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I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Point.

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc..
Authorized South Carolina K-12 Consultant for eInstruction by Turning Technologies
Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

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Turning Technologies | 255 West Federal Street | Youngstown, OH Main: 330-746-3015 | Toll Free: 866-746-3015 | Fax: 330-884-6065

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Triton what if

  1. 1. WHEN EVERY RESPONSE COUNTS 1. Eliminate bubble sheets entirely? 2. Reduce all costs associated with paper scoring? 3. Provide immediate, reliable results? 4. Provide digital answer submission without purchasing a computer for testing? 5. Alert students to unanswered questions? 6. Simply navigate through digital answer choices? 7. Change and update answers with the assurance that each answer is saved for scoring? 8. Securely time stamp every student response and all proctor actions during testing? 9. Administer a test with software provided on a USB receiver? 10. Manage students, sites, content, test setup and results with a centralized web-based administration portal? 11. Store digital test booklets, share answer keys and provide easy access to upcoming test administrations? 12. Standardize the testing environment with precise start and stop times, enforced testing orders and test make-ups? 13. Train test proctors with only a short training video? 14. Check the proctor computer for readiness and report it back to a centralized web-based administration portal? 15. Guarantee data collection by backing up responses in multiple locations? 16. Check device battery life and compare it to the test length to ensure no power disruptions during testing? 17. Continue to test even if the proctor computer or software disengages? 18. Provide the ability to record digital notes regarding events that occurred during the test administration? 19. Allow for both proctor-managed and self-paced administration for multiple section tests? 20. Transfer encrypted test data to test publishers for scoring? 21. Leverage one low-cost, durable device for both formative and summative assessments? 22. Store an encrypted offline file that included the roster and test blueprint so Wi-Fi connections are not required to test? 23. Let your faculty administer their own course evaluations? 24. Eliminate computer setup for testing, with no loss of computer stations during the testing season? 25. Provide smart software and devices to know the difference between everyday formative and secure summative testing? WHAT IF YOU COULD... Traditional clicker solutions offer fairly standard feature sets. Triton Data Collection System is a solution that will forever change customer expectations about clickers and high-stakes testing. YOU CAN. WITH TRITON & RESPONSECARD NXT