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VF New presentation authority & trust online


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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VF New presentation authority & trust online

  1. 1. Trust & Authority online Lujia Han, Mingxiao Li, Delphine Vuagnoux
  2. 2. Traditional or Online media ormainstream media citizen journalism newspapers, Blogs, forums magazines, core and common values social networks broadcast ,newsstations and the like Authenticity Accountability Autonomy credibility What’s a credible journalist in a digital age?
  3. 3. Authenticity Authenticity- moral responsibility• Yesterday media: depends on the authenticity of the news organization Mainstream media : decline in public assessment of their credibility• Digital media : the authenticity of the journalist’s own responsibility New alternative news outlets: Individual journalists , social media -- criticized by mainstream news organization but trusted by citizens.
  4. 4. AuthenticityAuthenticity of individual journalists : confirmed by other journalists/sources and readers’ comments example: Salam Pax (blog) Challenges of Authenticity: Government pressure Citizen’s comments example :The New York TimesAuthenticity is an individual Ethics : a matter of free choice
  5. 5. AccountabilityMainstream «Trust us» media personal disclosure: who you are, what your background is, ...Digital media evidentiary supports : links, where your sources come from, ...Example
  6. 6. AccountabilityRathergate Dan Rather: journalist on CBS, in his ’60 minutes’ (2004), presented sever al documents critical of President George W. Bush’s service in the Air National Guard. animation wikipedia One of blogger s, Char les Jonhson, proved it by an animation. CBS, Rather and his team finally admit their error. Team producer and Rather resigned shortly after.
  7. 7. Autonomy• in traditional media • in digital media journalists choose what everyone can act as a story is newsworthy publisher Gatekeeper role Watchdog of watchdog Journalists’ autonomy is challenged not only by government but also by citizens And economically and ethically as well
  8. 8. 5 major newspapers + if time: mastercardProvide huge amount of data,a b o u t U S A ’s w a r i n I r a k ,Afghanistan, diplomacy, etc. Decipher into scoops Benefits Benefits accreditation and attention accreditation and attention New collaboration for more effectiveness and transparency and more useful New model of the 4th State ?
  9. 9. Questions1. Do you think that other values besides autonomy,accountability and authenticity can be used to determinecredibility in the digital age?2. Do you consider Wikileaks as a new form of journalismin the digital age? Who can determine the ethical line todecide which information should be published?3. What are your 3 favorite online news sources and why?