An Inspector Calls revision


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A revision powerpoint for An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls revision

  1. 1. Context 1945 Context 1912• Priestley WW2 reporter with a regular radio programme • English society dominated by class• WW2 - women had work structure which has old money at responsibilities, more class the top, followed by new money integration in the forces and (industrialists) and the poor, working in England working class at the bottom• WW2 – Churchhill’s effective • There was no social security for persuasive speeches that were the working class broadcast to the nation (‘We will • There was no national health fight them…’) service• WW2 – the atomic bomb (‘Fire, • Working people had no rights and blood and anguish’) no trade unions to support them in• England needs rebuilding after the the work place devastation caused by German • Industrialisation was on the bombing increase and with it came• Opportunity for social change – capitalism (working for individual Priestley (a socialist) hopes for a riches and power – profit over more egalitarian society (ie equal) people)
  2. 2. I want to write a play that will persuade people in 1945 (and hopefully for later generations too) that a selfish capitalist attitude leads only to misery and anguish and that the future of England depends on a society in which people take responsibility for eachother. We have an opportunity for change now that the war is over and we must use it to make positive change. How can I get my message across?
  3. 3. In the red corner: The Voice for social responsibility Strong, powerful, honest, persuasive Where can I create my boxing ring?In the blue corner: The Voice of selfish capitalism Who will be my voices?Vain, selfish, narrow-minded, dishonest, ridiculous
  4. 4. Inspector Goole ‘Commanding’ Mr Birling ‘takes control’ A ‘hard-headed man of All seeing/all knowing - business’ omniscient‘portentious’ ‘provincial’ ‘We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other’ ‘There isn’t a change of war’ ‘Titanic is unsinkable’ ‘taught it in fire, blood and anguish’
  5. 5. 1912
  6. 6. Class Capitalism Lies Dining room Northern industrial town Rich business man and his family Celebrating – life Genderis good (for them)Responsibility Time
  7. 7. • Plot:Rich (self-made) business man and his family are feeling reallygreat about their successful lives and are celebrating hisdaughter’s engagement in their dining room full of thetrappings of moneyA stranger – a commanding man with power and influence(who better than a Police Inspector) breaks up theircelebration and makes them face the truth of their selfishattitudesHOW? A YOUNG GIRL HAS COMMITED SUICIDE – desperateas she has no job, no money, no family and is pregnant. She ispoor, working-class and represents the society that this familystamp on in order to have their luxurious lifestyle.Everyone in the family has played some kind of role indestroying this innocent girl’s live
  8. 8. Techniques Team Red Inspector Goole – social responsibility/changeDramatic techniques: Eva Smith/Daisy Renton – working class Sheila Birling – youth and desire for • Entrances and change Eric Birling – youth and desire for change exits (timing) Techniques • Dramatic irony • Lighting Inspector Goole’s• The photograph persuasive voice Team Blue • Emotive language (a ‘horrible’ death’ etc)Mr Birling – Capitalism/selfishness Mrs Birling- Old money/snobbery • RepetitionGerald Croft- Capitalism/selfishness • Personal address • Anecdote
  9. 9. Act 3Eric returns Stage directions Act 1He had forced Eva to have sex Summary:with him, got her pregnant and Dim pink lighting Birlings celebrating Sheila andthen stolen money from his dad’s Candles Gerald’s engagement. Mr Bbusiness to support her – he is Dining room giving them all a good talkingfeeling very guilty and ashamed Heavy, rich-looking too when party broken up by furniture Inspector arriving(just as Mr BEric and Sheila have been hugely is giving his views oninfluenced by the Inspector and responsibility)want them all to face up to their Play ends with the GIRL HAS DIEDresponsibilities. phone ringing and Mr B Mr B had sacked her – will not being told that a girl accept responsibilityInspector gives ‘fire, blood and has died and an Sheila – had caused her to beanguish’ speech and leaves; but inspector is on his way sacked from next job – sheMr B, Mrs B and GC will not over feels very guiltyaccept their rolesAct 2It seems they are all involvedGerald Croft owns up to having had a relationship with Eva Smith (he knew her as DaisyRenton) (whilst going out with Sheila) He is very upset about her death. Mrs B hadpersuaded her charity not to help the poor and desperate Eva, but does not feel at all guilty– after all ‘girls of that class’ !Meanwhile, Eric is getting more drunk and worried all the time – he has to leave the room
  10. 10. Appearance Attitude to Responsibility Attitude to Change Eva InspectorInspectorGooleMr BirlingMrs BirlingSheilaEricGeraldEva Smith