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Whiteboard projection screen


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I am an authorized consultant for Dukane.

This whiteboard also serves as a projection screen. It has no electronics. It serves as an everyday dry erase board, but is also an outstanding projection screen.

For more Information contact :

Bill McIntosh
Phone :843-442-8888

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Whiteboard projection screen

  1. 1. Elite Whiteboardscreen™ Series Projection Screens
  2. 2. A short video about the Elite Whiteboardscreen™, available from Dukane follows this slide You can find a data sheet on this screen here :
  3. 3. Dukane has a variety of Projectors available for use
  4. 4. For more information on Dukane products, contact: Bill McIntosh, SchoolVision Inc. Authorized Dukane Consultant Phone:843-442-8888 Email: Dukane website: