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Elena Tsarkova, Wooga


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Hidden UA Opportunities In Global Markets: How To Grow Your Game Worldwide

(White Nights Conference St. Petersburg 2017)
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Elena Tsarkova, Wooga

  1. 1. Wooga’s UA: When and How to go Worldwide
  2. 2. At Home in Berlin The Capital of Innovation in Europe 250 Employees 40+ Nationalities 37% of our workforce moved to Berlin in order to join Wooga
  3. 3. Social Games Wooga 1.0 2009 - 2011 Move to Mobile Wooga 2.0 2011 - 2013 Portfolio of Casual Games Wooga 4.0 2016 onwards Discovering our strength Wooga 3.0 2014 - 2015 Wooga’s History is a lifetime of learning
  4. 4. From Berlin, Wooga’s Platform reaches the World Sales Distribution USA: 55% DE: 5% FR: 3% AUS: 2% UK: 5% CA: 4% JP: 8% Others: 18% Wooga games developed and managed from Berlin have truly global appeal
  5. 5. Our Focus: Casual Games
  6. 6. Casual Games: Not just one type of game Hidden ObjectPuzzle
  7. 7. Our requirements for game investment Our portfolio investment process balances game team design autonomy with investment management discipline at key points of the development cycle EXPERTISE
  8. 8. Wooga’s Audience
  9. 9. Up to 70% of all our players are women
  10. 10. US & Europe - biggest player base up to 60%
  11. 11. According to Facebook Audience they like:
  12. 12. Wooga’s UA approach
  13. 13. Broad selection of networks
  14. 14. Historically Tier 1 countries focus
  15. 15. Obstacles in growing established games
  16. 16. Jelly Splash: Match-3 Puzzler since 2013 Join those delicious Jellys and enjoy the most splashtastic matching game around. Connect the longest line of Jellys you can, settle in and relax with the most delightful puzzle game around. Journey through loads of different levels and dozens of different challenges to free your Jelly friends. iOS, Android, Facebook: Launched August 2013
  17. 17. Diamond Dash: Match-3 Puzzler since 2013 LIGHTNING-FAST GEM-MATCHING ACTION! Super-quick, hyper-addictive and mega-exciting! Join over 200 million players enjoying the magic of Diamond Dash. How many gems can you bust in just 60 seconds? iOS, Android, Facebook: Launched August 2013
  18. 18. Example of matured game 2013 2014 2015 2016
  19. 19. Case study Worldwide growth
  20. 20. Facebook Targeting: Interests People who play casual mobile games Lookalikes People similar to people who play Wooga Games Custom Audiences People who play Wooga Games
  21. 21. Rest of the World?
  22. 22. But.. How about ROI ?
  23. 23. Which app events?
  24. 24. Creative: banners or videos?
  25. 25. Creative: banners or videos?
  26. 26. Does Ad Copy matter? “Ready? FIRE! Grab the latest bubble shooter now!”
  27. 27. Does Ad Copy matter? “Phew! Hard day? How about a puzzle to wind down with?” “Ready? FIRE! Grab the latest bubble shooter now!” CTR +48%
  28. 28. Don’t be afraid to go Worldwide!