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WNS Corporate Factsheet

  1. 1. FACT SHEET WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS) is a leading global Business Process Management (BPM) company. WNS offers business value to 200+ global clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals, including Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Professional Services, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecom and Diversified Businesses, Shipping and Logistics, Travel and Leisure and Utilities. WNS delivers an entire spectrum of business process management services such as customer care, finance and accounting, human resource solutions, research and analytics, technology solutions, and industry-specific back-office and front-office processes. WNS has delivery centers world-wide, including China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UK and US. CORPORATE INFORMATION Established 1996 Stock Symbol NYSE - WNS Employees 26,000+ DIFFERENTIATORS Client-centric Approach n Technology-enabled BPO n Vertical Approach n FINANCIAL STRENGTH (Year ending March 31, 2013) Net Revenue (Revenue Less Repair Payments - Non-GAAP): USD 436.1 Million MAJOR CLIENTS Over 200 Global Clients n U.S. retail bank Major n European airline n Leading European travel conglomerate n Leading U.S. residential mortgage bank n North American airline Major n American travel agency North n Leading U.K. insurer Global cosmetics company Consumer electronics giant n Global market research company n Leading U.S. financial advisory firm n U.S. auto insurers Major nglobal investment banks Two n Leading global CPG brand n Leading global beverage brand Leading logistics company Major energy and gas utility company n Leading hospitality firm n U.S. building supply Major company n Global reinsurer n Global telecom provider n Leading Australian insurance company n n n n INDUSTRY RECOGNITION Domain Leadership Technology and BPO Leadership n Quality Leadership n Recognized as a Leader in Global Winner of Golden Peacock Global n Insurance BPO Solutions by Winner of Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social HfS Research Global Business Excellence Responsibility 2013 n 20 Leaders by Industry focus: Award - 2013 Best n Inducted into the Medici WNS Financial Management – IAOP n Recipient of the Top CIO100 Hall of Fame for Innovation, 2013 2012 Global Outsourcing 100 Award (2012) and the n South Africa Captures Four WNS n Industry-specific multi-year winner Networking Pioneer Award BPeSA Awards - 2012 – Top 20 of IAOP 2012 Global 2012 n Receives Dual Recognition WNS Outsourcing 100 rankings n recognized with the CISO WNS at the BPO Excellence Awards n ranked among top 100 in the WNS 100 Awards 2012 2010-11 6th Annual GS100 list in three n Recipient of the Golden Peacock n Recipient of Best New Outsourced categories: Top Global Mid-Tier BPO Innovative Product / Service Services Delivery by Shared Vendors; Top FAO Vendors and Top Award (2011) for WNS Analytics Services & Outsourcing Network SM Industry-Specific BPO Vendors Decision Engine (WADE ) (SSON) - 2010 n Positioned as an Industry Leader in n Recognized for ‘Best Process Magic Quadrant** for Improvement Program’ at the Comprehensive Finance and Global Process Excellence Awards Accounting (F&A) BPO by Gartner 2011 by IQPC (June 2011, 2012 and 2013) wns.com
  2. 2. INDUSTRY-FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Banking and Financial Services Banking Operations n Check processing n Lock-box processing n processing ACH n Adjustments and record retrievals n account setup and New maintenance n Credit card operations n and fraud operations SAR Asset Management and Brokerage Services n Account setup and maintenance n Broker and advisor support services n Customer service n Transfer agency related processing n Portfolio administration n Investment research Investment Banking n books, company Pitch profiles and financial analysis n Financial models, forecasts and updates n Research reports preparation and authoring n Business intelligence and analysis Contact Center n Customer service n Technical help desk n Collections n / up-sell / cross-sell Sales n Customer retention n Credit management Research and Analytics n Market research n Business research n Financial research n analytics CRM n solutions and Data management Lending Services n origination and Loan processing Loan underwriting n Loan closing and funding n Post closing and due-diligence n Loan servicing n Consulting and Professional Services Finance & Accounting n Transaction accounting n Finance optimization services n Corporate finance and accounting n management and Risk Compliance n Strategic initiatives Transformation Solutions Consulting services n Program management n Process re-engineering n Quality and Six Sigma services n Technology services n Legal Services n Residential conveyancing nmanagement Bid n Vendor contract management n Secretarial and regulatory services n Employment contract management and litigation support Healthcare wns.com Payers and TPA n Front-end processing n Claims adjudication and exception management n management support Care n Bill review and re-pricing Providers n Medical billing and collection n Medical coding n Research support and administrative support 2
  3. 3. Insurance Agency Services n Correspondence n Renewals n Terminations n Commissions n Special compensation Policy Administration n benefits Policy n reinstatements Policy and quotes n changes Policy n Inbound customer service n Endorsements n Renewals n Pre-renewals / expiry premium n Lapses n Indexing and logging n Specialist line (marine, engineering, high net worth) n Mid-term changes (specific to healthcare) n insurance database Motor updation Investment Management n compliance Trade n Performance measurement n research Credit n management Data n estate Real Manufacturing Supply Chain Management n Supplier management and analysis n Sourcing support n Market intelligence n Spend analytics wns.com Premium Administration n applications Fund n Refunds n Billing n Premium mode changes n information changes Bank n Account reconciliation U.K. Motor Accident Management Provision n notification of loss First (24/7 provision) n Repair management and engineering n Liability handling n Third-party capture n Subrogation n Non-fault claims management n Claims handling process technology Claims n setup Claim n Examination n Review n Settlement n Correspondence n Tax compliance n notification of loss First n Policyholder and broker claim enquiries n notification Claim processing adjustments, endorsements and renewals n assessment Claim n Negotiations and litigation n Recovery check processing n Third-party claims n Subrogation n Supplier payments n Claims progression n Bodily injury claims n Delegated authority payments n Claims bill payment n Claims adjudication n Manual claims intervention n Transfers and withdrawals n adjusting transcription Loss Sales, Marketing and Customer Care n Service delivery n Customer feedback management n Tele-marketing n Customer order support n Market research n Acquisition analytics n Retention analytics n Marketing effectiveness Smart Strategy Solutions Operations n management Fault n Change management n Chronic and RCA reporting n performance reports Sales n planning Store n Market intelligence n eMarketing Supply Chain Solutions Logistics n Logistics management n Scheduling and planning analytics n Market intelligence n and reporting MIS Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods New Business Support n Sales n Conversion n acceptance Quote n Cross-selling and up-selling n Customer enquiries n Actuarial services n Exposure assessment n business data entry New n Rules-based underwriting n Policy issuance One Global Back-office Solution n Retailer-supplier n Simplified, collaboration for demand-driven supply chain and retail execution management window n Supply intelligence, supplier performance and risk monitoring, contract management (partners and Revenue Management Solution suppliers) n Supply chain orchestration – n Transaction and interactionglobal trade shared services, based campaign strategies trading partner helpdesks, n Loyalty management logistics n control and collections Credit n Market entry strategy, balancing portfolio investments n Consumer and market insights, innovation strategies n brand strategy, Power marketing spends optimization 3 Shared Services n Billing queries n Marketing analytics support n Billing support n collection Debt shared global selfservice organization model with local business partners for Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Information Technology, Indirect Procurement n End-to end low cost shared services for transaction processes and virtual Centers of Excellence (COEs) for specialized services (tax, internal audit, IT architecture) Next Gen Customer Service Solution n Moving from customer relationship management to trans-channel enhanced customer experience, multi-channel commerce initiatives
  4. 4. Shipping and Logistics Air Express / Shipping / Rail and Road / Terminals Sales / Trade Management n update Tariff n quotes Rate n Global tender management n reports and analytics Sales n Freight bookings n analysis Yield n Service contract / rate agreement maintenance Documentation n lading and airway Bill of bill management n Freight corrections and reporting n Billing and invoicing n Freight audit n transmission Data n Advance manifest information n Customs and port compliances Customer Service n Customer help desk n eCommerce registration n Service / rate enquiries n Pre-advice and arrival notifications n claims Cargo n Booking desk n Contact center n Customer and data file administration Telecommunications Operations PO creation n logs and fuel tickets Driver n Global tracking n Equipment control n Terminal operations n Transhipment and cross-docking n Customer Acquisition Operations and CRM Inbound contact center Order entry n Order fulfillment n n Logging and monitoring service requests n Contract management n Directory publishing Lead generation n Outbound sales n Sales analytics n Cross-selling and up-selling analytics n n Churn analysis and support n Usage analytics n CRM analytics n Collection analytics n Traffic routing planning n Sales and Contracts Administration Web correspondence n Network utilization reporting and analytics n Telemarketing n Inside sales n Finance n Accounts payable n Accounts receivable n and collections Credit n Vendor help desk n Detention and demurrage reporting n reporting, audit and Cost vendor reconciliation n General ledger / bank reconciliation n Management reporting Schedule maintenance Routing – creation and maintenance n Stowage planning n Hazardous cargo approvals n n Order Provisioning and Order Management New product and services, service delivery process creation n Order provisioning n Technical validation and support n Rejected order tracking n Multi-vendor tracking n Order tracking n Proactive order management n Test delivery conformance n Billing n Pricing and contract preparation Data management (forms, administrations) n n Sales order taking n Ordering support n Inbound contact center n Travel and Leisure wns.com Sales and Customer Care n Customer service n and reservations Sales n Loyalty program management n Customer relations n baggage tracing and Lost customer support n Website navigation n Specialty help desk Operations n filing and loading Fare n Revenue management n and ticketing Fares n Queue processing n servicing PNR n operations support Cargo Platform-based Service Offerings n ® - Passenger JADE revenue accounting solution n Verifare® - Automated Web-based fare audit solution 4 Shared Services n Passenger / cargo revenue accounting and auditing services n Corporate finance and accounting n Transactional accounting n Human resource management n prevention and Fraud control n Analytics and MIS
  5. 5. Utilities and Energy Sales Management n Campaign management n management Sales n Account and contact management n Integrated sales planning and analysis Meter Operations and Billing n Customer billing n Management of prepaid accounts n Billing of unmetered services Supply Chain and Distribution Management n provisioning and order Order management n and contract Sales administration n Technical support help desk n Import and export documentation management n Freight bill auditing services n Procurement support services Customer Financial Management n Receivables and collections management n Reconciliation n Bill disputes and client queries Customer Service Management n Service order management n Service contract n Complaints and requests management n Electronic customer services n Account management n Contract management CROSS-INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Contact Center Channels Services Customer service n Customer complaint resolution n Languages Voice (inbound / outbound) White mail n Chat n Social Media Sales (cross-sell / up-sell) n n n n n E-mail n n n Loyalty program management n n Arabic Dutch English French German Italian n B2B and B2C collection n Nordic n HR support n Portuguese n Computer-aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) n Spanish n Technical help desk n Specialty help desk n Customer care analytics n Finance and Accounting Procure-to-Pay Order-to-Cash Accounts payable n Expense reports n Payment processing n Supply Chain Finance Accounts receivable n n Order management n n Billing and cash application n Product costing n Inventory accounting Manufacturing accounting Credit control n Record-to-Report Collections n General accounting n Industry-specific Accounting Passenger revenue accounting n Corporate Functions Fixed assets n Treasury n Cash management n Tax filing and reporting n Cost accounting n Inter-company accounting n n n Financial planning and analysis n Statutory reporting n Tax and compliance n Month-end reporting and consolidation n Decision support Revenue audit and recovery Claims management Loan account maintenance n Royalty accounting n Fiduciary accounting n n Management accounting n Legal Services Property Law Law Firm Back-office Freehold and leasehold conveyancing n Digital dictation transcription Mortgage re-financing legal processing n Title checking services n n Accounts payable and general ledger n Employee data management and payroll n HIP back-office n Corporate Legal Support Contract management n Legal research n Litigation support n Personal Injury Claims New claims processing n Medical evidence evaluation n Claims settling and closing n wns.com 5
  6. 6. Research and Analytics For Banking and Financial Services For Travel and Leisure Financial Research Customer lifecycle analytics n Campaign and channel management n n Customer lifecycle analytics n n Campaign and channel management n Corporate finance Equity research M&A research n Contact center workforce analytics n Web analytics Procurement Analytics Revenue management and pricing n n Risk monitoring and scoring n Fraud and collections analytics n n n Network planning n Measurement and reporting Contact center analytics n n Measurement and reporting n Data Services For Utilities and Healthcare Data aggregation and consolidation n Market and business research n Data cleansing Demand forecasting n Customer lifecycle analytics n n Trend analysis and report generation n Customer risk scoring n Executive dashboards n Loss management modeling n Measurement and reporting Market Research (Primary Research) n For Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Research design n Data collection n Strategy support n Analytical support Spend data analysis Market intelligence n Supplier management and analysis n Sourcing support n Shared Services PowerPoint charts n MIS reporting n Finance and accounting n Data management n WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADESM) - Award-winning Solution for Driving Strategic Insights to the C-Suite Data processing n Decision support n Analysis and presentation n Custom analytics and data services n Business Research (Secondary Research) n Company research Management information tools n Industry research n For Insurance Business intelligence n Customer lifecycle analytics n Library services n Campaign and channel management n Actuarial analytics n Underwriting analytics n Claims analytics n Measurement and reporting n Transformation Solutions Consulting and Program Management Services Process and Quality Services Enterprise solution / ERP optimization n Problem definition and root cause analysis Transformation strategy definition and planning n n Performance enhancement, benchmarking and metric definition n n Global, multi-domain solution definition / development n n Transformation roadmap and business case development n Program and change management n n n Process re-engineering (Six Sigma, Lean) Program and change management Business case realization and validation n wns.com Technology Services Quality program strategy and establishment n 6 Application development, maintenance and support Business process management Business intelligence and analytical solutions n Infrastructure and network services n
  7. 7. GLOBAL PRESENCE Americas Europe Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East Costa Rica Poland Australia South Africa USA Romania China Sri Lanka UK India UAE The Philippines Our network of 33 global delivery centers respond to needs for language, cultural alignment, redundancy and 24/7 operations. MANAGEMENT TEAM Corporate Management Team Sanjay Puria R. Swaminathan Chief Executive Officer WNS Group Chief Financial Officer WNS Group Chief People Officer WNS Group J. J. (Eric) Selvadurai Manish Vora Sanjay Jain Managing Director Europe Head of Sales, Asia Pacific and Middle East region Chief Strategy Officer Ronald Gillette Krishnan Raghunathan Mike Garber Chief Operating Officer Chief Capability Officer Global Head, Sales and Marketing Gautam Barai Jay Venkateswaran Deepak Gupta Business Unit Leader, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance Business Unit Leader, Consumer Packaged Goods, Diversified Businesses, Manufacturing, Retail and Telecom Business Unit Leader, Travel, Shipping & Logistics Services; Head, International Delivery Locations; Capability Practice Leader, Contact Center Operations Arun Kharbanda Sulakshana Patankar Edwin Harrell Capability Practice Leader, Research and Analytics Services Business Unit Management Team Keshav R. Murugesh Business Unit Leader, India Business and Strategic Initiatives; and Utilities Chief Executive Officer, WNS Assistance **Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. wns.com 7
  8. 8. India Gate No. 4, Godrej & Boyce Complex Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli (West) Mumbai 400 079 USA 15 Exchange Place Jersey City, New Jersey 07302 UK Malta House, 36-38 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0DP Australia Darling Park, Tower 2, Level 20 201 Sussex Street Sydney 2000 China Room 3001-12, Main Building, No. 246, Zhong Shan Si Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Costa Rica 3rd Floor, Building H, Forum I Business Park Santa Ana, San Jose The Philippines 1880 Building, Eastwood City Cyberpark Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1100 Poland Luzycka Office Park ul. Luzycka 6, Building B, 1st floor 81-537 Gdynia Romania Westgate Park, Building H1 24 Preciziei St. Bucharest 062204 South Africa Knowledge Park 2 Heron Crescent, Century City Cape Town, 8001 Sri Lanka HNB Towers, Level 12 479, T B Jayah Mawatha Colombo 10 UAE 3W 113 Dubai Airport Free Zone, P O Box 54378, Dubai For a complete listing of all offices, please visit http://www.wns.com/Contact-Us/Locations.aspx For more information, please write to us at marketing@wns.com wns.com