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Presentation on the graphics technology SLI and uses in video games. Team project with a classmate, Willie Solomon.

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  • What Scalable Link Interface or (SLI) is the use of two Graphic’s Processing Units to share the task of rendering a 3D scene. How it does this is both cards are given the same part of the 3D scene to render. Take for example me and my associate Ms. Wilks have a goal to gather some supplies for this presentation, instead of me running around trying to find every item if we work together and both take some items the task will get done faster and use less energy. In a SLI setting two or more graphics cards are connected in a master-slave setting using the SLI bridge. When rendering a 3D scene.
  • SLI was first introduced in the arcades in 1998 with 3dfx with there Voodoo2 video card, it was then called “Scan Line Interface”. Due to the lack of innovation in later product lines 3dfx crash and burned and was bought out by nVidia. There were two reason’s why nVidia put Scan line interface on hold. One reason is the advancements in leaps and bounds with more powerful video cards made SLI unnecessary, and video cards progressed beyond the limited PCI bus and started taking advantage of AGP. And second you can not link AGP ( accelerated graphics port) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) buses to use SLI technology at the time or to have more than one AGP slot on a motherboard.
  • To touch on what Quad-SLI is uses the same concept as SLI except you have two video cards using SLI this feature is best taking advantage of in Windows Vista.
  • In response to ATI ( an 3D graphics and digital media company ), Nvidia announced a partnership with the physics middleware company Havok to stay competitive. Using the mother boards (which is the central circuit board inside the computer case). This physics tool uses the PCIx16 Express slot and would later become the Quantum Effects technology. With this implementation in effect Nvidia bought the hardware and software firm Ageia. To respond to competition from AMD Nvidia announced Hybrid SLI which delivers multi GPU performance that enhances graphics with the use of the Nvidia Geforce and advanced power management of the Hybrid SLI technology. In July of 2008 Nvidia released a beta version of PhysX; and in March of 2008 the Geforce 9800 GX2 GPU was released to target the high end gamer. The Geforce 9800 is a powerful dual GPU High Definition card for the extreme gamer.
  • At the top left is an example of the Geforce graphics card it houses four GPU’s which I know I have mentioned a lot don’t worry it will be further explained be my associate Ms. Wilks. Also as mentioned in the previous slide Nvidia uses the Physx that accelerates the primary GPU. You will see the most noticeable use of Physx technology is in the Unreal Engine which are demonstrated in the middle and right photos showing the Gears of war game and Turok.
  • Thank you, Willie. Good Morning class. My name is Stephanie Wilks and I’ll be explaining the hardware and software requirements needed to SLI on a computer. First, I’ll start with the GPU because they are most important components in an SLI setup. The GPU is to the graphics card what the CPU is to the motherboard. When used in gaming, a GPU has to be just as fast as the CPU in order to give a more realistic, smooth look and feel to the game versus a jerky, boxy one. GPUs also have to have their own cooling system to prevent any over heating because they run so fast. In an SLI setup, you can usegraphics cards from different manufacturers, the condition is: they must be using the same GPU (and preferably same clock speed and memory).
  • In order to take advantage of SLI, you have to have hardware that passes Nvidia’s SLI-Ready certification. Motherboards that are SLI- Ready have at least 2 PCI-Express x16 Slots and support both AMD and Intel processors. For the most part, most modern graphics cards come SLI-Ready with tabs to connect to a SLI Bridge. The SLI Bridge is used to connect the two cards and send data between both graphics cards directly. You usually use an SLI Bridge with the two graphics cards unless, the graphics cards are high-ends cards that don’t require the bridge or if the motherboard already has the SLI Bridge integrated into it.
  • Project SLI

    1. 1. Project SLI<br />Presentation by <br />Stephanie Wilks <br />&<br />Willie Solomon<br />
    2. 2. Purpose<br /><ul><li>Explain what SLI is
    3. 3. How it’s used in gaming technology
    4. 4. Go over hardware and software requirements</li></li></ul><li>What is SLI?<br /><ul><li>SLI allows systems to utilize the power of two identical video cards for a single output display.</li></li></ul><li>Brief History <br /><ul><li>3Dfx first introduced the concept of SLI in 1998
    5. 5. Nvidia acquired 3dfx
    6. 6. The concept of SLI was put on hold</li></li></ul><li>Quad-SLI<br /><ul><li>NvidiaQuad-SLI is when two cards are sandwiched together on a single module</li></li></ul><li>Current history<br /><ul><li>In February of 2008 Nvidia acquired Ageia Technologies.
    7. 7. Hybrid SLI is announced in February.
    8. 8. March of 2008 Nvidia released the Geforce 9800GX2 GPU.</li></li></ul><li>Example of in game graphics<br />Turok <br />Geforce<br />Gears of War<br />
    9. 9. HARDWARE<br />GPU<br />GPU<br /><ul><li>GPU has to be just as fast as CPU in gaming
    10. 10. Graphics cards can be from different manufacturers, but they have to have they same kind of GPU </li></li></ul><li>HARDWARE<br />SLI BRIDGE<br />GRAPHIC CARDS CONNECTED WITH SLI BRIDGE<br />SLI MOTHERBOARD WITH 2 PCI-e x16 SLOTS<br />
    11. 11. HARDWARE<br />SLI FORM FACTOR<br />MEMORY<br />POWER SUPPLY<br />
    12. 12. SOFTWARE<br />Screenshot of ForceWare dialog box<br />
    13. 13. DUAL VS. SINGLE<br /><ul><li> Performance gains of up to 1.5 to 1.9(77% to 90%) times with SLI
    14. 14. Performance gains depends on hardware components used and the ForceWare driver used</li></li></ul><li>SLI AT WORK<br />STILL FRAME OF THE VIDEO GAME OBLIVION<br /><ul><li>Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR)- One GPU processes even frames and the second processes all odd frames
    15. 15. Split Frame Rendering (SFR)- Analyzes the rendered image and splits the workload 50/50 between the two GPUs
    16. 16. SLI Antialiasing- Offers better image quality opposed to better performance</li></li></ul><li>
    17. 17. REVIEW AND CLOSE<br /><ul><li>SLI uses two or more GPUs to share the work load when rendering a 3D scene
    18. 18. SLI is mostly used in computer systems for gamers to increase performance and image quality
    19. 19. To enable SLI, you must have the required hardware that has passed Nvidia certification and the software to communicate with that hardware</li></li></ul><li>Bibliography<br />Gigabyte 3D1 Review at, retrieved February 15, 2005 <br />Brown, Michael (2006-02-17). &quot;Asus N7800GT Dual&quot;, Maximum PC. Retrieved on 26 September 2007.  <br />&quot;The Most Extreme HD Gaming Experience Is Here&quot;. Nvidia. Retrieved on 2007-09-26. <br />ExpReview, retrieved October 12, 2007 <br />VR-Zone report, retrieved October 12, 2007 <br />bit-tech review of Triple SLI, retrieved January 03, 2008 <br />DailyTech report, retrieved October 12, 2007 <br />Del Rizzo, Bryan (2008-08-12). &quot;NVIDIA Makes Physics A Reality For Gamers&quot;, Nvidia. Retrieved on 14 August 2008.  <br />Valich, Theo (2007-06-26). &quot;Nvidia&apos;s Hybrid SLI attacks AMD&apos;s PowerXPress&quot;, The Inquirer. Retrieved on 26 September 2007.  <br />Shilov, Anton (2007-06-25). &quot;Nvidia Readies Hybrid SLI Technology&quot;, X-bit labs. Retrieved on 17 October 2007.  <br />Abazovic, Faud (2007-08-08). &quot;Hybrid SLI first for AMD&quot;. Retrieved on 17 October 2007.  <br />&quot;Growth Opportunities.&quot; (PDF). Nvidia (2007-06-20). Retrieved on 2007-10-17. <br />Hybrid SLI and CrossFire unstable, says Microsoft, retrieved November 6, 2008 <br />Nvidia Hybrid SLI page <br />&quot;SLI FAQ&quot;. Nvidia SLI Zone. Retrieved on 2007-10-12. <br />&quot;SLI and Multi-GPU&quot;. Nvidia Linux driver 100.14.19. Retrieved on 2007-10-12. <br />&quot;Sli Multiple gpu tutorial&quot;. nVidia. Retrieved on 2008-01-01. <br />&quot;SLI FAQs&quot;. Nvidia. Retrieved on 2007-05-05. <br />Kreiss, Tino; Töpelt, Bert, Schuhmann, Daniel (2005-12-02). &quot;Performance Comparison Between Single Configurations And SLI Setups&quot;, Tom&apos;s Hardware. Retrieved on 1 June 2007.  <br />Bit-Tech interview (page 2), retrieved January 23, 2008 <br />