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Sc Colonial Expansion


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I did this Powerpoint to accompany a sample lesson I am doing for a local school

I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Point.

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Sc Colonial Expansion

  1. 3. A Map of the World In 1540
  2. 4. Jean Ribaut and French attempted to Settle in Beaufort
  3. 5. King Charles II of England
  4. 7. Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Earl of Shaftesbury
  5. 12. Palisade at Charles Towne Landing
  6. 13. Model of the settlement at Alemarle Point
  7. 19. Charleston was America’s only walled colonial City
  8. 20. The Old Powder Magazine
  9. 22. The Customs House on East Bay Street
  10. 26. Drayton Hall Plantation