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Indian valley vocational school


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I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Technologies

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc..
Authorized South Carolina K-12 Consultant for eInstruction / Turning Technologies
Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

SchoolVision Website on Facebook:

Website :

For technical assistance on all eInstruction® or Turning Technologies products please call 866-746-3015

Turning Technologies | 255 West Federal Street | Youngstown, OH Main: 330-746-3015 | Toll Free: 866-746-3015 | Fax: 330-884-6065

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Indian valley vocational school

  1. 1. STUDENTS PREPARE USING TURNINGPOINT Indian Valley Vocational Center CASE STUDY COMPETITION AND GRANT FUNDS RAISE SCORES CHALLENGE Vince Logan is police officer and law enforcement instructor at Indian Valley Vocational Center. His curriculum teaches students how to investigate and process a crime scene and execute arrests - in addition to scenario-based training, defensive tactics, safety skills, firearm safety and simulators. In addition to traditional classroom duties, Vince also participates in SkillsUSA Quiz Bowl competition. SkillsUSA is a non-profit organization that aims to assist teachers, high school and college students to prepare for trade, technical and skilled service occupations. Vince was looking for a way to create an engaging learning environment for his students. SOLUTION Vince reached out to Turning Technologies and purchased a refurbished ResponseCard system. He adopted TurningPoint software for real-time assessment during his instruction and review prior to tests. In addition to traditional TurningPoint, he can also author tests and instantly grade answers with Turning Technologies software. In order to prep his team for the Quiz Bowl competition, Vince implemented TurningPoint in order to review the questions that would be asked during actual gameplay. Reviewing over 250 questions, his team won first place in the state competition and qualified for nationals. According to Vince, “We used the ARS (audience response solution) exclusively and that is what helped us learn quicker and retain what we learned.” CONCLUSION Since the implementation of the student response solution, Indian Valley Vocational Center applied for a grant, which allowed the school to buy two additional solutions. In addition to the excitement that solution creates with students who simply “can’t wait for the PowerPoint®” when the clickers are distributed, test results have been improving in his class. Prior to one test, Vince reviewed without the response solution with his morning class. Later, he used the solution for review with his afternoon class. When the test results came back, 14 in his morning class had failed, while only two in his afternoon class received D’s. “I attribute it all to the solution,” said Vince. “Three years ago, it was very hard to get an A in my class. Now, with the response solution, about 30% are receiving an A grade. I credit having the technology so that they can study and so it’s fun. The competition makes the students love it, and I can see the results when the grades come through.” He also added, “I feel that the solution keeps my students attentive and engaged with learning, I have about 30 PowerPoints from ‘use of force’ to ‘case histories.’ It’s amazing to see how quickly they learn, especially when on team environments. There is a lot of competition to pay attention and get the right answer. Overall, the learning curve is really cut down.”