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User guide whiteboard_series


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Dukane is an American company serving the education, corporate, government and house of worship markets for over 85 years.
Elite screens are available from Dukane.

I am an authorized consultant for Dukane

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc ( my consulting company)
Authorized Dukane/Convey Consultant
Dukane Website :

Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

SchoolVision Website on Facebook:

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User guide whiteboard_series

  1. 1. Dual Purpose Projection Screen WhiteBoardScreen™ Series User’s Guide      Rev. 093009‐JA 
  2. 2. Parts List for WhiteBoardScreen™ Please  make  sure all parts listed  are included  before  proceeding  with installation            a d    b c e    f      G and H are not  actual  i n d i v i d u a l   parts included but  configurations only by  combining parts  (d)  and (e) with the  butterfly  screw  g    h    I        j    k  Parts List      Note:    The WhiteBoardScreen™  Series eraser should only be used for  the WhiteBoardScreen™.  a.    Qty 4 – Butterfly  screw  b.     Qty 12 – Wall screw  c.   Qty 12 – Hollow  wall (or drywall)  anchor  d.     Qty 2 – Top hanging  wall brackets  (to the wall)  e.     Qty 2 – Top hanging  white board  brackets  (to the white  board)  f.   Qty 2 – Bottom  hanging  bracket  g.     For white board  diagonal  size 60 (4:3) inches  h.     For white board  diagonal  80 (4:3), 96 (16:9)  inches.  i.  Qty 2 – white board  eraser    j.  Qty 2 – Dry‐erase  pens    k.     Qty 1 – WhiteBoardScreen™ cleaner  Rev. 093009‐JA  1
  3. 3. Installation 1.     Mark  the  location  the  WhiteBoard™  screen  will  be  installed  and  drill  your  holes  for  all Top  Hanging  Wall  Brackets  (fig. 1) and Bottom  Frame  Hanging  Brackets  (fig. 2)  2.     Attach  the  Top  Hanging  White  Board  Brackets  (fig.  3) to the Top  Hanging  Wall  Brackets  (fig.  1) with  the  Butterfly  Screws  according  to the size of the WhiteBoardScreen™ as specified  in fig. 4 and 5 below.  3.     Next,  affix  the Top  Hanging  Wall  Brackets  (fig. 1) and the Bottom  Frame  Hanging  Brackets  (fig. 2) to the  drilled  locations  and install  the wall screws  (fig. 6).  4.     Lastly,  hang the WhiteBoardS creen™  on the brackets  (fig. 7).    Fig. 1    Fig. 2    Fig. 3      Fig. 4    Fig. 5    Note:  Fig. 4 Bracket configuration for white board 60 inch diagonal (4:3) screens  Fig. 5 Recommended  Bracket configuration for white board 80 inch (4:3) and 96 inch (16:9)                          C x 12 DX2 B X 12 AX4 Fig. 7  Fig. 6  Rev. 093009‐JA  2
  4. 4. Desktop Projector Mode Overhead Projector Mode Rev. 060809‐JA  3
  5. 5. Recommended Installation Locations for desktop and overhead projector installations The StarBright4  material used in this WhiteBoardScreen™  has a special high gain that is  angular reflective.   In order to take full advantage  of this special material, it is important that  the WhiteBoardScreen™  is installed properly so that the projected image is viewed within the  recommended  viewing angle.    It is normal for some viewing areas to be less bright than the center due to the nature of the screen material. It is not a defect and minor “hot spotting” will occur as a result. The below charts will assist in determining several factors to consider to help you with your installation. Please note that these are only recommendations. Desktop projector  installation    Unit: mm Sit ting Overall Overall Installation Suggested Width Height Height (A) Projection Model Number (W) WB60V (H) 1190.0 930.0 Distance (B) 1000 ‐ 1200 1950 ‐ 2950 View Distance (C1) 160 Standing Suggested View Projection Distance Height (D) Viewer Distance Sitting View Height (F1) Standing View Height (F2) Sit ting View Angle (01) View Angle (E) (02) (C2) 114 Standing 800 ‐ 1000 1200 Suggested Viewer Projection Distance Height (D) (E) 31.5 ‐ 39.4 47.2 1200 1700 9° 6° Sitting View Angle (01) Standing Unit: Inches Sitting Overall Overall Model Width Height (W) (H) Number WB60V 46.9 36.6 Suggested Installation Height (A) 39.4 ‐ 47.2 Projection Distance (B) 76.8 ‐ 116.1 View Distance (C1) 6.3 Standing View Distance Sitting View Height (F1) Standing View Height (F2) Angle (C2) 4.5 (02) 47.2 66.9 Standing  View        Sitting  View  Rev. 060809‐JA  4 View 9° 6°
  6. 6.   Unit: mm Sit ting Overall Overall Width Height (W) (H) Model Installation Number Projection Height (A) 1630.0 1230.0 Overall WB80V Suggested Distance (B) 1000 ‐ 1200 Overall 2750 ‐ 3750 View Distance Sit ting Standing Suggested Viewer Projection Distance Height (D) (E) View Distance (C1) (C2) 228 145 800 ‐ 1000 1200 Suggested Viewer Projection Distance View Height (F1) 1200 Standing View Height (F2) Sitting View View Angle Angle (01) (02) 10° 6° 1700 Unit: inches Sit ting Model View Installation Width Height Number Projection Height (A) (W) (H) 64.2 48.4 Distance View Distance Distance (B) WB80V 108.3 ‐ 147.6 View Height Height (D) (C1) 39.4 ‐ 47.2 Sit ting Standing Suggested 5.7 (F1) 31.5 ‐ 39.4 47.2 47.2 (C2) 9.0 (E) Standing View Height (F2) Sit ting View Angle (01) 66.9 10° Standing  View        Sitting  View  Rev. 060809‐JA  5 Standing View Angle (02) 6°
  7. 7.   Unit: mm Sitting Overall Overall Model Width Height (W) (H) Number Suggested View Installation Projection Height (A) 2130.0 1230.0 View Projection 3200 ‐ 4200 187 Distance 800 ‐ 1000 Sitting View View View 1200 Suggested Standing View (E) Height Height Angle Angle (F1) (F2) 01) (02) 1200 1700 8° 5° Sitting Standing Sitting (C2) 125 Standing Viewer Distance Distance (B) 1000 ‐ 1200 Viewer Height (D) Distance (C1) WB96H Sitting Standing Suggested Unit: inches Sit ting Overall Overall Model Suggested Height Projection (H) Distance Distance Distance (B) Height (D) (C1) View View Height Angle Angle (F2) (01) (02) 47.2 66.9 8° 5° (E) 31.5 ‐ 39.4 View Height 47.2 (C2) WB96H 83.9 48.4 39.4 ‐ 47.2 126 ‐ 165.3 7.4 4.9 Standing  View        Sitting  View                            Desktop  Installation  explanation  :  A=Installation Height (Floor to bracket drilling hole)  B=Suggested Projection Distance (Projector to screen)  C1=Sit View Distance (The brightest view when people are sitting down in relation to the angle setting in F1)  C2=Stand View Distance (The brightest view when people are standing in relation to the angle setting in F2)  ****User selectable average recommendations****  D=Suggested Projection Height (Floor to project center)  E=Viewer Distance (User to projector)  F1=Sit View Height  F2=Stand View Height  **** The basis of height is from an average height ****  θ1=Sit View Angle (Screen slope angle between screen and wall to achieve brightest view)  θ2=Stand View Angle (Screen slope angle between screen and wall to achieve brightest view)  (*****Relation  between C1, F1 and θ1 ; Relation between C2, F2 and θ2*****)  W=Overall Width  H=Overall Height  Rev. 060809‐JA  6 Standing (F1) Projection Distance Height (A) (W) View View Installation Width Number Standing View
  8. 8. Overhead   Projector   installation        Unit: mm Overall Height (H) 1190.0 930.0 Overall Overall Width Height (W) WB60V Width (W) Models Overall (H) 46.9 36.6 Suggested Installation Projection Height (A) Distance (B) 2340 1950 ‐ 2950 Ceiling Height (C) 2500 Suggested Offset (D) 130 Viewer Distance (E) 1200 Sitting Standing View View Height Height (F1) (F2) 1200 1700 Sitting Standing View View Height Height (F1) (F2) Unit: Inches Models WB60V Suggested Installation Projection Height (A) Distance (B) 92.1 76.8 ‐ 116.1 Ceiling Height (C) 98.4 Suggested Offset (D) 5.1 Viewer Distance (E) 47.2 Standing  View                Sitting  View  Rev. 060809‐JA  7 47.2 66.9
  9. 9.   Unit: mm Model Number WB80V Overall Overall Width Height (W) (H) 1630.0 1230.0 Suggested Installation Height (A) 2750 ‐ 3750 Suggested Viewer Height Distance 2340 Ceiling Projection Offset (D) Distance (C) (B) 2500 (E) 174 Sitting Standing View View Height Height (F1) (F2) 1200 1200 1700 Sitting Standing Unit: Inches Model Number WB80V Overall Overall Width Height (W) (H) 64.2 48.4 Suggested Installation Projection Height (A) Ceiling Distance Height (C) (B) 92.1 108.3 ‐ 147.6 98.4 Suggested Offset (D) 6.9 Viewer (E) 47.2 View View Height Height (F1) (F2) 47.2 Distance 66.9 Standing  View                Sitting  View  Rev. 060809‐JA  8
  10. 10.   Unit: mm Model Overall Overall Width Height (W) (H) 2130.0 1230.0 Number WB96H Suggested Installation Height (A) Ceiling Projection Distance Height (C) (B) 2340 3200 ‐  4200 2500 Suggested Offset (D) 29 Sitting 1200 Height Height (F2) 1700 Sitting (E) View 1200 Distance Standing View (F1) Viewer Standing Unit: Inches Model Number WB96H Overall Width (W) Overall 83.9 48.4 Height (H) Suggested Installation Projection Height (A) Ceiling Distance Height (C) (B) 92.1 126 ‐ 165.3 98.4 Suggested Offset (D) 1.1 Viewer (E) 47.2 View View Height Height (F1) (F2) 47.2 Distance 66.9 Standing  View              Sitting  View                    Overhead  installation    explanation:  A=Installation Height (Suggested from floor to top of screen)  B=Suggested Projection Distance (Projector to screen)  C=Ceiling Height  D=Suggested Offset (Distance between projection center and top of screen)  E=Viewer Distance (User to projector)  F1=Sit View Height  F2=Stand View Height  ****The basis of height is from an average height****    W=Overall Width  H=Overall Height      Note: The data is for reference only. The installer should base the installation according to the customer and the space provided. Rev. 060809‐JA  9
  11. 11. Warranty Policy • • • • • Two (2) year parts and labor warranty from defects in workmanship from purchase date as follows (except for refurbished units as specified below): Refurbished units carry a 90-day parts and labor warranty. Demo units or open box items are AS IS items and do not carry a warranty. Each party will be responsible for one way shipping during the warranty period. A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must be issued in order to process a replacement or to authorize a return for warranty repair. Elite Screens will, at its sole option replace or repair the defective unit with a replacement *(see exceptions below) after the defective unit is received. Once the product is received, Elite Screens will send out a replacement *unit to the customer by ground service (subject to inventory availability). • Do not return any unauthorized items to Elite Screen, as they will be refused and returned at your expense. The RMA number must be included on the outside label of your shipping box. Our warehouse is not authorized to accept returns without an RMA number on the shipping label. • RMA numbers are valid for 45 days from the date of issue. • Missing Parts must be reported within 7-days of receipt. If reported after 7 days, customer will only be responsible for shipping and handling fees. If reported after 30 days of receipt, customer is responsible for cost of the parts and shipping & handling fees. *A new or refurbished replacement will be sent out to the customer depending on the type of purchase (new or  refurbished) or based on stock availability.                    For Warranty and Service requests please fill out a RMA /Service Form at:  Please Visit this link for full Warranty information:  For Customer Service and Technical questions, please contact Elite Screens at:  Telephone: (877)‐511‐1211 Fax:(562)‐483‐8498  Rev. 060809‐JA  10
  12. 12. REMEMBER TO REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY AT WWW.ELITESCREENS.COM/REGISTER.HTM US & Canada Tech Support & Warranty Claim Please contact us at or call +1 877-511-1211 #3 Service Europe Tech Support & Warranty Claim Please contact us at or call +49-(0) 40-30392958 Asia Tech Support & Warranty Claim Please contact us at or call +86-(0) 755-8461-7989 Taiwan Tech Support & Warranty Claim Please contact us at or call +886-(02) 2747-8979 America: Europe: Elite Screens Inc Elite Screens Europe GmbH 16410 Manning Way Elite Screens Europe GmbH Cerritos, CA 90703 USA Lübecker Straße 1 Tel: +1-562-483-8198 (877-511-1211) 22087 Hamburg, Germany Fax: +1-562-483-8498 Tel: +49-40-30392494 Fax: +49-40-49219200 Asia: Elite Screens China Corp. Longxi Duimianling Industry Zone Longcheng Longgang District, ShenZhen GuangDong, China Tel: +86-(0)755-8461-7989 Fax: +86-(0)755-8461-7669 Latin America Contact: East Asia Contact: India Contact: Japan Contact: Taiwan: Elite Screens Taiwan Co. Ltd. No.38, Alley 22, Lane 66, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan Tel: +886-(02)2747-8979 Fax: +886-(02)2747-8978 Rev. 060809‐JA  11