PMI CAPM Overview


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Overview presentation of PMI CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification.

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PMI CAPM Overview

  1. 1. All Industries are running through ProjectsImportance of Project Mgt Telecom Garment ConstructionWhat is CAPM Financial NGO ITWhy CAPM Pharmaceutical Consultancy EngineeringCertification BenefitsEligibility of CAPM All Functions require Project ManagementCAPM Exam Format KnowledgeCAPM Sample Question Product Marketing HRCAPM Certification Fees Management management ManagementValue of the CAMP Financial Supply Chain IT Management Management ManagementNext Thing To DoProject management isnt just about delivering on time, scope, budget and quality. Its about developing people - teams and individuals.
  2. 2. • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is the world’s most recognized andImportance of Project Mgt valuable entry-level certification for projectWhat is CAPM practitioners offered by PMI.Why CAPM • PMI (Project Management Institute) is the world’sCertification Benefits leading not-for-profit membership association for the project management profession, with moreEligibility of CAPM than 600,000 members and credential holders inCAPM Exam Format more than 185 countries.CAPM Sample Question • CAPM certification offers recognition toCAPM Certification Fees practitioners who are starting a career in project management as well as project team membersValue of the CAMP who wish to demonstrate their projectNext Thing To Do management knowledge. For detail information about CAPM, please visit
  3. 3. • CAPM is the world’s most recognized Global Credential for entry-level project practitioners.Importance of Project Mgt • Telecom, Banking, ICT, NGO and ConstructionWhat is CAPM industries in Bangladesh are looking for projectWhy CAPM management practitioners.Certification Benefits • CAPM evaluate your knowledge, skills, andEligibility of CAPM understanding of processes and terminology as defined in the PMBOK guide that are needed forCAPM Exam Format effective project management.CAPM Sample Question • Enables you to better evaluate the talents and skillsCAPM Certification Fees of others.Value of the CAMP • It gives you confidence that you have "passedNext Thing To Do through the chairs. Getting a CAPM helps recent graduates and people new to the profession work more efficiently and effectively to achieve long-term goals in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other 180 countries.
  4. 4. • Knowledge and proof of competence. Professional certification is a statement that the professionalImportance of Project Mgt has gone that extra mile to certify experience and competence towards a recognized professionalWhat is CAPM standard.Why CAPM • A differentiator against the competition. WhenCertification Benefits employers are interviewing, the competition isEligibility of CAPM often stiff. If you have the certification, and the other person does not, you are at a definiteCAPM Exam Format advantage.CAPM Sample Question • Establishes you as a continuous learner. EmployersCAPM Certification Fees are always looking for people who never want toValue of the CAMP stop learning. Learning is a value unto itself, and those around you will respect and admire you forNext Thing To Do it, and sometimes even be a little jealous!Lear more benefits from PMI-Certification.aspx
  5. 5. To be eligible for the CAPM certification, you must meet certain educational and professionalImportance of Project Mgt experience requirements. At minimum you need a high school diploma or global equivalent and mustWhat is CAPM meet one of the following eligibility requirements.Why CAPM Option ACertification Benefits Educational Background Project ExperienceEligibility of CAPM Secondary diploma (high And 1,500 hours of school diploma or global professional experienceCAPM Exam Format equivalent) on a project teamCAPM Sample Question Option ACAPM Certification Fees Educational Background Project ExperienceValue of the CAMP Secondary diploma (high And 23 contact hours of school diploma or global formal educationNext Thing To Do equivalent) Instructor-led 3 Day “CAPM Exam Preparation Course” is the best way of getting 23 contact hours of formal education.
  6. 6. • CAPM exam is CAPM Examination Blueprint comprised of 150 PMBOK Guide – Percentage ofImportance of Project Mgt 4th Edition Questions multiple-choice ChapterWhat is CAPM question. Out of 150 1 4% questions 15 are 2 4%Why CAPM pretest questions. 3 11%Certification Benefits Pretest questions do 4 11% not effect the score. 5 11%Eligibility of CAPM • “PMBOK Guide” is 6 11%CAPM Exam Format the textbook for CAPM 7 9% exam. 8 7%CAPM Sample Question • The allotted time to 9 7%CAPM Certification Fees complete the 10 7% computer-based 11 11%Value of the CAMP examination is 3 12 7%Next Thing To Do (three) hours. Total 100% For detail information about CAPM, please download the CAPM Handbook from ashx
  7. 7. Importance of Project Mgt 1. All of the following processes form part of theWhat is CAPM Executing process group except:Why CAPM A. Performing activities in accordance with theCertification Benefits project management plan.Eligibility of CAPM B. Managing changes to the deliverables. C. Completing the work in accordance withCAPM Exam Format the defined quality framework andCAPM Sample Question specification. D. Coordinating people and resources.CAPM Certification FeesValue of the CAMPNext Thing To Do Participants of our “CAPM Exam Preparation Course” will get FREE CAPM Exam Simulator with 850+ questions and Answers.
  8. 8. Exam Administration Type PMI Member US DollarImportance of Project Mgt Computer Based Testing (CBT) Yes $225What is CAPM Computer Based Testing (CBT) No $300Why CAPM Paper Based Testing (PBT) Yes $225Certification Benefits Paper Based Testing (PBT) No $300Eligibility of CAPM Reexamination CBT or PBT Yes $150CAPM Exam Format Reexamination CBT or PBT No $200CAPM Sample Question Certification Renewal CBT or PBT Yes $225CAPM Certification Fees Certification Renewal CBT or PBT No $300Value of the CAMP Certification Renewal Re-exam CBT/PBT Yes $150Next Thing To Do Certification Renewal Re-exam CBT/PBT No $200 PMI Membership Fee (Student Membership): $40 PMI Membership Fee (Professional Membership): $129
  9. 9. Importance of Project Mgt • It gives you international recognition. CAPM is globally accepted.What is CAPM • Specially Telecom, ICT and Banking sector ofWhy CAPM Bangladesh are looking for CAPM.Certification Benefits Salary Survey (March 2012)Eligibility of CAPM • Employees with CAPM Certification in USA: SalaryCAPM Exam Format range US $37,610 – $1,18,359CAPM Sample Question • Employees with CAPM Certification in Canada: Salary range CAD $37,029 – $93,370CAPM Certification Fees • Employees with CAPM Certification in Australia:Value of the CAMP Salary range AUS $31,537 – $80,550Next Thing To Do Get more information about CAPM salary, visit
  10. 10. Importance of Project Mgt What is CAPM Participate in our 3 day instructor-led “CAPM Exam Preparation” course.Why CAPMCertification Benefits Prepare yourself in a realisticEligibility of CAPMCAPM Exam Format  environment like CBT with our FREE CAPM Exam Simulator.CAPM Sample QuestionCAPM Certification Fees  Land your dream job or get start projectValue of the CAMP management career.Next Thing To Do