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Industrial furnaces


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An article about industrial furnaces and its types. Including details about batch type Integral sealed quench furnace, soft nitriding furnaces, continuous gas carburizing furnace, mesh belt furnaces, endothermic gas generator and controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing furnace.

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Industrial furnaces

  1. 1. Industrial Furnaces Industrial furnace is a heating device that functions to smelt and process metal. Automobile companies or manufacturers are highly in need of industrial furnaces to produce vehicular products for the making of motorcycles, cars, etc. Industrial furnace products and services can be obtained from heating technology providers. In this case, we are specifically going to talk about industrial furnaces that are used in different applications and provided by Dowa High Temp: Batch Type Integral Sealed Quench Furnace This product has plenty of great features to benefit automobile manufacturers or other companies that require metal smelting. The Batch Type Integral Sealed Quench Furnace features Thyristor with PID temperature control, silicon carbide skids, multi point temperature recorder, and touchscreen graphic operator panel. It is also equipped by alarm annunciation with interlocks. The safety system is PLC-based (Programmable Logic Controller). Carburizing, hardening, annealing, and carbonitriding are only some of the applications. Batch Type Soft Nitriding Furnaces Other heat treatment furnaces for industrials are Batch Type Soft Nutriding Furnaces. The product is primarily used for gas soft nitriding of metal. The two greatest features of these nutriding furnaces are the atmosphere stability and automatic operation.
  2. 2. Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace The Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace has 150-400 kg/hour production capacity, 950°C operating temperature, silicon carbide skids, and automatic operation. Some metallurgical processes catered by the Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace are carburizing, annealing, neutral hardening, and carbonitriding. The applications can be seen on gears, crowns, axle components, and so forth. Mesh Belt Furnaces Mesh Belt Furnaces is an industrial furnace that mainly functions to perform castings, annealing, forgings, stampings, fastenings, hardening, washing, and valve lifting. The product’s powerful feature is the capability to produce 80-1000 kg/hour. Its operating temperature is ranging from 180 to 900 °C. Endothermic Gas Generator Endothermic Gas Generator has four primary applications: carburizing, carbonutriding, bright hardening, and nitrocarburising. The industrial furnace features patented pulseless blower, full PID controls, pressure switch, fire check valve, and alarm annunciation with interlocks.
  3. 3. Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing Furnace The CAAB (Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing) furnace provides robust main structural steelwork and casings. Air cooled chamber is also available by the furnace to control the operating temperature. Radiators, oil coolers, condensers, and evaporators are some applications of the CAAB furnace. Article Source: