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Bob Slinn, Head of Gaming Partnerships EMEA, Facebook


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Bob Slinn, Head of Gaming Partnerships EMEA, Facebook

  1. 1. Build Better Games with Facebook Bob Slinn White Nights Moscow October 13th
  2. 2. Games Market Continues to Grow Source: NewZoo Global Games Report 2015
  3. 3. 445MPeople play games with Facebook $8B paid to developers since 2010 Clicks to games from Facebook web and mobile daily 735M Facebook is a Games Platform
  4. 4. Over 30 million apps and sites have been built with Facebook developer tools
  5. 5. 130,000 new Facebook connected games launched in 2014
  6. 6. Eastern European Success Stories
  7. 7. We want to position developers for success in building experiences that people love
  8. 8. Grow MonetizeBuild Facebook Login App Links Parse Better Sharing App Invites Mobile App Install Ads Analytics for Apps Payments Audience Network LiveRail
  9. 9. 7,000,000,000 Logins in 2014
  10. 10. • Give People Control • Explain Benefits • Context Matters • Login Screen Background
  11. 11. Miniclip Case Study63.5% of DAUs use Facebook Login ARPDAU from FB users is 70% > than other Logins Conversion Rate is 65%> than other Logins D1 80% D7 2.5X D28 5X other Logins
  12. 12. Source: Facebook Financial Data 2014 Sharing
  13. 13. pieces of app content shared to Facebook in 2014
  14. 14. Express Themselves Help Others Maintain Relationships Why People Share
  15. 15. Types of Sharing Link share Image share Open Graph Stories
  16. 16. Creating Shareable Moments
  17. 17. Alphabear
  18. 18. Mr Jump
  19. 19. Criminal Case
  20. 20. App Invites Share Personalised Recommendations
  21. 21. Draw Something
  22. 22. App Analytics
  23. 23. Introducing Facebook Analytics for Apps Facebook Confidential - Please Do Not Distribute
  24. 24. What’s Included Funnels Cohorts Demographics Cross-Device Ad Integrations SegmentsEvent-based Metrics
  25. 25. Event-based Metrics
  26. 26. Event-based Metrics
  27. 27. Segments
  28. 28. Funnels
  29. 29. Cohorts
  30. 30. • FREE • • • Why use App Analytics?
  31. 31. Game Insight: The Tribez Game Insight was able to successfully re- engage users using App Events resulting in a 5% increase of daily active users and a return on investment of 800%
  32. 32. Facebook SDK for Unity 5 supporting Web GL live
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Grow MonetizeBuild
  35. 35. Thank You

Editor's Notes

  • We now have 445M people every month who play games with Facebook across the web and mobile and these players generate over 700M clicks every day.

    While we all know about the explosive growth of mobile gaming, remains one of the largest gaming platforms for our users, and thus a large untapped market for many mobile first games developers. Last year over $3 billion of purchases were made by gamers on, last year alone. We also had over 100 developers who generated over $1M.
  • I hope that video got you guys excited about what you can build for people. So far, over 30 million apps and sites have been built with Facebook developer tools and these apps and sites are helping us with our broader mission to connect the world. Over 70% of these developers are based outside of the UK.
  • Today, our sessions will be broken up into our build, grow, monetize framework.
  • With Facebook Login, our aim is to give people more control over the information they share with apps.
  • In this presentation, I'd like to talk about how you can use our developer tools – and especially LOGIN – to build BETTER GAMES… And everything will be around this NUMBER: what is it?
  • Pat's suggestion -
    Facebook Login
    Reduce conversion barrier - registration in 2 taps!
    Social experiences from the ground up
    Higher engagement and retention
  • Few data to support your choice in using Facebook login.
  • Evolution of App Insights; App Events; new analytics features, and attribution
    Focused on solving problems for mobile developers, but goes across devices and platforms with App Events and Pixels
    Leverages the Facebook SDK, you can also do Server to Server if you are interested
    Free for unlimited use
  • Talked to companies (startups and established players)
    cross device measurement

    The product includes event-based metrics, segments, funnel builder, cohort analysis, and ad integrations.

    All of this built on top of Facebook demographics & cross-device measurement.

    You can do break-downs based on demographics and measure across devices.

  • Using the FB SDK or API - you can log events through a system called App Events
    App Events is the way you log key actions that people are taking in your app
    App Events both power your Analytics dashboard and allow you to do measurement, remarketing, and smarter acquisition campaigns using Facebook Ads.

    Logging just App Launch and App Install events provides you with a lot of valuable information
    Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users
    Session Length
    You can see demographic and technology breakdowns for the people playing your game
  • You can also log important actions like purchases as events.
    In the example above, you can see a purchase trend broken down by the average value per user over time.
    There are many ways to visualize information in Facebook Analytics
  • If you are looking at a funnel or cohort for your overall app, sometimes it can be hard to deduce exactly what’s happening.
    Segments allow you to create a set of rules to filter the audience
    In this example, you have created a specific audience such as people who spent at least $5 USD, in the US, on iOS or Android
    You can add a set of rules with as many or few conditions
    You can layer segments on top of funnels or cohorts to filter the analysis to just the audience relevant to you
  • Funnels show you how people move through a series of steps in your app.
    In the example above, we are looking at an app which could be a travel, e-commerce, or retail app
    Let’s imagine someone is looking at a pair of shoes in this app.
    People are going to search for a pair of shoes, they will probably add a pair to their cart, they may also add some payment and shipping information, and then eventually purchase those shoes.
    It would be great if 100% of people that did a search ended up purchasing.
    However, the reality is that at each step of the process, some of the people abandon the flow.
    Funnels help you measure what that process looks like and where you are losing your customers.
    This helps you understand where in the process you can improve the user experience, where you can try a different form, where you can make things simpler, so that you can get more people through that flow and get more customers.
  • However, cohorts can help you understand the average cumulative number of actions people are taking in your app or the total amount of spend per user in your app over time.
    You can use cohorts to understand LTV for your entire app.
  • Today, our sessions will be broken up into our build, grow, monetize framework.