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Bill McIntosh, itutor


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I am offering my services for those who need help to get "up and running" with their Apple products. I live in Mt. Pleasant, SC so I will work with anyone within a reasonable distance .

Bill McIntosh

Published in: Technology
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Bill McIntosh, itutor

  1. 1. iTutor My name is Bill McIntosh and I am an itutor. I enjoy helping people with new iPads, iPhones, or other Apple products get “up and running” . I prefer not to work with business users for the simple reason they often need immediate help and detailed application training. I have worked with Apple products since 1988, but as a user and professional salesperson and educational technology consultant. I have helped everyone from college president to school superintendents to the Sports Illustrated writer whose story about “Radio” was made into a movie get up and running with Apple products. I am available to anyone in the greater Charleston area. My rates are reasonable and I also offer special rates for seniors, which I am myself. Please contact me at 843—442-8888 or email me at I don’t do Windows, but own a PC and can help you use your Apple product with a PC.