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Great Brands Need                                      GREAT BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONSWhat do Coca-Cola, Google,         ...
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Racounteur Article - Great Brands Need GREAT BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS


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WNS ensures a delivery mechanism that aligns to contribute to the overall growth and strategy of the client organization so that it emerges as a winner brand.

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Racounteur Article - Great Brands Need GREAT BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS

  1. 1. _ 11th. June. 2012 Outsourcing BusinessDistributed in In Association with Distributed atAn Article Re-published from Raconteur, 11th June, 2012
  2. 2. Great Brands Need GREAT BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONSWhat do Coca-Cola, Google, The right business processMicrosoft, Nokia and McDonalds services provider canhave in common? enhance brand value andThey are undoubtedly some ofthe worlds leading brands. brand equityA brand is much more thana product, a service or “Leading brands understanda business. A brand is the overallexperience that consumers have the importance of havingwith a company. Trust, credibility, strategic business partnersgreat customer service, effectivecommunication, innovative that understand theirproducts and services all add up requirements and bringto create a strong brand. A brandis really the personality or domain expertise to the table,identity of the business. which can assist in creatingThe brands that we love and value for their end-customersadmire are timeless. Such brands and, in turn, enhance brandhave dared to be starkly differentfrom peers by offering a whole loyalty,” says Mr. Murugesh.new experience to the consumer,rather than just putting forth As a provider of solutions, we havea mere product or service. broken from the traditional mould of the outsourcing servicesWhat do leading brands do Keshav R. Murugesh industry of providing only crossdifferently to achieve this goal Group Chief Executive of WNS Global Services industry functions, such asof creating a great experience finance and accounting, andfor the consumer the first time, customer care, and structuredevery time? ourselves industry-wiseLeading brands gauge customer The following example elucidates how to become more agile and focused to our a leading global airline, a top brand in its own clients demands.needs and take the right decisions right, made the right moves by innovating andat the right time partnering with the right business process Smart metering solutions for the utilitiesAs we continue to work with more than 200 solutions provider, when faced with a tricky industry, campaign management solutionsbrands across the globe and get a peek into challenge and finally emerged victorious. for the retail industry and actuarial solutionswhat makes them “leading” brands, some for the insurance industry are just some ofkey reasons become apparent: The challenge was to effectively trace our industry-focused solutions which have lost baggage – quite a menace and immensely benefitted the brands wen The ability to constantly innovate a difficult challenge to tackle in the global work with.n To adapt to changing customer demands airline industry.n To sustain excellence The WNS approach to working WNS partnered with the airline to createn To embrace the right strategies a “proactive” tracing alert that would with brands at the right time constantly trigger updates to the end- While engaging with any brand, we ensure customer about the location of the bag and that our delivery mechanisms are aligned“Embracing the right strategies in when it would reach the final destination. to contribute to the overall growth and This helped avoid regular, angry calls from strategy of the client organisation. We investthe context of business today means the same customer to the airline helpdesk. in people, process and partnerships to drivethe ability of a business to decide what excellence into our clients business The result was the loyalty created init needs to focus on and keep in-house, the customers mind that the airline cared processes, so that they emerge as winning brands, always.and what it could leverage better by enough about them to reach out proactively. A thought process like this is what makesoutsourcing it to a partner,” says Keshav a brand what it is. A brand knows whatR. Murugesh, group chief executive of WNS a customer needs, many a time before theGlobal Services. customer realises it.