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The Dukane 8973 W is an ideal projector for those who need the highest quality images and a very bright projector.

The 8973W is a very versatile unit and can be used in a standard sized classroom or conference room, or used , with option lens in large auditoriums, classrooms on a space with a large screen.

Please let me know if you would like more information on the Dukane 8973W.

Bill McIntosh
Authorized Dukane Consultant
Phone :843-442-8888
Email :WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net

You can find information on all of Dukane products here




As well as on the main Dukane website


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Dukane imagepro 8793 w

  1. 1. Dukane ImagePro 8793W Advanced Technology in a Low Profile Design
  2. 2. Key Features of the 8793 W• 5500 ANSI Lumens• Built in 16 Watt Audio Speaker• Standard Lens included. Option Lens available• Ready for Network Control• Hybrid Filter• FIVE Year WarrantyData sheet on the 8793 W can be found here :http://www.slideshare.net/WKMcIntoshIII/dukane-8973-w-15769224
  3. 3. 8793 W Features Explained
  4. 4. 8793 W Features Explained
  5. 5. 8793 W Features Explained
  6. 6. 8793 W Features Explained
  7. 7. 8793 W Features ExplainedANSI stands for American National Standard InstituteProjector companies rate brightness according to these standards
  8. 8. 8793 W Features Explained
  9. 9. 8793 W Features Explained
  10. 10. 8793 W Features Explained
  11. 11. 8793 W Features ExplainedA variety of Inputs and outputs offer many options:
  12. 12. 8793 W Features Explained
  13. 13. 8793 W Features Explained
  14. 14. 8793 W Features Explained
  15. 15. 8793 W Features Explained
  16. 16. 8793 W Features Explained
  17. 17. 8793 W Features ExplainedThe ML 703 Lens is included.Other lens options allow for more uses
  18. 18. 8793 W Features Explained
  19. 19. 8793 W Features Explained
  20. 20. 8793 W Features Explained
  21. 21. 8793 W Features ExplainedDukane is the industry leader in warranty.Most Data-video projectors come with a 2 or 3 year warranty.
  22. 22. Projector-Related ProductsThis can be used with the built-in speaker on the 8755N
  23. 23. Projector-Related ProductsDukane Mobile Presentation System (MPS)MPS can Include:•Data Video Projector•Document Camera•DVD Player•Lockable, Rugged Cart•Speakers, Cables, Power• Just the cart can be purchased as well
  24. 24. Projector-Related ProductsDukane Projection System (DPS) Ships complete with everything you need for a quick and neat installation.
  25. 25. Projector-Related ProductsDukane Projection Screens
  26. 26. Projector-Related ProductsDukane Projection Screens
  27. 27. Projector-Related Products Screen2Go To this…in minutes!From this…… Screen2 Go: Worlds first portable screen in a pouch
  28. 28. Projector-Related Products Dukane Airslate A3A Wireless TabletWhen used with a Dukane Projector, the Airslate offersthe instructor all the functionality of a fixed Interactive Whiteboard on any sized projection screen…at a fraction of the cost a fixed IWB.
  29. 29. Projector-Related Products
  30. 30. Projector-Related Products Convey Response pads Are used in Education, as Well as in Business and Government for Presentations and training
  31. 31. For more information on Dukane products,contact:Bill McIntosh, SchoolVision Inc.Authorized Dukane ConsultantPhone:843-442-8888Email :WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net