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Industrial safety magazine

  1. 1. Industrial Safety magazineuse and importance Prevention ofof industrial safety industrial safety By: Engineer Wolfgang Gonzalez
  2. 2. use and importance of industrial safety• The protection and security go together, so the use of safety equipment when work is so important.• The main safety equipment are:
  3. 3. The aim of using safety equipment:• Know and practice the technical aspects involved in the control of occupational hazards through the proper use of personal protective equipment and handle general aspects of their limitations, inspection, maintenance, care and storage.
  4. 4. The importance of proper use of safety equipment.• The importance of proper use of safety equipment is that the worker has to be first than anything else, so I will explain what each one of these products.
  5. 5. Respiratory Protection• Every day, each of us are exposed to some degree of pollution in the air we breathe, both at home than at work. this is important for the company and for the same person using breathing or facial protector.
  6. 6. Industrial Gloves.• In the hand protection, industrial gloves comprise a major apparel. In the various activities taking place in the work routine, the upper limbs are very exposed, as they are the key players in the development of industrial labor. Mode and manipulate objects on the correct formation of the use of tools are factors which contribute to the safety of the professional.
  7. 7. Hearing safety bootsprotection safety boots are one ofThe main effect of noise is the most important teamshearing loss. The abuse suffered as we work with heavyby the ears to loud sounds leads machinery and can also bethe threshold of hearing, so that working in rustic placesthe person can only hear soundslouder. For this we have to wear and we need good shoesear protection. to avoid injury.
  8. 8. visual protection• One of the most important human senses is sight so we have to wear glasses at work or industrial machinery, any substances under, dust or gases that affect us the view can be risky if there is an emergency.
  9. 9. safety helmet• The helmet is essential to prevent accidents and head injuries so we know their characteristics and uses. A lesson in the skull is very difficult to recover or until you Pomir if the impact is very strong.
  10. 10. industrial safety prevention• Recently there have been several accidents although executions go hand in hand with security in all processes, the level of execution prevention requires planning to risks that are basic and critical points involving all with the sole purpose of that business being there, there is no company that is free of an emergency because the risk is latent, though not always see this, one need only prevent accidents decrease equals.• Prevention is the application of universal rules and procedures, because life puts us in situations of stress due to the accelerated form of doing things, where the percentage of work under pressure goes up every day to fulfill market demands.• prevention can meet the notices that are universal at least they have a message but you can usually understand.
  11. 11. prevention notices