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KAC Syllabus

  1. 1. Syllabus for the KAC Seminar ● Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm ● 4202 Dunbar Hall ● Western Michigan University You will be graded on ● Participation and Professionalism- 120 points per week ○ Practicum Participation ■ 10 points per hour ■ Loss of 5 points/15 minutes late ○ Seminar Participation ■ 20 points ■ Loss of 5 points/15 minutes late ● STRICT Attendance policy ○ After three absences, the fourth results in a half letter grade drop ■ 4th absence = -½ letter grade ○ No call, no show results in an automatic half letter grade drop ■ No call, no show= -½ letter grade ○ If you know ahead of time that you will be gone: ■ Talk to the other tutors who work with your child to see if they can switch shifts (tell a supervisor and Kelly Stone about your arrangements) ■ If you cannot find someone to switch shifts, talk to IP and AP tutors who don’t specifically work with your child to see if they can switch shifts (tell a supervisor and Kelly Stone about your arrangements ■ If you do make arrangements to switch shifts with someone in advance send a reminder email to Jenny Ward the week you are switching and make sure to copy the person you are switching with on the email ■ If you cannot find any other tutors to switch shifts with, tell a supervisor immediately- they will give you further instructions ○ If something comes up the day of your shift (i.e., car will not start, you wake up with the flu, etc.) ■ Call the supervisor on your shift and explain the situation ■ If the supervisor on your shift doesn’t answer call other supervisors until someone answers ■ If no supervisors answer- Call the CDC and explain the situation ■ Leave a voicemail and/or a text message for everyone! ■ Do not stop until you have gotten a response from someone ■ You have 1 week from the date of your absence to contact a supervisor and schedule a time to make up your hours and lost participation points
  2. 2. ● Professionalism - ○ Deductions are taken away when necessary ○ You can lose points for the following: ■ Failure to follow the schedule: 2-5 points ■ Leaving the child unattended: 2-5 points ■ Inappropriate use of aversives: 2-5 points ■ Inappropriate cell phone usage: 5 points ■ Inappropriate attire: 2 points ■ Missed ADL needs: 2-5 points ■ Failure to perform closing tasks: 2 points/task ■ Failure to complete closing checklist: 5 points/person on the shift ■ Failure to update log in child’s procedure book: 2 points ■ Missed/Incorrect codes: 2 points ■ Failure to explain code (in log): 2 points ■ Missed phase changes/percentages/initials: 2 points ■ Failure to clean up after your child once your shift is over: 2 points ■ Failure to clean up for your child after lunch: 2 points ■ Picking up child off of the ground ■ Failure to respond to an e-mail within 24 hours: 5 points for each day late ■ Failure to write in the sign in/out sheet: 2 points ■ *We reserve the right to deduct points for anything we deem unprofessional ● Monitoring Scores - 200 points per week ○ Approximately 2 scores per week (100 points/each) ○ A copy of the Monitoring Form utilized to obtain your monitoring scores is included in the forms folder ● Seminar Discussion Questions ○ Approximately 10 points per assignment ● Seminar Assignments ○ At the end of the semester, you will fill out a form about your child - 50 points ○ Final Fiesta Project - 50 points ■ At the end of the semester, you will create a project about your child and your experience at the KAC ● Grading Matrix ○ To obtain an ‘A’ you must earn a 92% or better in the following areas: ■ Quiz ■ Homework assignments ■ Participation ○ To obtain an ‘A’ you must also earn a 92% or better in the following areas:
  3. 3. ■ Monitoring Scores ■ Professionalism Quizzes, Participation, and Assignments Grade92878277726762<62 Monitoring92ABABCBCDCDE &87BABCBCDCDE Professionalism82BCBCDCDE 77CBCDCDE 72CDCDE 67DCDE 62DE <62E