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Beth Shanna Carpenter will discuss Channel Branding; Designing Your Content Flow; Thumbnails, titles and tags; Call-to-action overlays; Linking to social media sites; and Promoting your Channel. Nov. 7th at Henninger Media. RSVP at - $30 Public; $15 WIFV Members

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  • Andrea and Faith – what do you want to feature for upcoming events on this page?
  • Beth will also address Vimeo as a platform along with YouTube.** at the end of the presentation, take the time to capture audience input around other social media topics they are interested in having Weds. One’s focused on.Answer the question – why YouTube as a primary platform? Better and more trackable ROI using YouTube for advertising than TV. Target audience is 45+. It all starts with content – putting together a team designated to making content for the web.
  • Get Your Videos Online and Get Them Watched!

    1. 1. Get Your Videos Online and Get Them Watched! Thank you to Henninger Media!
    2. 2. Upcoming WIFV Events• Next Weds One will be in February 2013• Women of Vision Awards – Nov. 29th 6:30 PM @ Mayflower Hotel• WIFTI Summit 2012 – Nov. 30th – Dec. 2nd @ Univ. of California• Script DC – concurrent with WIFIT Summit #WIFVDC
    3. 3. How to Take Your Videos Online and Get Them Watched! Beth Shanna Carpenter has been involved with social media for 5 years. In her current position, Beth manages social media strategy for the Personal Time portfolio within AARP, incorporating social media into entertainment, dining, and technology campaigns and content across the organization. In January 2008, she launched the AARP YouTube channel, and trained staffers to incorporate digital strategies into video production. She has grown AARP’s branded YouTube presence to more than 2,000 original videos, watched an average of 400,000 times a week. Beth leverages social advertising across Facebook, Twitter and Beth Shanna Carpenter YouTube, and is responsible for training AARP volunteers and staff in its 53 state offices to Manager of Social Communication use social media effectively. Prior to joining and Strategy for AARP. AARP, Beth was a Multi Media Editor at KOMU – TV. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Missouri – Columbia.#WIFVDC
    4. 4. Agenda• Two primary platforms – Vimeo, YouTube – Channel Branding – Designing Your Content Flow – Thumbnails, titles and tags – Call-to-action overlays• Linking to social media sites• Promoting your Channel• Q+A #WIFVDC
    5. 5. Thank you to Henninger Media!
    6. 6. Thank you! Get home safe, and see you next time!#WIFVDC