WNS Xponential, An ERP Card Solution


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The power, control and efficiency of ERP combined with the ease-of-use and financial benefits of a P-Card.

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WNS Xponential, An ERP Card Solution

  1. 1. ponentialThe ERP-Card SolutionTMXponential - Its about ™IntegrationThe power, control and efficiency of ERP combined withthe ease-of-use and financial benefits of a P-Card.TheERPCard-Solution
  2. 2. For more than a decade, Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) have brought enormousfinancial benefits and ease-of-use to organisations world-wide. Unfortunatelythough, as complex large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systemsbecome the norm rather than the exception, the “chinks in the P-Cardarmor” have begun to surface. The biggest impact in terms of technology andresource utilisation, is felt by organisations that have implementedcapital-intensive ERP systems. Typical P-Card programmes usingstand-alone, interfaced technology applications hit a “brick wall” in ERPsystems, and limit the ability of organisations to tap into value-addedBusiness-to-Business (B2B) and e-Commerce opportunities.P-Cards and ERPTypical P-Card programme management applications are, by definition,“inefficient” as they sit outside of an organisations ERP landscape.This results in business processes that are disconnected from all of the otherERP-based functions and processes, and most importantly, disconnectedfrom the ERP control mechanisms. As the P-Cards business is a complex andhigh-risk one, it poses a serious challenge for ERP-based organisations.Supply ChainManagementProjectManagementManufacturersHumanResourceFinance /AccountingOutsourceRelationshipManagementERPOne Integrated SolutionOrganisational EfficiencyOrganisationalInefficiencyBusinessProcessesP-Card Disconnectionn n nPlant Management Vendor Management Receivingn n nFinance Accounting Purchasing Human Resourcesn n nFixed Assets / Property Supplier Quality Business Intelligencen nAccounts Payable Inventory Control
  3. 3. As an organisations success is deeply rooted in the interoperability andefficiencies of its ERP system, a disconnected P-Card programme limitsvalue-added opportunities that are present in todays dynamic and complexB2B marketplace. By taking its P-Card programme management inside of itscore ERP system, organisations benefit from a “best-of-both-worlds”approach. The ERP-Card combines the structure, control and efficiency ofthe ERP system with the ease-of-use and financial benefits of atraditional P-Card.The ERP-CardTypical P-Card technology applications also drive “informationdisconnection” between the industry-driven P-Card data elements and theorganisationally relevant ERP data elements. This incongruent datacombined with the interfaced nature of the P-Card programmes results insub-optimal P-Card data within an organisations ERP system leading tocontrol exposures, and limiting the usefulness of P-Card data.INTEGRATIONSupply ChainManagementProjectManagementManufacturersHumanResourceFinance /AccountingOutsourceRelationshipManagementERPIncongruent P-Card / SchemaERP Data / SchemaOrganisation Relevant Industry RelevantVendors MerchantsPurchase Orders TransactionsPO Line Items Levels of DataP-Card Data / Schema
  4. 4. This brings flexibility to an organisations supply chain strategy and providesmore efficient P-Card programme processes and controls as well as increaseddata integrity. This allows an organisation to optimise its P-Card utilisationapproach, and maximise the bottom-line and working-capital opportunitiesthat a strong ERP-Card programme can bring.Xponential -The ERP-Card Solution™Xponential, as an ERP-Card technology solution, provides seamlessintegration with all of the organisation’s SAP business processes, functionsand data elements. All ERP-Card programme management activity from useraccess to cardholder reconciliations to programme reporting is performedwithin the organisations core SAP ERP system.Xponential also brings the much-needed ERP data integrity and dataconformance to an organisations ERP-Card programme effectively,eliminating the P-Card tools key historical weaknesses. Additionally,Xponential simplifies an organisations technical landscape throughelimination ofthe typical P-Card interfaces and the associated maintenance, andn nFully Integrated with ERP Business Audit and ComplianceProcess / Data Elements nSales and Use TaxnProgramme Administration Identification / Reportingn nUser Access / Security / Roles Merchant Volume Reportingn nCardholder Reconciliation Small Business ReportingnReconciliation ApprovalsSupply ChainManagementProjectManagementManufacturersHumanResourceFinance /AccountingOutsourceRelationshipManagement
  5. 5. ponentialThe ERP-Card SolutionTMXponential – The e-Commerce HubWith its powerful ERP integration, Xponential bridges the gap betweenAP and Procurement by serving as a hub for converging e-Procurement,e-Payable and e-Commerce options. With its Vendor Master connections,Purchase Order functionality and Good Receipt capabilities, Xponentialallows the organisation to take full advantage of todays dynamic marketplaceby using the ERP-Card as the centerpiece of its e-Commerce strategy.ERP-Card-backed electronic catalogues can transform the way that every dayoverhead purchases are made within any organisation. Presenting theERP-Card as options within Reverse Auctions and Dynamic Discounting bringinteresting growth opportunities, and virtual card e-Payable and non-PO APpayment options also exist.nMaterialManagementReceivingnPurchasingSourcingRequisitionse-Commerce HubnCatalogue ProgrammesnTraditional P-CardsnE-PayablesnReverse AuctionsnNon-PO PaymentsnDynamic DiscountingnVendor MasternP-Card MerchantsnBI ReportingnControls Audit andCompliancenFinance andAccounts Payable
  6. 6. Xponential simplifies the card landscape by administering all theorganisations P-Card programme activity in an integrated manner along withevery other SAP business process. This provides the organisation theutmost flexibility in designing its ERP-Card approach.An integrated ERP-Card programme presents many interestingbusiness transformation opportunities from strategic totactical to everything in between.An organisation may choose to use the ERP-Cardas a value-added piece of the supply chaincomplete with requisitions, purchase orders,vendor masters and / or goods receipts or simplyas a non-PO-based tactical option. Xponentialalso provides the flexibility to configure eachcard programme differently. For example, oneprogramme may be PO-based, one programmenon-PO-based, while another programme mayallow both methods.Whether it is traditional programmes, catalogue programmes, e-payables oreven non-PO card payments, Xponential provides the flexibility to manage allP-Card programmes from all P-Card providers all in one place.Xponential FlexibilityOne of the key benefits of Xponential is its ability tobring ERP conformance to the industry-driven P-Carddata elements. With its ability to link P-Card merchantsto ERP Vendors, Xponential provides an opportunity toreport and analyse ERP-Card “spend” in ways neverbefore possible.The ease-of-use of the Xponential EZ-PO Portal alsoprovides an organisation a cost-beneficial opportunityto extend Vendor Masters and PO functionality to itstraditional ERP-Card programme. This provides theopportunity for fully aggregated purchasing reporting,enabling the organisations to have a single holistic viewof all of their enterprise procurement spend, includingthe ERP-Card.Xponential Data Integrity
  7. 7. Xponential allows an organisation to leverage its ERP investment more broadlyby eliminating, from its technical landscape, a stand-alone business systemthat it does not control. Xponential also brings the functional control of ahigh-risk and complex business process into its ERP environment greatlyreducing risk, while increasing efficiency and providing greater data integrity.Xponential simply cuts through the complexity of P-Cards, e-commence andpayment convergence, and provides one single solution for them all. And thatsolution is right inside the SAP system where the organisation has alreadymade its investment in enterprise efficiency.Explore the Xponential value proposition, reap the Xponential benefits, andrealise an Xponential return on investment for your organisation.Lastly, as a high-risk business process that spans the entire P2Pvalue chain, cost-beneficial control is one of the most importantfeatures of Xponential. The Xponential control foundation is laidby inheriting all the native Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)features of the organisations SAP system as the basis forERP-Card user access, roles, and privileges. Detailed user data isalso inherited from the organisations integrated HR module.Traditional P-Card programmes are often administered from a“one or the other” organisational ownership approach, which canlimit the success of a P-Card programme if not managed properly.With Xponential, the power of the ERP process and dataownership methodology of the organisation is also inherited.This provides an opportunity for a “core competency” based splitbetween P-Card stakeholder organisations.A more balanced and ERP-aligned approach is the basis for all ofthe business transformation opportunities that lie with theERP-Card. It also ensures that the data and process hand-offs aremade between organisations ensuring the integrity of the data andthe ERP efficiency of the end-to-end process.As all Xponential programme activity occurs within the ERP systems, so do allof the ERP-Card controls and audit trails. This brings great efficiency to theERP-Card control environment and substantially reduces the risk factor of theERP-Card programme. Xponentials powerful PO, Good Receipt and VendorMaster integration can also provide an additional layer of powerful controlswhile increasing the usefulness of the ERP-Card reporting data.Xponential Return on InvestmentXponential ControlCOSTRISKPROCESS
  8. 8. BizAps is a market-leading SAP Services and Solutions provider, focusing onhelping companies to optimise their use of SAP. BizAps providesSAP-integrated software solutions that save organisations money and enablemore profitable use of cash assets by optimising and automating financialprocesses to increase efficiency and productivity within finance departments.BizAps is part of WNS Group, the leading global business processoutsourcing company. This extends the BizAps offering from optimisingback-office processes to industry-specific front- and middle-office processsolutions, all the way to complex, actionable research and analytics.Procurement Card SolutionsTo learn more, write to us at marketing@wns.comAbout WNSWNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), is a leading global business processoutsourcing company. WNS offers business value to 200+ global clients bycombining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industryverticals, including Travel, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services,Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Shipping andLogistics, Healthcare and Utilities. WNS delivers an entire spectrum ofbusiness process outsourcing services such as finance and accounting,customer care, technology solutions, research and analytics and industry-specific back-office and front-office processes. WNS has over 22,000professionals across 25 delivery centers world-wide, including Costa Rica,India, the Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom.SAP and mySAP are registered trademarks of SAP AG. All other trademarks appearing on this documentare the property of their respective owners.© Copyright 2012 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reservedponentialThe ERP-Card SolutionTMwww.wns.com