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October Wired Networking Newsletter


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October Wired Networking Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 3, Issue 1 OCTOBER THE MAKING OF A GREAT YEAR As we head into the final sors to Siggraph in New Moving into spring look for year of the WIRED program Orleans. For those that exciting activities at Ohio it looks to be an exciting have never been to a Sig- University with an Interac- time. The three Cyber Cen- graph it is a mind-boggling tive Digital Media awards ters are up and running experience of all of the un- event. This will be the third with their original contract believable technology that is year of their game develop- for $400,000 each and are in development all over the ment efforts with games now dealing with the pleas- world. developed by the GRID Lab ant problem of defining the over the last two years un- work to be done for the ex- Next up will be the der active consideration by tension from December to Shawnee State University major game development June in order to spend an Center with Shawnee 7.0 on companies. Also the VITAL additional $150,000. Out of October 30. This year Lab had a major opening the 13 Generation Two should be the best ever with this year with the launch of Grantees we believe that we Sidley Verbeck, CEO of The the Smithsonian’s Latino are one of about three that Electric Sheep Company as museum in Second Life. were granted six-month the keynoter. For those CSI Additionally, Credit Union Wired Networking Newsletter extensions so the others will New York fans if you re- Island that was developed begin the process of winding member the series last year by the VITAL Lab is in the down in the coming months. where they tracked a killer process of being commercial- A big Atta Boy to Bruce for through Second Life and ized as a Financial Literacy making that happen. even had a virtual world Simulation for youth and is crime scene where you could being marketed to banks By the way, Bruce has collect clues and process and credit unions. moved upstairs to the State them in a virtual forensic where he is in charge of laboratory, it was Sidley’s So this year has the poten- overseeing all of the State of group that put that to- tial to be a real breakout Ohio’s Department of Labor gether. Electric Sheep is one year. After years of laying grants and activities. Talk of if not the top interactive the foundation we are get- about having a friend in digital media development ting dangerously close to high places. Bruce will con- companies in the world. being in the right place at tinue to be involved with Also Jason Conaway from the right time with the right WIRED activities but now Electronic Arts, our key- abilities. Remember, a defi- as a representative of the noter from last year will be nition of luck is when oppor- Governor. We will miss not returning to do a concurrent tunity meets preparation. having his full time atten- session. Additionally, We are well into the prepa- 2009 tion but with the contracts Shawnee State will cut the ration part now it is time to and programs pretty much ribbon on a state of the art get ready for the knocking in place our course for the motion capture studio that sound. next year is clear. will provide a facility for the region for both education From, The Kent State Tuscarawas and commercial uses. So do Bill Sams Center had an even stronger what you need to in order to summer than last year with be at Shawnee 7.0 in Ports- not only excellent sessions mouth on Friday, October for students and train the 30 from 9 to 3. trainers but also taking over 50 club members and advi- Inside this issue: Notes from the Collaboratory 2-3 Cyber Clubs visit to the SIGGRAPH conference 4 Trip to Valve Software in Washington 5 KST Cyber Club Summer Institute 6 Kamal’s Visions for Cyber Clubs 2009-2010 7 The WIRED Islands 8
  2. 2. Notes from the Collaboratory The WIRED Collabora- tory is a support service to the Cyber Centers and Clubs. The group exists virtually and consists of Roger Cable rcable@workforceconnect who takes care of the OVITA Web site and BaseCamp, Seth Knore sknore@workforceconnec who provides general technology sup- port, Tom Stead Second Life Developer extraordinaire, Michelle Gatchell who handles PR, and Bill Sams for ideas and contacts. A visit to the WIRED1 Island in Second Life is not to be missed. Tom has created an un- equaled array of items to demonstrate proofs of concept ranging from a walk through universe based on photos from the Hubbell Telescope to an Egyptian Tomb to a complete coal fired elec- trical power plant . The training and educational potential of the items demonstrated on WIRED1 are only limited by your imagination. Contact Tom for a guided tour and feel free to use our conference room in (Continued on page 3) Volume 3, Issue 1 Page 2
  3. 3. the sky for virtual meet- mental concept is to find ings. You can change the a way to connect the background from a sea- evolving technology shore to a ski lodge in a needs of small local busi- click and without a travel nesses with the inherent approval. technology skills of our youth in a manner that The collaboration tool is a win-win for every- BaseCamp provides a con- one. If you have an inter- venient place to store in- est in such a program formation and collaborate please contact Bill. on documents. Rodger can get you set up in minutes On the social network and the site is very intui- end, while Facebook is tive as well as supported the popular area by excellent short tutori- LinkedIn has a stronger als on the use of each fea- tool set for professional ture. Uploads are limited collaboration. Bill is to 100 Megs for each file seeking inputs on the which should be more interest in establishing a than enough unless you WIRED LinkedIn Profes- are doing large video files. sional group to share ideas and best practices. Seth is the newest mem- Since Bill is still strug- ber of the group and will gling with texting and be coming around to visit twitter the soon to be the Centers and Clubs. He outdated email system is is way up there on the still his preferred digital literacy curve and method of contact. In a will be a major resource survey of OU Freshmen for technology issues. texting and twitter were their top two methods of communication, email Michelle will be putting was at 1% (too slow) and out a monthly email and don’t even think about online newsletter so paper. please send her any items of interest. We need to move from being a well- Tom and Bill are also kept secret to a prime ex- available for community ample of the world-class and industry presenta- talent that is being devel- tions. So if you have a oped in Appalachian Ohio. group that would like to know more about WIRED and Interactive Bill is turning his focus to Digital Technology and how social networks fit its potential for work- into interactive digital force training and eco- technology and program nomic development send sustainability. On the us an email. sustainability end Bill is working on a concept called Youth Works that The bottom line of the involves the creation of WIRED Collaboratory is certifications for Cyber to do what we can to help Club members who would you be successful. then be qualified to work as consultants for small local businesses to assist them with various tech- nology issues. The funda- Volume 3, Issue 1 Page 3
  4. 4. Kent State University Cyber Center Checks-In Cyber Clubs visit to the SIGGRAPH conference Academy Award-winning director of Fifty five members of the Kent State Uni- Spore™ and The Sims series, Randy Thom "Ryan", Peter Ludé Senior Vice President, versity Tuscarawas Cyber Club network Pioneer in sound and two-time Academy Engineering, Sony Electronics which was initiated in September 2008 Award® winner, Steve Duenes Graphics including the five Tuscarawas county high Director, New York Times, Chris Landreth Executive Vice President, SMPTE Board of schools: New Philadelphia, Dover, Clay- Directors ITVS and Bob Whitehill mont, Tusky Valley and Indian Valley Stereoscopic Supervisor, Pixar traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to Animation Studios. attend the 36th international SIGGRAPH While in New Orleans, the Cyber conference. The Conference on Interactive Club students and advisors at- technologies and Digital Techniques fea- tended the Computer Animation tured the highest quality, most timely Festival and the Real time Render- educational experiences the community ing demonstrations. has to offer, presented by world renowned and most engaging leaders in computer In addition to the educational ex- graphics and interactive techniques. Con- perience, the students had an op- ference Keynote speakers included Will portunity to enjoy the cultural and Wright Video game designer, creator of historic sites they visited during the August 4 – 8 trip. “While in New Orleans, the Cyber Club students and advisors attended the Computer Animation Festival and the Real time Rendering demonstrations.” Page 4 Wired Networking Newsletter
  5. 5. Kent State University Cyber Center Checks-In KST Imagineers and Cyber Club students trip to Valve Software in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington The Imagineers trip to Seattle involved 24 discussed Valve's design and manage- students from the KST Imagineers and the ment philosophy. Further sites in KST Cyber Club to visit Valve software, a Seattle included the Seattle Art Mu- world leader in game development. The seum, Olympic National Park, students toured Valve’s facility in Bellevue the Space Needle, the Seattle and Seattle. After the tour the students had Aquarium and the Experience an opportunity to meet with Matt Russell, Music Project where they re- supervising animator of the movie Jimmy corded a song. There were also Neutron, as well as Karen Prell, a character a number of cultural dining animator whose credits include the Red experiences including local and Fraggle from Fraggle Rock and character Thai cuisine. animation with Pixar Studios before moving onto Valve. During this meeting, the stu- dents had a unique opportunity to ask ques- tions related to their career goals on a one- “Valve created games such on-one basis with some of the best in the as: animation and game design industries. After their animation presentation Robin Half Life, Counter Strike, Day of Walker, the creator of Team Fortress 2, Defeat, and Team Fortress 2.” Dual Enrollment Initiative Starting late in August, 2009, KST Engineer- These courses were ing Technology department is offering two identified by the Cyber courses to area high schools. During the Fall Club advisory council semester, Electric Circuits I ( 4 credit hours ), and the Cyber Club and Technical Computing (3 credit hours) are steering committee offered to students who are attending the during the 2008 -09 course at Claymont high school using the academic year. It is newest technologies in web assisted as well as anticipated that addi- videoconferencing instruction. During Spring tional courses will be 2010, Electric Circuits II ( 3 credit hours ) and targeted for offering Applications in Computer Aided Design (2 during the 2010 – credit hours) will be offered. 20111 AY covering an array of engineering technology disciplines. Volume 3, Issue 1 Page 5
  6. 6. Kent State University Cyber Center Checks-In KST Cyber Club Summer Institute The KST Cyber Club Summer Institute offered 3 – 4 day training courses which served all high school students in the Campus service area. These courses were designed to be Application Based-Project Based (ABPB). The courses were: Computer-Aided Design 3D-Character Sculpting Digital Visualization and Multimedia Interactive digital Control Applications Robotics design & Applications Video Game Design Game Design for the I-touch & the I phone platforms In addition, Train-The-Trainer classes were offered to area teachers on TRIZ and on the Adobe CS4 Software suite. The rest of the meetings for the 2009 – 2010 AY are scheduled as follows, all in Business Conf. Room A in Founders Hall: Wednesday, September 16 Wednesday, October 14 Wednesday, November 18 Wednesday, December 16 Wednesday, January 13 Wednesday, February 10 Wednesday, March 10 Wednesday, April 7 Wednesday, May 12 Page 6 Wired Networking Newsletter
  7. 7. Kent State University Cyber Center Checks-In Kamal’s Visions for Cyber Clubs 2009-2010 I am excited about so many things, but here are just a few that I hope to see in the next year: • Addition of 2 Cyber Clubs to the current six (5 high schools and KST) in Fall 2009, with 2 addi- tional to join Spring 2010. The two for the Fall have already been selected and have joined the CC group during our September 16 meeting. They are Carrollton High School and Strasburg High School. • The total Cyber Club student membership for all (8) clubs has increased from the current 180 to 240 student members. • Additional focus on entrepreneurship in planned activities for Fall and Spring. • Expansion of the pilot implementation of the Dual Enrollment initiative in service area high schools. Currently there are four courses offered during Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. Starting August 31st, 2009 two courses are currently taught under this initiative: Electric Circuits I ( 4 credits ) and Technical Computing ( 3 credits ). During Spring 2010, Electric Cir- cuits II ( 3 credits ) and Applications in CAD ( 2 credits ) will be offered. These courses are taught at 2 high schools; Indian Valley and Claymont. It is our hope to increase the offering to 3 courses each semester for next year, offered at 5 different high school. • Exposure to exciting career opportunities in IDT and Engineering related disciplines through selected trips to visit companies, shadow professionals, summer internships and attendance of conferences. • Offering of a variety of mini courses and workshops for teachers and cyber club members. • Actively continuing the engagement of a high school student development team on Second Life. This initiative was started June 2009. It is planned to be continued for AY 09’ – 10. • Expanding the use of the Remote Login and Render farm pool capability by teachers and students at the cyber clubs • Developing course material for the courses tar- geted for dual enrollment to be delivered on the iTouch and iPhones. • Completing the development of the social and professional net- working Web site started Summer 09 to include e-portfolios, job opps, blogs for Cyber Club members and networking with employers, cur- rent students and KST alumni. • Increasing planned Competi- tions for Cyber Clubs in various related disciplines of interest. • Planning and hosting an IDT art gallery Spring 2010 to display and celebrate CC achievements in IDT. Dr. Kamal Bichara, Director Engineering Technology Kent State University Volume 3, Issue 1 Page 7
  8. 8. The WIRED Islands The WIRED Islands are located in Second Life ( and sponsored by a WIRED Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment Training Administration to the State of Ohio for developing workforce in Interactive Digital Technology (IDT). WIRED Island One is the possibility island. The immersion factor in virtual worlds can be util- ized to develop powerful packaged experiences for your web visitors that go far beyond ordinary two dimensional sites. Experiences such as this "map" in many parts of the brain simultaneously to enable powerful memories. This island's many platforms house environments, concepts and projects that were built as small examples of the endless possibilities. We know that you'll likely think of many ways that you might use parallel ideas to further your own needs and goals. When you combine the ability to develop these created experiences with the included free world-wide voice you will see the possibilities for a green method of opening all kinds of discussions and training. You'll see in our IDT Plaza how many Fortune 500 Corpora- tions have made major commitments to developing these spaces for their own uses. Wired Networking Newsletter WIRED Islands Two, Three and Four are operated by our University Cyber Center partners and used as teaching spaces for the students involved in the sponsored Cyber Clubs at many high schools, community col- leges and colleges. WIRED Island Two is Kent State University's space, WIRED Island Three is Ohio University's space and WIRED Island Four belongs to Shawnee State Uni- versity. If you would like a tour contact Tom Stead Second Life Developer extraordinaire, Michelle Gatchell, or Bill Sams Page 8