 browser games genres with avg ARPPU based on Spil portals analytics Social/Casino and slot games $450-600 Strategy games $150-300 Farm Simulators $70-200 MMO RPG $70-150 Sport social games $20-80
  14. 14. Revenue depends on the quality of the audience
  15. 15. Challenge #3. Player acquisition cost. Choose the right platform. With programmatic buying technologies you can predict and control the CPI/CPR but you will never guess the conversion rate. 1st tier CPI - $5-15 2nd tier CPI - $2-5 3rd tier CPI - $0,9-$1,5 The payer costs 3-5 times higher than CPI. Cross-platform product lowers the price of a payer. Solution: Find the right Platform = platform audience matches the game audience
  16. 16. Challenge #4. Technology. Web switch. Flash -> HTML5, WebGL Google is planning to phase out full support for Adobe's Flash software on its Chrome browser by the end of 2016, with the exception to 10 sites, including and Safari 10, set to release in fall 2016 with the next version of MacOS (Sierra) is going to block flash content by default
  17. 17.  Cross-platform product  Start with the mature/tier1 markets  Invest in HTML5  Web games, new niches to look at: Social casino games, MMO RPG  Social casino games ARPPU is highest among web games with avr. $500 Publishing market challenges
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention! Yuliya Nabieva, Head of Partnership Management Send us your game to