Last year's opening of school activities


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Last year's opening of school activities

  1. 1. Upcoming SWPBIS EventsFIRST WEEK • The first week of school there will be advisory every day. • ½ of advisory is teaching SWPBIS Expectations • You will all receive a file with PowerPoint’s on them for every day and some sort of “exit task” for each day. The PowerPoint’s will be used to teach the expectations with videos embedded in each of them. These should be received before 5:00p on Friday. PLEASE take the time to run through the files and ensure that you can play them. They will require audio. o Monday  Overview of PBIS  Overview of Administration and Guidance o Tuesday  Hallway Expectations  __ will lead this video o Wednesday  Cafeteria  __ will lead this video o Thursday  Health Center  __ will lead this video o Friday  Library  __ will lead this video o Monday  Office  __ will lead this videoPBIS REWARD DAYS • September 23 o Criteria: No unexcused absences and no referrals o Ticket will be given for a food treat during lunch • November 4 o Possibly show a movie for students who “Be there” or let them get their lunch earlier than everyone else • For PBIS celebration days do not separate students. It only creates a management problem and contributes to absences.
  2. 2. SWPBIS FROM ADMINISTRATIONAdministrators will be given front of the line passes and dress down passes.Birthdays will be announced on Monday. There will be a drawing for all people with abirthday that week and the winner will win chips and a drink.The first class who turns in all emergency cards will get a free dress down on the firstFriday. Shirts must have sleeves. No shorts. No undergarments visible. No hats.Every class who reaches 100% by Wednesday COD will get to wear jeans with their WJpolo and closed toe shoes. Jeans must have no holes, not be frayed and not be over/undersized. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in loss of dress down privileges for thesemester and will be sent home. 3ACTIVITY PERIODS • The first activity period is September 2 • Only the students who have 0 tardies and 0 unexcused absences and 0 referrals. • You must have an ID and have paid at least $10 towards fees. • People who have not purchased an ID are not allowed to go to the activity.CONCESSION STANDNo ID – No concession stand.