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  1. 1. Manjiro Who went from a fisherman to a samurai
  2. 2. Timeline 1. Manjiro was head of the family. This means taking responsibility for getting the family money and food. 2. Joined Denzo and his fishermen and was caught in a storm. They were refugees on an island. This was brave because they survived though all that. 3. Manjiro had to get food by himself when the others were sick. This is courageous because he is out alone on the island and there are many dangers to that. 4. A ship was spotted. Manjiro and the fishermen were taken aboard and Manjiro used hand gestures to talk to the foreigners. This was courageous because in Japan foreigners were seen as monsters. 5. Manjiro stood on the main mast. This is courageous because there Are dangers of falling at that height. 6. The ship ported in Hawaii and all the other Japanese stayed in Hawaii, but Manjiro stayed with the ship. This was courageous because he was alone among the foreigners . 7. Manjiro stayed with the captain and went to school. This is courageous because he had never been to school before. 8. Manjiro got a job and he was under fed and over worked. He kept working until he was ill. This was courageous because he didn’t stop even though he knew that he Was under fed.
  3. 3. Blue <ul><li>Blue because Manjiro is a patient and loyal person. He hunted whales for three years and four months at sea nonstop. As stated in the text “On September 23, 1849 after three years and four months having five hundred successful whale hunts at sea, the Franklin returned to it’s home port of New Bedford.” </li></ul>
  4. 4. Red <ul><li>Red because Manjiro is a determined leader. As stated in the text “Although aware of that he could be imprisoned or killed for the sin of visiting the foreign country he would risk death for the peace of mind.” Manjiro risked being killed when he went back to Japan. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Yellow <ul><li>Yellow because Manjiro is intelligent in many different ways. For example “Manjiro amazed everyone from the Captain to the Cabin Boy, because after a few weeks he learned to speak and understand English.” He also went to school to learn grammar and vocabulary. He learned how to work on American ships which where much larger than he was used to in Japan. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Special place <ul><li>Manjiro’s special place would be the ship, Franklin. I choose this ship because he was first mate on the Franklin. First mate is an officer working just below the captain. He had five hundred successful whale hunts while on the Franklin. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Award <ul><li>I chose this medal because Manjiro helped Japan open its’ ports. Manjiro was brave when he was shipwrecked and went on a foreign ship. He went through a lot in his life to open Japan’s ports. Like he had to pan for gold to get money to buy a whaling boat. </li></ul>Medal of Helping your country
  8. 8. Manjiros Restaurant Main Courses Shipwrecked Bento Box I choose this because a bento box is easily kept fresh and is very portable. Fishermen’s Sushi I chose this because Manjiro was a fisherman. Samurai’s noodles I chose this because Manjiro was a samurai. Whaler, Fishermen, and Samurai’s Meat. Choose from an assortment of duck, chicken, fish, or turtle. I choose this because whalers eat turtle, fishermen eat fish, and samurais eat duck and chicken.
  9. 9. Manjiro’s Restaurant Dessert and Drinks Whaler’s Mochi I choose this because Manjiro was a whaler for long periods of time. Samurai Black Tea Manjiro was a samurai. Fishermen’s Green Tea I choose this because Manjiro was a fisherman.