Linked In Power Point 5 Reasons Why Your Biz Beneftis From Linked In


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5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Can Help Build and Brand Your Business - 7 Tips and How-To\'s.

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Linked In Power Point 5 Reasons Why Your Biz Beneftis From Linked In

  1. 1. 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business Using it Regularly 1. Free PR and Free Marketing 2. Get higher visibility to help brand your business 3. Attract high quality, high paying clients4. Easily market yourself as an expert people want to hire 5. Boost profits and your businesss bottom line
  2. 2. Setting up your LinkedIN Profile Page - The #1 Most Important Thing - Upload Your Photo.Provide a clear, current, professional profile photo of yourself. Nofamily, pets, kids. Just you.A 2010 national poll by the Center for Professional Excellence atYork College of Pa. provided the following invaluable information:"Appearance" ranked second only to "communication skills" whenrespondents named qualities most often associated withprofessionalism."LinkedIN stats show people believe those with no photo don’t care;if hired likely won’t do the job properly or completely.
  3. 3. Create a Hard-Hitting Headline. Keyword Optimize It.To find Keywords use: Google’s Free Keyword SearchTool.Add words into Google’s search box - words you believeeffectively describe you and/or your biz.Google will provide a list of words, people generallysearch for, related to you and/or your business.Add them into your title and Summary.
  4. 4. Set up a 100% Complete and Detailed Profile Summary. A bare-bones profile doesnt cut it nor does it do you, or your biz, any favors. Provide a current and (within reason) detailed description of who you are; what your company - and you – do. Clearly describe how you get results for clients or companies; helped them achieve their goals. Very importantly, Keyword Optimize it. LinkedIN stats show people with an incomplete Profile Summary aren’t viewed as often as those who’s Summary is 100% complete.
  5. 5. Use the ‘Create a New URL Tab’ to BetterIdentify You and Your Specialized Area. LinkedIn allows you to change your page URL to your biz title or a series of words which better describe you, or your specialized area. For example: This is another great way to market your expertise.
  6. 6. Create a Profile in Another LanguageThis is great for those who carry onbusiness in other countries.People always appreciate it when youconverse, or communicate, in theirlanguage. It shows them you care. You’reinterested in more than just selling, butcreating a good biz relationship.
  7. 7. Don’t Forget to Ask for Recommendations.1. Make it a point to ask for a recommendation fromeach client. All it takes is a simple - “Your LinkedInrecommendation would be appreciated.”2. They’re not sure what to say? Email a simple templatewith info they add to and/or fill in.* Mary is (an excellent communicator, listens etc)* She/He has a wealth of experience (willingly shared, easy to utilize, a step-by-step blueprint, etc)* Great ideas, invaluable strategies, etc.
  8. 8. Need More Info, Guidelines or Strategies for Successfully Utilizing LinkedIn? Scroll down the page and click on: “LinkedIn for Business Blueprint” LinkedIn members receive a $100 discount.