Using powerschool with cps 2014


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Some teacher-created steps for using the Classroom Performance System with Powerschoool.

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Using powerschool with cps 2014

  1. 1. Suggested procedures for using the Classroom Performance System(CPS™) with Powerschool™. Importing Student Rosters from Power School into CPS In Powerschool 1. Open Power teacher gradebook 2. Go to reports- Student Roster a. Click on Export (CSV) b. Student name c. Student Number d. Save file to desktop In Excel 1. Delete the top line 2. Change the second line to Name, Number 3. Add two columns- First and Last a. You can copy and paste these names to this or type them in. 4. Format Student ID cells to number and no decimal places In CPS 1. Go under prepare, classes and students. 2. Create a class 3. Click on the class 4. Click on import 5. Highlight Comma Separated Values 6. Highlight teacher name, click “Next” How to Export Grades from CPS into Powerschool In Reports tab: Make a Post Report with Student ID only Once the Excel document comes up: • Delete the information up on top until you get down to one row above the first students grades • Delete the black row to the left • Format the cells to numbers with 0 decimals places • Save to a file (Saving to desktop makes it easy to find)
  2. 2. Open Powerschool gradebook: • Create an assignment in scoresheets tab • Click on assignment in scoresheets tab • Goto tools, click on import scores • Where it ask the type of file click on “other” • Click Import and watch the magic happen before your very eyes. • How to Import Students from Powerschool to CPS • • 1. Open PowerSchool • 2. Open the Gradebook • 3. Click on Reports • 4. Click on the Class you want to import • 5. Click on Student Roster • 6. Under Output Type select Export CSV • 7. Click Run Report • 8. Click in radio box next to Save Report • 9. Click OK • 10. Type your name next to Save As or type the Period # • • BE SURE TO LEAVE THE EXTENSION .csv • 11. Click Save • 12. Double click the csv file that’s on your desktop to open • 13. Click on the A Column Heading to select the column • 14. Click on Data in the menu bar- drag down to Text to Columns • 15. Click in the radio button next to Delimited • 16. Click Next • 17. Click in the box next to Comma • 18. Click Next • 19. Click Finish • 20. Click on row header 1 to select the entire row • 21. Click on Edit in the Menu bar and drag down to Delete • 22. Click on Cell A1 and delete the text. Type Last • 23. Click on Cell B1 Type First • 24. Click File Save • 25. You want to Save it to your Desktop • 26. If it asks if you want to replace Click Yes • 27. You’ll get a message saying some features may not be compatible- Click Yes • 28. Open the CPS clicker software • 29. Click on Classes tab • 30. Click on the Import button • 31. Click the radio button next to Comma Separated Value • 32. Click Continue • 33. Click Browse and located the file (Desktop ) and click • Open • 34. Click Continue • 35. Click Done • 36. The class is now imported with the name you gave to the csv file (ie P1)
  3. 3. Please note: These procedures were developed by Lance Suter, a CPS-using Classroom teacher , and are shared with his expressed permission). As such, these are suggestions, and are not official procedures developed by eInstruction or Pearson and thus are not officially supported by either. I am simply providing these, with Lance’s permission, in hopes they will benefit CPS users who wish to interface with Powerschool. I welcome any suggestions or recommendations that may be discovered as for a more facile way to accomplish this. This HAS been forwarded to dozens of eInstruction consultants ( like myself) around the country and so far no concerns or problems have been raised. Backing up your data and your CPS databases to an external source (CD, USB flash drive) is accepted practice and highly recommended. Using these procedures should not affect your existing data, but as I wise man once said “We don’t plan to fail, but sometimes we fail to plan”. FYI, the latest versions of the CPS software are available to download here : As of July 2014, there is version 6.75 for PC and Version 3.5 for Mac. There IS a new toll free number for Tech support : For technical assistance on all eInstruction® products please call 866-746-3015 I hope this is useful and would love to hear your feedback. Bill McIntosh eInstruction by Turning Technologies K-12 Consultant for South Carolina Phone: 843-442-8888 Email: