WIPJam @ MMM - Presentation by Matt Hovey, GM


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WIPJam @ MMM - Presentation by Matt Hovey, GM

  1. 1. Design, Build and Sell the World’s Best Vehicles
  2. 2. Enterprise Mobile Development: What kind? App architecture balances cost, capability and usability: − Prefer mobile web (HTML5) − Native when necessary − Avoiding hybrid and MEAPs for now Most apps access enterprise data Focus is on apps for employees, but branching out into apps for consumers Innovation: creatively leverage the Mobile Context − Always on and always on person − Multiple radios & wireless networks (e.g. Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, NFC) − Location & positioning (i.e. GPS) − Rich input & output (audio, voice, images, video, motion) − Multiple modes of communication: Voice, Push, SMS, Email, IM, … Information Technology Slide2
  3. 3. Selling to the Enterprise: Why? Target a problem, build a solution − In Detroit, everyone has an idea how the auto companies can work better − Looking for not only enterprise-connected apps, but best-in-class utility and general productivity apps too − Cheaper ways of accomplishing functionality offered by BigSoftware Co.’s − More secure versions of cool things offered to the general public Not the App Store Lottery, but you can charge > $0.99 − Avoid artificial pricing for “Enterprise Edition” • Charge for the complexity and extra features − Upgrades and Tech Support can be extra, but must be offered • Understand what this means to a global company (e.g. time zones) − May place your app in our internal app store rather than buy directly • No contracts, no support required; offer an employee discount Information Technology Slide3
  4. 4. Selling to the Enterprise: Basic Requirements Design for security − Assume encryption is required in-transit and at-rest − Mix of public and private networks, personal and company devices Support more than one platform − If mobile web, offer premise and cloud options − Blackberry, iOS and Android Support authenticating proxy servers and SSL reverse proxies − Don’t assume direct connectivity (i.e. VPN) Support some kind of enterprise authentication − AD, OSSO, SAML 2.0 Information Technology Slide4
  5. 5. Selling to the Enterprise: Basic Requirements Internationalize − Language, currency, time and date format, address and phone number formats − English (US/UK), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean Appropriate licensing − Avoid cute language or pet restrictions in license agreement − Enterprise still finds open source scary, but willing to try Let us help you beta test – we’re good at breaking software Be willing to modify your product Information Technology Slide5
  6. 6. Selling to the Enterprise: How to Engage Make contacts where enterprise people go − LinkedIn, conferences, trade shows, user groups Make announcements where enterprise people read − CIO Magazine, InformationWeek, ComputerWorld, Network Computing Contact research services − Gartner, Burton, Forrester, IDC Work for us − Make contacts and see what it’s like on the inside with a contract gig − Now hiring mobile developers (see careers.gm.com) Information Technology Slide6
  7. 7. Questions? Matt Hovey matt.hovey@gm.com @matthoveyInformationTechnology Slide7