eInstruction by Tearning Technologies Touchboard


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Bill McIntosh
Authorized SC K12 Consultant for eInstruction by Turning Technologies
Email : WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net,

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eInstruction by Tearning Technologies Touchboard

  1. 1. To learn more or to place an order, call 866.496.4949 or visit einstruction.com. eInstruction® Touch Board LEARNING AT THE TIP OF A FINGER Provide educators and students with all the advantages of touch screen technology and create a more interactive and engaging classroom experience with eInstruction® Touch Board. Allow educators to illustrate concepts and manipulate materials with their fingertips. And, empower students to solve problems, write sentences, draw pictures, and interact with images. • Pen-and-finger system gives educators multiple ways to illustrate a concept. • Students work at the board for hands-on, collaborative learning. • High-resolution technology for accuracy in writing, diagramming, annotation, and lesson delivery. A DEEPER LEVEL OF INTERACTION WITH LESSON CONTENT Create and display interactive lessons, increase engagement, and drive greater student achievement with eInstruction® Touch Board. Individual students and groups of learners will become more involved when they use our interactive whiteboard to write, diagram, manipulate, and annotate over lesson content. POWERED BY WORKSPACE Educators use WorkSpace software to assemble and present interactive lesson content. Control, annotate, and interact with instructional materials in multiple formats from many sources. Access feature-rich content including text, pictures, graphics, videos, audio files, and animations to use for warm-up lessons and comprehensive classroom curriculum and to assess concept adoption. Use more than 50 teaching tools to enrich the learning experience, to focus on specific lesson points, and to highlight critical content. WorkSpace also includes recognition tools that convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes, and equations into more legible digital content. ADJUSTIT PRO™ AdjustIt Pro, available in wall-mount or floor-stand configuration, is easy to install and is compatible with short throw and a wide range of ultra-short throw projectors. When used in the floor-stand configuration, AdjustIt Pro provides interactive whiteboard mobil- ity from class to class or around the room, and enables educators to adjust their board to any height, making it the perfect compan- ion for eInstruction® Touch Board. eInstruction® Touch Board with WorkSpace software AdjustIt Pro™
  2. 2. To learn more or to place an order, call 866.496.4949 or visit einstruction.com. eInstruction® Touch Board Model eInstruction® Touch Board Model Numbers EITB2078 (78 in) EITB2088 (88 in) Size 78 in: 69.9 in x 53.8 in 88 in: 81.3 in x 52.1 in Active Area (diagonal) 78 in: 78 in 88 in: 88 in Aspect Ratio 78 in: 4:3 88 in: 16:10 Weight 78 in: 41.4 lb 88 in: 48.7 lb Resolution 8,000 x 8,000 Technology Infrared technology (pen and finger touch) Computer Connection USB Compatibility Windows® 7 and Windows Vista® ; Mac OS X® up to 10.8; Linux® Software WorkSpace Warranty 2 years with available extension to 5 years What’s in the Box? 4 eInstruction® Touch Board pens, 1 eInstruction® Touch Board wand, 1 USB cable All copyright, trademark, and intellectual properties associated with eInstruction® are reserved to eInstruction Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders or owners.