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I am the authorized K-12 representative in South Carolina for eInstruction by Turning Technologies

Bill McIntosh
SchoolVision Inc..
Authorized South Carolina K-12 Consultant for eInstruction / Turning Technologies
Phone :843-442-8888
Twitter : @OtisTMcIntosh

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For technical assistance on all eInstruction® or Turning Technologies products please call 866-746-3015

Turning Technologies | 255 West Federal Street | Youngstown, OH Main: 330-746-3015 | Toll Free: 866-746-3015 | Fax: 330-884-6065

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Esko public schools

  1. 1. TEST SCORES SOAR WITH RESPONSECARDS Esko Public Schools CASE STUDY NXT PLAYS CRITICAL ROLE IN “RESPONSIVE ENGAGEMENT” CHALLENGE Brian Wickenheiser is a sixth grade math and science teacher at Winterquist Elementary, ISD 99, in Esko, Minnesota. Esko Public Schools is home to approximately 1,200 students with elementary class sizes ranging from 20–26 students per class. Currently, Winterquist Elementary’s first, second and third grades receive Title I funds for reading, but not math, and the district offers no formal tutoring program for students. Even with a classroom set of iPad® mobile digital devices, Brian was unable to create the engaging and motivational learning environment he needed. Currently, Esko Public Schools ranks third-to-last in per pupil spending for public schools in the State of Minnesota and is one of the lowest funded districts in Minnesota for 2012-2013. SOLUTION Brian was able to secure Turning Technologies’ ResponseCard NXT clickers for the entire sixth grade. Along with Turning Technologies’ TurningPoint assessment software, the ResponseCard NXT clickers help keep students engaged by allowing them to work independently of the teacher, in differentiated groups. They can play competitive and cooperative games, check-in their homework, send data on science experiments and think critically on math questions after answers have been submitted to the class. “Now I can contribute my part (I teach math to 50% of the students) to what I call ‘Responsive Engagement,’ of which my NXT’s play a critical role,” Brian says. “Responsive Engagement” is keeping students engaged in their learning by continually having them communicate their progress. But being responsive goes beyond the students. Brian can dynamically take the collected data and respond to students’ needs as learning is taking place. He maximizes his return on investment by utilizing all of the features the ResponseCard NXT clicker has to offer. With the NXT’s self-paced testing feature, students can now work at their own pace during quizzes and tests. Once the students finish their test, it is automatically graded through Turning Technologies’ TurningPoint software. This allows students to see their growth in real time - and they want more of it! CONCLUSION Despite low funding and a lack of extra services for students - for the past several years Esko’s sixth grade students have placed in the top seventh percentile of schools for math in Minnesota as shown by MCA scores (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment); a state standardized test known to have higher standards than the Common Core Standards. The ResponseCard NXT clickers and instant assessment data allow Brian to keep his lessons flexible and provide group and individual assistance during the students’ learning. Brian’s teaching has become responsive because he now knows each student’s progress throughout the day. “Formative assessment has never been easier or better,” he says. The clickers also make summative assessments a learning opportunity by being able to monitor students’ progress on tests. He is able to see the students’ answers and work with those who aren’t successful during the test; rather than waiting until the test is scored. Even after all that he has done, Brian is still discovering ways to keep his students engaged in their learning using ResponseCard NXT.