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John F.Kennedy


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Published in: Education
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John F.Kennedy

  1. 1. John F. Kennedy A Man of Ideas Michael DeAngelo
  2. 2. Timeline 1917 Jack was born 1920 Got scarlet fever which most kids did not survive. He was hospitalized and treated as though he was “infected”. Had mentally challenged sister not thought of as good at that time for it was a disgrace. Put into Dexter private School. The school was prejudice against Catholics and the Irish. He joined football team even when he was very sick with many different internal problems such as his kidneys.l He became the football team captain, even though students hated him because he was Irish. Moved away from home to New York. It was difficult at that time for a young person to move away from their friends and extended family. He went to a new school that he was in the minority group, because he was Irish and Catholic while the others were English and Protestant.
  3. 3. Saved man from drowning in the open sea when he was a teenager. Went to boarding school. He did not see family for long periods of time. Tried hardest to not be like his brother Joe. He wanted to be his own person. He got a life threatening disease in his lungs. He spent a full year in the hospital without being able to have much fun besides read. His parents did not come to visit him very often because they were busy with the other children. Joined Navy during World War II. He risked his life during the second worst war the world ever saw. Dragged his fellow crew member to shore by swimming with the crew on his back for five hours straight.
  4. 4. Red: determind All the way through his life Jack Kennedy always would try to be better than his older brother. This determination would make him very determind through out his life. After many years of being in his brothers shadow his chance Came when he became a world war 2 hero after being rescued and with out this detertmination he would of most Likely to have died. This victory over his brother would make his brother feel not good enough about himself and Would leed to his death when he flew a spiecal mission that would end joe Jr ‘s life
  5. 5. Yellow: wise During his years at Dexter jack would be bullied for being Irish and when the racest Children of Dexter would call them names “ a hotheaded joe would challenge the name callers to a Fight “ , un like his older brother jack would instead of fighting a older stronger boy he would Bet on his brothers odds of winning a fight and would get very good profits at the end of His wise choices. Jack Kennedy being wise through out his life would get him a great reputation.
  6. 6. Jack kennedy was imaginative all the way through his life , this great imagination He had started when he was sick in his childhood and read fairy tales and adventure Stories. After reading so much of this stuff with wild thoughts he would get in trouble For his day dreaming in class. All this imagination would not get him far as a child But would then as a adult would get him through many political positions but most Important would help him as the president by giving him a great power of speaking That helped him all the time would make him one of the best speakers of the world. Purple: Imaginative
  7. 7. I would give Jack Kennedy a microphone because he a amazing speaker that Made him a amazing person to listen to. Jack Kennedy ’s way of speaking got into Harvard and make him a one of a kind student that had a promising future. Jack Kennedy ’s Skills would not help him in the secend world war but would help him a a president that was one of the Best speakers of the country. Not many people have the skill JFK had witch made him a One of a kind president.
  8. 8. Even though Jack Kennedy hated The hospital it made him who he Was by being there for a lot of his life Through his Whole life he Loved foot ball More than anything JFK loved Reading This passion would Give him his Wonderful Imagination. You could easily find a Poster of Harvard or Yale In his room because those are the two Collages he went to and loved. All these many item could be found in JFK ’s room because they all made him who he was Or he loved them all the way through his Life.
  9. 9. Entrees Drinks Deserts PT Boat Potatoes Hyannis Port Steamed Lobsters Kennedy Kola Presidential Peach Pie Catholic Cakes Oval Office Orange Juice Negotiating Nuggets Boston Cream Pie