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AQA English Language Unit 1 section : writing. Some tips on how to approach the two writing questions in this exam

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English language exam writing questions

  1. 1. AQA GCSE English Language Unit 1 Part two – the long writing questionsLearning Objectives:•Understand how you are expected to answer the twowritten questions in Part B (the writing paper) of theUnit 1•Revise persuasive techniques and see how thesetechniques can be applied to a persuasive text•Plan an answer to the 24 mark question and write ananswer individually
  2. 2. English Language• 40% Coursework a. Of Mice and Men Essay b. Don’t get me started…/relationships story c. Spoken language study (Waterloo Road) • 20% Speaking and Listening a. Presentation – Relationships poem  b. Discussing/Listening  c. Role Play • 40% Exam – 1 paper: 2hours, 15 mins a. Reading (1 hour) b. Writing (1 hour)
  3. 3. Today we will look at the writing paper• 40% Exam – 1 paper: 2hours, 15 mins a. Reading (1 hour) b. Writing (1 hour) In this writing section, there are 2 questions to complete in an hour: •a question worth 16 marks which should take 25 mins to complete •a question worth 24 marks which should take 35 mins to complete
  4. 4. 16 marks 24 marks Should take Should take25 minutes to 35 minutes to complete completeWrite to either: Write to either:Inform or Persuade orexplain or arguedescribe
  5. 5. Unit 1 Section B 2.Writing to inform, explain or advise (16 marks)•Spend 25 minutes on this writing task•Use a suitable register to suit the task (ie a formal tone if you havebeen asked to write a letter to someone in authority)•Organise your ideas into linked paragraphs (aim for 3-5 paragraphsper A4 side)•Use a variety of sentence structures and sentence lengths (you mustaim to show you can use simple, compound and complex sentencesstructures)•Use vocabulary that is appropriate to the task and is the best that youcan come up with – always search for the word that can say it better•Use connectives to link you ideas
  6. 6. Possible questions:4.Describe a recent journey you have made and explainhow it made you feel.5.Write a letter advising a friend on how to cope withfeelings of anxiety.6.Write an article for a magazine advising youngpeople how to make the most of their summer holidays.7.Write an article for a teenage magazine describingyour bedroom.8.Describe an event that has had a huge impact onyour and your life.
  7. 7. The last question in Unit 1 willask you to write to persuade,advise or argue• This is your chance to score lots of marks• It is marked out of 24 and you should spend about 35 minutes planning (!) and writingRemember the G.A.PYou will be told what kind of text to write and who forYou must make sure your writing is appropriate to task
  8. 8. A FORESTA Alliteration and anecdote Facts, flatteryFO OpinionsR Repetition, rhetorical questionE Emotive language, exaggerations Statistics, second person narrativeT Three – the rule of three, tone
  9. 9. A Persuasive writing checklist•It is personal – use ‘I’ and ‘you’ and ‘we’•There are imperatives – ‘must’, ‘should’•Use emotive words•Tell an anecdote to prove a point•Use powerful words•Include two or three short sentences at crucial moments•Use a rhetorical question•Use some exaggeration – not too much•Include facts and statistics•Enliven your writing with metaphor, simile, alliteration•Repetition of a word or phrase will help convince the reader•Vary your punctuation – one of two question marks andexclamation marks would be effective
  10. 10. Remember…3.Write in a suitable register (formal or informal) forpurpose4.Organise your ideas into paragraphs (3-5 paragraphs perA4 side)5.Start and finish each paragraph with a short sentence(this really makes your writing much more effective)6.Use connectives to develop your argument (Furthermore,Another reason, On the other hand etc)7.Write AFOREST down and tick off the persuasive featuresas you use them.8.Use counter-argument (Many people seem to believe that….; however, statistics show that ….)
  11. 11. Q: Some people think it’s wrong that primitive peoples andtheir communities are disrupted by tourists and TV crews andthat they should be left in peace. (24 marks 35 minutes)Write an article for a travel magazine which argues for oragainst this idea.Some people may say that……..; but, evidence shows….Of course, we all think we know that….; but …If only …Do you think……?