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Abe Courage Project


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Published in: Education
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Abe Courage Project

  1. 1. Abraham Lincoln Lincoln A Photo Biography Book by Russell FreedmanPresentation by Shahen Hagen
  2. 2. At 7, he made a 100 mileride on 2 horses. This iscourageous because there Timelinemight have not been good At 37, he was in Congress.roads and he could have After three months, his wifegotten robbed or hurt. and kids left for Kentucky without him. Instead ofAt 9, he joining them, he decided towatched his stay and face the rest of hismother, his first term aloneaunt and his At 23, he volunteereduncle die. This to participate inis courageous preventing the hostile At 37, he worked long, hardbecause he Indian tribes from hours with his speech disorder.even buried invading. He could Now people call him one of thethem and have gotten killed or best speakers in U.S history. Thisstayed by hurt but he still is courageous because he knewthem until volunteered. he was going to have to deal withthey died. his disability frequently.
  3. 3. At 38, he voted and Timeline 2made speeches to stopthe spread of slavery. At 56, the Civil WarThat‟s courageous finally ended. He keptbecause he knew fighting and wishingthat this might slaves were free. Nowend in violence. after all that they were free. It wasAt 37, in his courageous becausefirst year in he knew it would endCongress he At 54, as President, he in war and it did.spoke his announced themind even Emancipationthough he Proclamation which At 56, a lot ofwas new and freed many slaves. He Confederate peopledid not know knew a lot of people wanted to kill him, and heanyone. would hate this, but he knew that, but he still did it for the good of the went to plays and other society. events, but he paid for it. He died at a show.
  4. 4. Ambitious = orange• He always wanted slavery to end, even when it seemed impossible. “His greatest mission was … to free his country from the great crime of slavery.” - Fredrick Douglass• He worked hard throughout the Civil War to keep the country together. He did this by trying to find a good general which, was hard because there were only few in the north.
  5. 5. Loyal = blue• Lincoln went to check on soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. He did that because he cared about everyone in the U.S even if they did not like his ideas.• He always believed and stayed true to the Constitution and his country. “… I shall have the most solemn one (oath) to „preserve, protect and defend‟ it” - Abraham Lincoln
  6. 6. Determined = red• Abraham Lincoln had a speech disorder that made him stutter. He worked with a teacher to help him overcome his disorder. He finally overtook this and became one of the most famous speakers QuickTime™ and a decompressor are neede d to see this picture. in history.• One reporter had complemented him on how determined he was. The reporter said, ”He is tall… has a commanding figure, bows pretty well, is not stiff, has a pleasant face, is amiable and determined.”
  7. 7. Abe’s RoomIf this was a banner inhis room and it was alaw in the world it It brings backwould complete one his child hoodof his big life goals. and he was He always was always fond happier when his of a cabin in family was with the forest him. A very high ceiling This is very because he comfortable and it us very very shows how he tall. He was became president. exactly 6.4
  8. 8. Symbol• I picked the flag as a symbol because even though he was just a backwoods boy and he was not really smart or skilled, he became QuickTime™ and a President. He even held TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor our country together are needed to see this picture. Q u i k T i e ™ an d a c m T I F F ( Un c om pr es s ed ) d ec o m p r e s s o r a r e ne ed e d t o s e e t h i pi t ur e . s c throughout the whole Civil War when President.• The little people represent his belief that slavery should end because it is very unfair to all people.
  9. 9. The Oval Office RestaurantStarters Main CoursesThe Abe Salad12$- Chicken Fricassee withAbe would love a Biscuits 24$- Fricassee issalad with arugula, an old way to cook chickenbasil and 2 hard QuickTime™ a nd a decompressor but Abe loved it. He also are need ed to see this picture.boiled eggs on top. liked having it with nice buttermilk biscuits.The PresidentialBLT Salad 11$- Chicago Dog 20$- The hotAbe would love dog is topped withthis because he is mustard, onion, sweetobsessed with pickle relish, a dill pickle,bacon. tomato slices, pickled peppers and a Popeye seed bun.
  10. 10. The Oval Office RestaurantDesserts DrinksThe Top Hat Hot Coffee 2$- ItCake10$- This is a was very plainfruit cake, one of QuickTime™ an d a decompressor are need ed to see this p icture. but AbrahamAbe‟s favorite loved a nice cupdesserts, shaped of coffee in thein a cool top hat. morning.The Lincoln Apple Presidential TeaPie11$- It‟s a pie 3$- He was ashaped like Abe, very plain guyand apple pie was but he loved thehis one of his amazing taste offavorite desserts. tea.
  11. 11. Hail To The Chief QuickTime™ a nd a decompressor are need ed to see this picture.I picked this song because it is perfect for Abe. It expresses himas President. It is a very noble and courageous song, which aretwo character traits for him. It also a nicely themed song, cooltempo and awesome melody. This song has a 1800s feel to itfrom my perspective. That is why I think this song is totallyperfect for Abe.