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Brs srecruitmentppt

  1. 1. Behavioral Research Supervisory System (BRSS) System Supervisors: Chase Callard Samantha Moberg Alyssa McElroy
  2. 2. LeadershipResearch Experience Résumé Builder Seems like a pretty 1 on 1 guidance from a grad student sweet deal. An opportunity… It most Possible Departmental HONORS LOR from Dr. Malott definitely is. Be cooler than those other Psych majors…
  3. 3. Umm…and BRSS is what?!• A subsystem within Dr. Malott’s Behavior Analysis Training System lab (BATS)• Tracks progress of grad and undergrad students• Connects undergraduate students with grad student mentors
  4. 4. Ok, I’minterested…but whatwould I DO as anundergrad in BRSS?
  5. 5. Here’s what you would do…• Assist the graduate students with 1 of 3 projects – Research & Development – Autism Project – OBM Project• Complete ~10 hours a week by: – 1 hour meeting (Fridays 3-4 pm) – Weekly tasks – Writing assignments (for thesis students) – Attending monthly R&D meetings with your system
  6. 6. There are 2 (yes, 2) options PSY 3550 PSY 499 Non- ThesisThesis T.A. 6 credits 3 credits 2 semesters 1 semester Complete an honors thesis
  7. 7. Umm..wait…beforewe get ahead ofourselves…thissounds like a lot ofwork. A lot, a lot.
  8. 8. Don’t WORRY! And you’ll have A LOT• Points contingent onof FUN!! smaller assignments rather than just THE BIG THESIS• Break assignments down into smaller, easy to manage pieces• Graded on attendance, tasks, writing assignments No, I mean it. Really.
  9. 9. Still freaked out about the whole thesis thing??• Don’t be!• We break it down into manageable weekly assignments• Thesis=departmental honors
  10. 10. You’ll like it, but don’t justtake my word for it…here’swhat past BRSS undergradshave said about theirexperiences!
  11. 11. “My BRSS experience was beneficial…I feltaccomplished and ready to pursue bigger andbetter things. My supervisors were amazing. I trulybelieve undergraduates should go through BRSS inpreparation for pursuing a Masters degree or anysort of supervisory role.”-Christopher, pursuing MA in BATS
  12. 12. “The structured layout of BRSS helped me to write a thesisthat I otherwise would probably still be working on. I guessthe time commitment and the writing assignments weredifficult at times, but having a completed thesis at the endof a year made it all worth it.”-Lindsey, pursuing MA in BATS“BRSS is a great way to get advising on career and gradschool options. Plus working with the grad students ontheir projects is a lot of fun and you learn ALOT!”-Kelsey, pursuing MA in BATS
  13. 13. ”BRSS as an undergrad helps prepare youprofessionally by dealing with deadlines andworking with people in a superior position. Itis a good idea to apply for BRSS, especially ifyou are considering applying to graduateschooland want some extra experience.”-Jennifer, pursuing MA in BATS
  14. 14. “One of the best parts was being able to work closelywith a grad student. The other best part was makinga positive change at WoodsEdge, which I love somuch!BRSS made writing a thesis easy with the weeklywriting assignments. There wasnt room forprocrastination! Being in BRSS looks good on yourresume! I would definitely recommend it toundergrads. ”-Katie, pursuing MA in BATS
  15. 15. Hardworking? Dedicated? Are you… Interested in learning more about behavior analysis? To APPLY for BRSS
  16. 16. Next step…• Fill out your application and turn it into your GSI by OCTOBER 11th• Email Chase ( or Sam ( for more information
  17. 17. THANK YOU!Questions?Comments? Chase ( Sam (