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Infrastructure and Supply Logistics in the Arctic


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Infrastructure and Supply Logistics in the Arctic

  1. 1. allServing Alaska from ship, road, rail and air. The challenges ofmoving freight and supply logistics with limited infrastructureand in Arctic conditions.WISTAInfrastructure and Supply Logistics in the Arctic
  2. 2. Who we are• Asset Based Carrier Company owned and operatedequipment from origin to destination 10 Terminals, 2 warehouses Nearly 700 employees Equipment pool of 300 Tractorsand 1500 Trailers• Multi-Modal Transportation Providing Steamship, Barge, Highway, Air, Rail Arctic Express expedited 52 hour Over the Road ServiceNorthbound/Southbound to AK
  3. 3. Roots inAlaska ….GoingGlobal!
  4. 4. Safety at Carlile• World Class Program• Audited & Passed by DOT (May2011)• Annual Customer & Gov’t Audits• Industry Approved• Documented HSSE Manuals• Competitive Advantage• USDOT Safety Permit• HSSE Alerts• R Stamp Endorsement• Tool Box Safety Meetings• Operations Support Center• Safety and Leadership Teams• Hazard Assessments• Drivers Manual• SOP’s• Safety Inspections• Incident reporting andinvestigationsCustomers request us to enter newmarkets based on our safety recordand standards.
  5. 5. Transportation Modes• Truck• Steamship• Barge• Rail• Air
  6. 6. View from top of Alaska down
  7. 7. Industry Innovators••••••••
  8. 8. Carlile going multi-modal
  9. 9. Technology is the virtual world
  10. 10. How we help manage Arctic supplychain logistics.Involved in planning – all aspects of project!• Start of project - conversations and feasibility begin• Creative solutions – timing, routing, warehousing, equipment• Site Visits• Team Meetings• Routing• Report preparation – all users• Reporting• Interface with 3rd party systems• Electronic data exchange• Visibility on material from start to finish• Communications is key to understanding customers needs.
  11. 11. Questions to ask of a logistics provider•Logistics•CFS / Bonding Facility•Public Warehousing•Point to Point L48•Canada•Canadian Authority & Post-Audit•Equipment & Assets•Bulk Transportation•Heavy Haul•Cross Dock & Consolidation Facilities•Community Ties•Involved and awareness of community•Employees:•Non-Union vs. Union•Safety Culture and Records•Alaska & the Arctic•Statewide AK Distribution•North Slope Footprint•Oil & Gas / Energy Knowledge•Transportation Industry Knowledge•Innovative•Who is Customer Base•Military – DOD•DOD secret level clearances•Continental US - Footprint•Consolidation Facility•Rail Access
  12. 12. Northslope Logistics Routing
  13. 13. Rolligon; Rig move on an ice road. Limitedice road season – white out conditions.
  14. 14. Challenges Faced in Alaska
  15. 15. Oversize Loads – Our Specialty
  16. 16. Yukon River BridgeBridge / Weight / Seasonal Restrictions
  17. 17. We even cross washouts!
  18. 18. Earthquakes occur evenmore frequently than inCalifornia, but rarely causedamage to infrastructure.An exception was the7.9 Denali Fault earthquakeof November 3, 2002when the road opened upunder a Carlile driver.Denali Fault Earthquake: 7.9
  19. 19. Ice Road Driving
  20. 20. Loving what we do!
  21. 21. Pulling together to make a greatteam!