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Dukane is an American company serving the education, corporate, government and house of worship markets for over 85 years.
Elite screens are available from Dukane.

I am an authorized consultant for Dukane

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc ( my consulting company)
Authorized Dukane/Convey Consultant
Dukane Website :

Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

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Ug insta de2

  1. 1. Insta-DE2 Series Dry-Erase Front Projection Screen Film User’s Guide Product Features     Award winning and GREENGUARD certified VersaWhite material. 1.1 gain with 180 degree wide viewing angle. Special anti-scratch layer to ensure long use as a dry-erase/projection screen. Anti-reflection diffusion surface eliminates glare and hot-spot while using a projector. Application Advantages     Instantly converts flat surfaces/walls into a dry-erase whiteboard projection screen. Includes adhesive black velveteen border to enhance contrast and overall appearance. Perfect dry-erase and projection solution for today's short throw projectors. Ideal and effective instructional presentation tool in the classroom, boardroom, and training facilities. Product specifications Specifications: Color display Thickness Material composition Weight Temperature Gain Viewing Angle 062013-JA White 2.1mm High molecular weight copolymer of Terephthalic acid ethyl esters 1m2/377g At room temperature 1.1 180∘ 1
  2. 2. What’s in the package Please make sure all parts listed below are included. Notes: For best results and maximum product longevity, ONLY use a high density whiteboard Eraser. a. f. b. c. g. d. h. e. Parts List a.Insta-DE2 Screen Material Film Roll b. Self-stick cradle c. Whiteboard pens d. High density eraser e. Microfiber cleaning cloth f. double-sided tape g. Black velvet border adhesive strip roll h. Powder compound (xanthan gum) QTY 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1-3 See chart below for details Model Number IWB86VW2 IWB97XW2 IWB105HW2 IWB4.2x10W2 IWB4.2x20W2 IWB4.2x30W2 IWB114XW2 IWB5x10W2 IWB5x20W2 IWB5X30W2 1 bag(25g) 2 bags (50g) 3 bags (75g) X X X X X X X X X X Tools required (not included) Smoothing tool Carpenter’s Pencil Measuring Tape Shop towels 2 Nylon bristle paint brush Small paint bucket
  3. 3. Preparation The Insta-DE2 product is to be solely installed on flat surfaces. DO NOT install on orange peel textured surfaces and make sure there are no imperfections such as drilled holes, glue/tape residue, dents, etc. Prepare the flat wall/surface by cleaning the entire area. We recommend sanding the area first to make sure you have a clean flat and smooth surface. Failure to remove such imperfections can damage the product. The dry erase function of this product requires a smooth writeable surface and Elite Screens is not responsible should these instructions not be properly followed. Take the Insta-DE 2 film roll out of the package and unroll it on a clean surface and lay it on its front side. Note: The shiny side of the film is the back of the Insta-DE2 Installation 1. Measure the area with a measuring tape and begin marking the area of the screen size with a carpenter’s pencil on the wall or surface installation location. Wall cecececece 2. Pour an entire powder bag into a small paint bucket filled with 27 oz. of room temperature water and stir until all lumps are gone and the compound has a syrup texture. This will make the mixture into an adhesive compound for sticking the film to the wall. Note: Once the compound has been mixed, it must be applied within 4 hours to ensure a sealed installation of the Insta-DE2 to the wall. Use one bag for every 27 oz. of water. Two people required for the following steps 3. Apply three strips of the double-sided tape on the back top, middle, and bottom of the Insta-DE2 material and position the Insta-DE2 within the marked area. Make sure to keep the material rolled as you attach the material to the wall/surface. Double-sided tape Note: Handle with care to avoid creasing and permanently damaging the product. 062013-JA 3
  4. 4. 4. With a nylon bristle paint brush apply the adhesive compound (make sure no lumps are applied) evenly on the wall within the marked area where the Insta-DE2 screen will be applied. 5. Unroll the material in 3-4 feet increments making sure to flatten the material along the way and avoid creating air bubbles/pockets with a flexible smoothing tool. 7. Repeat the process throughout the rest of the material and continue the use of a flexible smoothing tool in an upward and downward motion to assure a flat installation and to remove any air bubbles/pockets. 8. Use a soft damp shop towel to clean and remove any residue from the adhesive compound on the edges. Adhesive Black velvet border installation CAUTION: Neglecting to use the black velveteen border will result in the edges possibly peeling off. If you do not want the black velveteen border, we suggest using an alternative such as double-sided film tape or a spray adhesive to make sure the edges are securely attached to the surface. 1. Measure the top/bottom and left/right sides of the Insta-DE2 screen to obtain the required length of the velvet border you will need to use for bordering your screen. 2. Peel a small portion off of the velvet border and place it about half an inch over the white area of the screen. Continue to peel off and roll out the remainder of the velvet border until you have reached the end and cut the edge. Note: For best results we recommend cutting the edge in a 45° angle. 3. Repeat the process for the remainder of the sides until all sides are bordered as shown below. 062013-JA 4
  5. 5. Safety Precautions: A. Avoid using sharp objects directly on the screen which can result in permanently damaging the product and voiding your warranty. B. Creases or wrinkles caused by improper installation are not removable. C. The adhesive powder compound (xanthan gum) does not have any biological hazards; therefore, excess of this product can be simply diluted with water and discharged into the sewer. XANTHAN GUM PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION CAS NO. 11138-66-2 EINECS NO. 234-394-2 FORMULA (C35H49O29)n MOL WT. > 10,000,000 H.S. CODE 1301.90.0000 TOXICITY SYNONYMS Corn sugar gum; Xanthan; Gum xanthan; Polysaccharide gum; Other RN: 9088-32-8; 12673-42-6; 12771-06-1; 37189-49-4; 37279-85-9; 37332-19-7; 37383-521; 39393-27-6; 39444-54-7; 51811-95-1; 54511-23-8; 56592-13-3; 80450-59-5; 82600-55-3; 85568-76-9; 98112-77-7; 478314-71-5 CLASSIFICATION Polysaccharide CATEGORIES Thickener, Viscosity-increasing agent, Suspending agent, Stabilizer, Emulsifier PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES PHYSICAL STATE white to light yellow powder SOLUBILITY IN WATER Soluble pH 6 - 8 (1% aq sol.) VISCOSITY 2000 cps (1% aq sol.) STABILITY Stable under ordinary conditions. Hygroscopic For more information, technical support or your local Elite Screens contact, please visit 062013-JA 5