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Crittercism is the missing support infrastructure for mobile apps. We monitor crashes, handle support requests, and improve customer service. On Android these problems are further complicated by the proliferation of devices, operating systems, and app stores which make it extremely difficult to resolve bugs and respond to customer complaints. Our goal is to help developers increase their sales and ratings. The talk will discuss integration and use of Crittercism on Android, and best practices while developing apps to avoid crashes and increase user retention. All participants will be provided with early access to the company's Android library.

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WIP Back to School Webinars - Crittercism

  1. 1. CritterCism will make yourgood apps great —Support InfraStructure for MobIle appS—
  2. 2. Mobile app support is... 1 the app 2 Leave a bad review in the App Store 3 Try to contact the developers —The Woes of The A pp Consumer & A pp Developer— ? Why is it so hard to make an app that just Works? Apps have many points of failure, making testing a nightmare. Consider fragmentation by OS system version , which can also be fragmented byhow many types of devices can run apps: smartphones, tablets, TVs, mp3 region and carrier . Network connectivity could also vary dependingplayers. Every make and model has different hardware specs like screen on a consumer’s location . A consumer is responsible for updating the appresolution, RAM, or if they have a camera or not. Then consider the further version so not everyone may have the latest fix.for instance... us smartphone market current user distribution of distribution system version on android
  3. 3. ...Painful & tediousBut How? What happens if a consumer gets in touch with a developer? What if it’s millions of users? Email? Twitter? Facebook? The developers could rely solely on crash reports sent by the platform But... Not all of the crash data gets sent And... The crashes aren’t prioritized
  4. 4. You need CritterCismSo when this happens... ...Crittercism comes to the rescue The consumer can submit c rittercism checks for issues, questions, ideas, and similar entries to minimize du- even praise for the app in an in- plicates. The consumer can app feedback forum powered up-vote existing feedback. by Crittercism c rittercism attaches c rittercism aggregates and device diagnostics as well as a sends prioritized crash reports stacktrace to each error type to the developers to help developers with debugging —CriTTerCism Will sAve The DAy—
  5. 5. Messages get delivered by user preference Push Notification Alert Email When the issue is resolved or c rittercism prompts the happy consumer to leave a when the developers want With more to come! good rating in the App Store. Effective communication and to respond to a feedback item, quicker debugging means better retention and sales. c rittercism makes commu- nicating with specific groups of Leave the headache of support to c rittercism and get consumers as easy as pie back to doing what you do best: making awesome apps. How does CritterCism fit into the app development CyCle? We view crash reporting and feedback as complementary features After critical bug fixes, customer feedback and customer retentionin a robust support system. When you first launch your app into the wild, become increasingly more important. This s trategic Phase encompassesno amount of testing will prepare you for every real world use case. As a TacTic future feature development, meaning active communication with your alresult, crash reporting is crucial* during this initial t actical Phase. sh repo 1 4 ra customers. c r freemium games generated 52% t ti * n ng in downloaded apps of all revenue ck c c feedba Strategi used only once of top grossing games S ra g in June 2011
  6. 6. —Support InfraStructure now avaIlable for androId & IoS—