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eRead and Report:
The eContent solution to Increased Rigor and Metacognition

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Rourke econtent catalog

  1. 1. 3 A global leader in technology, print, and distribution Proven e-Content Programs Grades K-8 Assessment and Reporting e-Books FREE Lesson Plans with e-Books Truly Interactive e-Books ROURKE Office: 800.380.2289 • Fax: 772.234.6622 Po Box 643328 Vero Beach, FL 32964
  2. 2. ? What Does Rourke’s e-ContentOffer That Other Publishers Don’tAssessment and Reporting e-Books • Vocabulary and Comprehension Assessment • Individual Student and Teacher Access • Works on Tablets and Smart PhonesFREE Lesson Plans with e-Books • Over 300 Paired Teacher Resources • Available on Mobile Devices • Lessons are for Writing and Reading Informational TextsTruly Interactive e-Books ROURKE • Books can be read in the Library, Classroom, or Home • Interactive features engage reluctant readers • Easy to Purchase, Easy to Use
  3. 3. e-Read and Report Assessment and Reporting Finally! Narrative Text e-Books with a PurposeRourke’s e-Read and Report can be used: School Home Mobile • Visually Mimics State Tests • Individual Student and Teacher Access • Works on MACs and PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones • One Time Purchase - No Renewal or Management Fees • Unlimited Access for the Entire Building • Test Seven Comprehension Strategies Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 3
  4. 4. e-Read and Report How it works... Student, Teacher, and Administrator Login Fully Searchable Title Library Student Teacher Admin Teacher Assigns e-Book Teacher Assigns e-Book Teacher Notes to Student Student Progress Teacher Student Student Reads e-Book on Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone Student4 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  5. 5. e-Read and ReportDetailed AssessmentsAfter reading a Rourke e-Book, the student clicks the “Test Me” button. Instantly the student is directed to a set of vocabulary and comprehension questions in multiple choice form. The student’s responses are recorded, scored, and immediately available to the teacher for review.VocabularyStudents read the definition of a word and then select the correct usage sentence or sentences. Books for GRL Levels A-M (BR-550) 5 words with photo support. Books for GRL Levels N-W (600-1200) 10 words without photo support. Tier II and Tier III vocabulary words. All vocabulary definitions have five possible answers for the student to choose from. In addition to a total score for vocabulary, students and teachers see the specific words the student got incorrect. Each word is coded as a Tier II or Tier III word and a score for Tier II and Tier III words is given. Student Student Tests Vocabulary • Tier II and Tier III Words - Some with Visual AidComprehensionStudents read carefully selected questions, then using multiple choice, select the correct answer or answers. Books for GRL Levels A-M (BR-550) 5 comprehension questions with photo support. Books for GRL Levels N-W (600-1200) 5 comprehension questions without photo support. All questions focus on the informational text reading strategies for comprehension listed below: Using and interpreting text features (graphs, 1. charts, maps) Determining importance or central idea and 2. identifying key details Synthesizing or Summarizing complex concepts 3. or processes Student Visualizing 4. Student Tests Comprehension Making inferences 5. • Each Test includes a Selection of Seven 6. Making connections Different Comprehension Strategies Asking questions 7. Comprehension questions have 5 possible answers for the student to choose from. In addition to a total score for comprehension, the student/teacher is able to see the specific questions the student got correct and incorrect. Question are coded and scored by one of seven comprehension strategies, to truly see what the student understands. Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 5
  6. 6. e-Read and Report Student Folder with Reading Scores Teacher can View Or Export to Share Progress PDF XLS X Teacher ParentTeacher or Administrator Reviews Test Scores Adminand Assesses Progress on a Student, Classroom, or Building Wide Level Individual Access Available for: Administrator TeacherTeachers can easily monitor a student’s knowledge and progress on important tier words and seven individual comprehension strategies, then review Studentwith student or share this information with parents.6 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  7. 7. e-Read and Report Features and Benefits...1. Students Can Read and Test from Nearly Anywhere or Any Device. 2. Student Progress is Stored Grade and Assessed Throughout the Level Students Elementary Career. 6 5 4 3 2 13. • Vocabulary - Students test Tier II and Tier III words. K • Comprehension - Teach and test 7 key strategies. 4. Informational Texts.5. A Quantitative “Staircase” Approach for 6. Increasing Text Complexity. Grade Level 6 COMMON CORE S TAT E S TA N D A R D S 5 4 3 2 Supports Common Core 1 for Assessing Grades 3-8 in K Reading, Writing, Science, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Guided and Social Studies. Reading Level Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 7
  8. 8. e-Read and Report Collections... All Collections include e-Books and Comprehension and Vocabulary Recordable Tests. At Rourke, we understand one size does not fit all. So we created some customized collections to simplify the collection building process. If you don’t see what you like, we’ve included a “Build Your Own” Collection.8 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  9. 9. e-Read and ReportAvailable Now!Grade Level Collection 3-5200 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-833-3 . . . . . . . $6,900Adventures in Reading K-2 Collection Science K-2 Collection72 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-834-0 . . . . $2,495 167 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-840-1 . . . . . $5,795Adventures in Reading 3-5 Collection Science 3-5 Collection90 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-835-7 . . . . $3,095 141 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-841-8 . . . . . $4,895Adventures in Reading 4-8 Collection Science 4-8 Collection84 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-836-4 . . . . $2,895 83 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-842-5 . . . . . $2,895Math K-3 Collection Social Studies K-5 Collection40 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-837-1 . . . . $1,350 92 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-843-2 . . . . . $3,195Fiction K-3 Collection Paired Fiction - Nonfiction K-3 Collection72 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-838-8 . . . . $2,495 72 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-844-9 . . . . . $2,495Early Childhood Collection Choose Your Own 100 Title K-8 Collection74 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-839-5 . . . . $2,595 100 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-845-6 . . . . . $3,495 Pricing Based on a Per Building Usage Complete e-Read Collection PreK-8 646 Titles ISBN # 978-1-61810-846-3 . . . . . . $22,500 Lifetime Usage • No Renewal Fees • No Subscriptions Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 9
  10. 10. e-Books with FREE Lesson Plans Rourke Now Has Available its NEW “Teaching with e-Books” Whole Class Lesson Plans. “ Making the Most of e-Books in the Classroom ” Over 1400 e-Books for Grades PrEk-8 Standard e-Books can be Loaded and Read Through your Browser or Downloaded to your Tablet or Smart PhoneTeaching with e-BooksTeaching with e-Books is a collection of standards based lessons using Rourke PDF eBooks as models. Utilizing a whiteboard or LCD projector, these lessons are designed for whole group instruction in writing craft, reading strategies, and science, math, and social studies content.Each lesson is structured tosupport best practices through:• Content introduction   The les sons ar conte nt sta e searchab ndard   s. Acce le by grade l ss to the evel, Co• Explicit instruction utilizing e-Book models  lesso mm Rourke ns is inc on Core  luded Sta    Educati  in an eB te Standard onal Me ook p s, and urcha  and nation  natio Te a c Comm dia’s nal and on se.  al and s statem  Core State  h in g  state tate   w it h ent  Stand Samp Grades: ard: W le Lesso eB• Practice and application riting St ooks Ma  3  4  5  n  terial an dard 2.d ‐List o s needed:   and 2 f E .e – W ‐eBoo nding Techn  Writi ng infor ks  ‐eBoo models sho iques (attac matio nal te ks, bo ‐Stick oks, o wing differenhed)  xt pro viding y n r maga t end  a con Lesson otes • Extension activities zines  :  with i ing techniqu clu c sio n  Intro  nform es (lis ational t ted be T: In wr ext  low)  itin to end o g inform endin ur writin ational  g t g in a pieces  in Engag echniques th  way that b  addition to e t rin examp he students at writers use gs everyt  hooking th les of or  in .  hing t e reade Instru cti  expla  a discussion ogeth er for r at th e beg T: Now, on/Models in any of th  of th  our re ader. Le inning of ouLessons are searchable by:  let’s l   e tech e different ty r w Show ook a nique t’s look  th t some s on t pes o he list.  f ending te  at this l riting we al discus e cover of   sp ist of  so  sion t each mo ecific exa chniqu commo need    o deci del befo mples of es list n  eBook M de what typ re   endin ed. Se e if th odels e of e turning to t g techniq ey can Ask a qu  for End nding  techn he endin ues th  give  at  Use a estion – Go ing Technique ique the au g . Read th writers have  n e od e end ing an used in the Tell fee xclamation  or Service s:  thor u sed.   d then g ir boo lings ab  ‐ Inven s (p20)  uide t ks. Use a  un out the tors a nd Disco he stu    e stud Rourke Circle iversal wor  topic  veries ( dents ents i  in a  n a   back  to the b d (all p4 , every, 5), Wha• Common Core State Standards Make  a  eg  th t Does G Give l comparison – inning tech e world, al reen M ast nique l o Make  step or di  Need It or   – Repti f us) – Clea ean? (p 20)   a  rec W les (p22 ning U Remind prediction – tions in a pro ant It (p20 )  p the Ea  En ‐21)  Prese  reader of the terprise ST cess  rth (p 20)  nt  EM (p Offer th the clinche  main point• NSTA Science Standards Exclusive! 45)  r in a  e rea persu s – Where  Addit Invite the r der advice asi Do ional D eader t  – Flood ve argume es the Wate iscuss o learn  s, Dam nt  r Go? (p ‐Why th ion Prom pts:  more  s, and – Water W 20)  ey thi – End  Le orl T: Now t ‐Can you th nk the auth angered vees (p45)  d (p22)  ink or cho ! (p20 work  hat we’re lo  of a diffe• NCSS National Curriculum Standards se the ), Und in  ok ren  pa erstan endin groups to se ed at diffe t ending te rticular e ding B gs  e find rent e chniqu nding iomes  techn in the book  addit nding  techn e that w  techniqu (p44)  ique it s and ional  ou e.  Do th After   is. W  magazi exa iqu ld wo stu ho kn nes th mples in bo es and seen rk for ey   this b think it wo add it to dents have  ows, you at you h oks and  exam ook?  rks?    had a  m ple Try It   your class   chance  ight find a  ave and th  articles that  s of how th   for Social Studies Ou mode to rea new t en wr we ha e expe ‐Have  t  l list.  d a co ech ite on  the stic ve in the rts us stude nts wr uple o nique that’ k note  cla e them, ite ne f diffe rent e s not  on ou  what  ssroom. Re  let’s  Po st Of w end nding r list!  type o ad fice Bo ings to s, have f ending  the  x 64 33  a piec  them   28 • e that th  share Vero ey had c  what  Beach omple they f , Flo rida ted ea ound an 32 96 rlier.  d  www.r 4 • ourke Teleph educat one: ionalm edia.c 80 0.3 94 .70 om 55 • Fax10 : 77 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 2.2 34 .66 22
  11. 11. e-Books with FREE Lesson PlansHow it works... Password or IP AuthenticationTo make accessing and using e-Books simple – we provide a building wide access license. All students within the school can access our e-Content using a single login or IP authentication. Access from home is also included, allowing student to read and prepare for tests or help with report writing. Access Via Our Library or Your Libraries CatalogOnce signed in, students access the content library where they can search by title, subject, level, or keyword. Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 11
  12. 12. e-Books with FREE Lesson Plans Collections... Shop by our pre-package content collections or build your own by selecting from over 1,200 All e-Book Collections informational based books. come with FREE Teacher Resource Check Out Our NEW e-Book Lesson Plans! Materials with Purchase Unlimited Student Access from School or Home! GL PRK-8 GL PRK-8 English Collection Spanish/Bilingual Collection 960 Titles Available 280 Titles Available ISBN# 978-1-61741-581-4 ISBN# 978-1-61741-579-1 GL PRK-8 GL PRK-8 Science Collection Social Studies Collection 452 Titles Available 220 Titles Available ISBN# 978-1-61810-847-0 ISBN# 978-1-61810-850-0 GL PRK-8 GL K-3 High Interest Collection Fiction Collection 218 Titles Available 36 Titles Available ISBN# 978-1-61810-848-7 ISBN# 978-1-61810-851-7 GL 3-8 Reference Collection Call to create a custom 34 Titles Available ISBN# 978-1-61810-849-4 package and pricing! Get All e-Books 15% Off 25% Off 1,240 Titles Each Building Unit District Wide Purchases * Standard e-Books Only12 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  13. 13. Interactive e-Books ROURKE Bring Learning to Life! • Fully Interactive features: Fully • Video • Audio Narration • Audio • Animation • During • During and After Reading Tests • Books can be read in the Books Library, Library, Classroom, or Home • Easy to Purchase, Easy to Use EasyIndividual Instruction Engage Reluctant Readers Group Instruction Professional narration Spoken glossary words for pronunciation and developing vocabulary Running, highlighted text to improve fluency Enhances knowledge in science, social studies, and high interest with interactive graphics, videos, and audio Fully Interactive Helps build vocabulary and fluency skills Ideal for group reading using interactive whiteboards Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 13
  14. 14. Interactive e-Books With Several Purchasing OptionsOPTION 1 Interactive e-Books on Disc Buy individual books on discs for your school or library. Our Interactive e-Books are delivered to your specifications. You can have your individual Interactive e-Books cataloged for placement into your library, just like a book. The disc can be used on every computer in your library and classroom -OR- checked out and taken home! Discs are supplied e-Books can be in protective cataloged and spine plastic cases. labels attached.OPTION 2 Annual Subscription Plan Buy one year subscription service. Just Subscribe, Pay and Play! We store the books on Rourke’s server and give you complete access to all Rourke Interactive e-Books. This is a one year subscription plan to our entire Interactive e-Book Library, and is sold on a per building basis. Rourke supplies you with a password and you are ready to go. Like any website, an unlimited number of students can have access at one time. Students simply enter the school or library’s username and password. All options are sold with a per building licenseOPTION 3 Lifetime Subscription Plan Buy our lifetime subscription service. You own them, with no renewal fees. We store the books on Rourke’s server and give you complete access to all Rourke Interactive e-Books. This is a lifetime subscription plan to our entire Interactive e-Book Library, and is sold on a per building basis. Rourke supplies you with a password and you are ready to go. Like any website, an unlimited number of students can have access at one time. Students simply enter the school or library’s username and password. All options are sold with a per building usage license No Seat Licensing • No Maintenance • No Hassle14 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 •
  15. 15. Interactive e-BooksP urchase Complete PackagesEnglish Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price70 English Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-964-8 ..........$1,652.5070 English Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-965-5 ..............$735.0070 English Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-966-2 ..........$2,380.00Science Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price35 Science Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-980-8 ..............$890.2535 Science Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-981-5 ..............$367.5035 Science Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-982-2 ..........$1,190.00Math Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price8 Math Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-983-9 ..............$159.608 Math Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-984-6 ................ $84.008 Math Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-985-3 ..............$272.00Social Studies Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price15 Social Studies Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-986-0 ..............$313.2515 Social Studies Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-987-7 ..............$157.5015 Social Studies Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-988-4 ..............$510.00High Interest Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price12 High Interest Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-989-1 ..............$289.4012 High Interest Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-990-7 ..............$126.0012 High Interest Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-991-4 ..............$408.00Bilingual Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price23 Bilingual Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-796-5 ..............$918.8523 Bilingual Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-968-6 ..............$241.5023 Bilingual Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-969-3 ..............$782.00All 93 Interactive e-Book PackagesQuantity ISBN Package Price93 English & Bilingual Titles e-Books on Disc 978-1-61236-970-9 ..........$2,571.3593 English & Bilingual Titles Annual Subscription 978-1-61236-971-6 ..............$976.5093 English & Bilingual Titles Lifetime Subscription 978-1-61236-972-3 ..........$3,162.00 Rourke Educational Media • 800.380.2289 • 15
  16. 16. Also Visit Our New Instructional Technology Portal Build Collectionse-ContentPrograms Calendar of Events Social Media National_2012 e-Book Programs Catalog.indd COMMON CORE S TAT E S TA N D A R D S Office: 800.380.2289 • Fax: 772.234.6622 Po Box 643328 Vero Beach, FL 32964 Rourke’s Content is Aligned with CCSS Initiative