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On Wisconsin! Getting People Excited About Broadband


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University Wisconsin Extension Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center High Speed Bits: Conversation with author and Speaker Craig (CJ) Settles on "Getting People Excited About Broadband

Published in: Economy & Finance
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On Wisconsin! Getting People Excited About Broadband

  1. 1. On Wisconsin! Getting People Excited About Broadband
  2. 2. Problem Solving vs Creation Orientation • Problem fixing: something sucks, everybody’s pissed • Solve the lack of broadband, average folks are “meh” • Create something great, broadband rocks
  3. 3. Chattanooga & the Sexy Gigabit • Chattanooga first to make gigabit sexy • Created economic engine • Creating innovation centers • Creating, nurturing entrepreneurs • Creating 21st Century city
  4. 4. What Kind of Economy Will We Create • What if we re-define an industry • How do we create new opportunities for existing businesses • Forget jobs! How do we create new ways to make money
  5. 5. Creating the New Healthcare • How do we create a new healthcare delivery system • Let’s create a telemedicine heaven • What happens when we create true patient-driven medical care
  6. 6. When Broadband Re-creates Education • Creating a classroom without walls • New world order: student teaches teachers while teachers teach students • If we create international study groups
  7. 7. Government of the People • New world of more people online, not in line • agency-constituent partnerships • Creating new-age crisis prevention/response centers
  8. 8. Making Creation Orientation Real • Flip the script • Ok to fail if failure breeds success • Write creation narrative • Tell the story often and loud
  9. 9. Q & A
  10. 10. Q & A