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Dukane ipad and tablet products sv


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I am an authorized Consultant for Dukane.

This is a short presentation about the latest products from Dukane.

I would be glad to visit to discuss what Dukane has to offer.

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc ( my consulting company)
Authorized Dukane/Convey Consultant
Dukane Website :

Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

SchoolVision Website on Facebook:

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Dukane ipad and tablet products sv

  1. 1. Easy as 1, 2, 3... iPad or Tablet Charge Only ice E r dP 30 Capacity 60 ,2 $1 Chromebook or Netbook Charge Only iPad Charge & Sync 32 Capacity ice r dP E MCC1 5 ,34 $2 MCC2 P Ed 36 Capacity e ric 5 ,69 $1 MCC3 iPad Cases Dukane CC1 iPad/Tablet Charge Cabinet 30 Capacity P Ed e ric 45 ,1 $1 Rugged and Affordable for the Classroom. Ask me about custom colors, available options and prices. Prices do not include shipping. Call for a quote. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Chromebook is a trademark of Google School Vision, Authorized Dukane Dealer: Bill McIntosh 843-442-8888