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World Interiors Meeting (english)

  1. 1. World InteriorsMeeting 2013
  2. 2. World InteriorsMeeting 2013
  3. 3. World Interiors Meeting 20135 – 7 September 2013Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam• Inamsterdam World Interiors Meeting 2013 Will be the most important and most talked- about interiors congress worldwide in 2013!• The congress will bring together some 1200 professionals from over 45 countries and offers unique networking opportunities and reaches a wide global audience.• The 3-day congress will present a number of Key-note speakers and a large number of parallel sessions and seminars. There will be satellite programs, such as cultural activities, exhibitions, guided tours and the like, and there will be presentations by educational institutions and the industry.The congress theme ‘Past, Present andFuture’ places interior design in a broadercontext and highlights the historic, cultural,artistic and economic importance of interiors.Interiors are innovative and foresightful,based on a long standing tradition. Interiorsreflect the identity of its users (lifestyle), areaccommodating and social (care), aresustainable (re-use), responsible (health,safety), represent a considerable economicvalue (construction, furnishing, financing) andare a significant bearer of culture (heritage,multiculturality).To meet and connect are central during the congress. Professionals from all around the worldwill network and discuss the latest developments and trends. With 6 key-notes byinternationally renowned celebrities, over 70 speakers, debates, workshops and presentationsby designers and industry covering all actual topics in the interior design industry even the mostexperienced professionals will be inspired. Venue for the convention will be the monumentalBeurs van Berlage, located in the heart of the historic city center of Amsterdam. The wholebuilding will be vibrant during the convention, with parallel meetings in 8 rooms and the WorldInteriors Salon as the beating heart of the event.The conference language is English.19 June 2012 - Page 1 of 12
  4. 4. ThemePast Intact historic interiors are more rare than high art. Historic interiors tell us more about thecultures, lifestyles and fashions of a certain time and place than profound scientific studies.Interiors are a vehicle of culture. Interiors form the user side of buildings and add significanceand meaning to them. But the user side is also vulnerable; we shape our interiors and every sooften we reshape them because they are overtaken by time. The rich interiors history inAmsterdam is the starting point for a program aimed at raising awareness and the sharing andexpansion of knowledge on the historic, cultural and artistic value of interiors. Theinamsterdam World Interiors Meeting and Event offer a stage for art- and architecturehistorians, restorers, interior architects and designers, researchers and experts in many fieldssuch as textiles, wallpapers, colors etc., but also cultural historians, sociologists andanthropologists, and last but not least the public at large, to discuss, discover and explore therich world of interiors.Present Although Interior design is of all ages, many still see it as an exponent of our craving forstyle and luxury. Luckily this misconception is rebutted by our developing attention for health,safety and well being, which causes us to work and live in well considered yet comfortableenvironments. Today, we see this attention in all sections of the population and in all buildingtypes; private as well as corporate and public buildings. This awareness also changed the scopeof work of the professional Interior designer. The growing complexity of building projects, aswell as the need for sustainable re-use, made Interior Architecture a respected discipline. In acoordinated collaboration with other consultants Interior Architects work on complexassignments, such as hospitals and various care environments, airports and transportationhubs, schools and learning environments, public buildings and leisure environments and ofcourse offices and workplaces. What do these new challenges mean for the traditional statureof the Interior Architect? The inamsterdam World Interiors Meeting will showcase the state ofthe art in new developments, and offer the profession a place for debate and self-reflection onthe new roles and challenges.Future This world is not perfect, and even Interior Architects and Designers cannot make itperfect, overnight. With our unique knowledge and skills we can however help to make thisworld a better place. By displaying and developing consciousness to today’s challenges andmaintaining an open mind for change. By designing a sense of place in our multi culturalsociety. By being sensitive to environmental issues and cautious with natural resources. Byactively exposing and creating awareness for the uniqueness of all man. By determining thatdesign is a social issue, not a marketing instrument. By investing in research and education tohand over our knowledge to a new levy of independent, creative thinkers. The inamsterdamWorld Interiors Meeting will not avoid delicate issues and be open for discussion and receptiveto new ideas that may foster the interior professions contribution to the benefit of the peopleand the future.19 June 2012 - Page 2 of 12
  5. 5. Target Audience and Strategic PositioningThe congress is primarily aimed at international professionals working in or related to theinteriors discipline; interior architects and designers, architects, designers, conservationists,historians, curators, producers, suppliers, educators and researchers.Expected are 1200 participants from 45 countries, of whom 20% coming from outside ofEurope, 30% Europeans and some 50% from the Netherlands and neighboring countries.Currently no global or European interiors congress exists. From 1963 until 2009 IFI, theInternational Federation of Interior Architects and Designers, organized a bi-annual congressaimed at it’s members (about 35 national member organizations). Since 2009 the IFIcongresses are part of the broadly set IDA (International Design Alliance) congress aiming atcommunication-, product and spatial design.In the interiors related art-historic domain congresses are often incidental, mainly regional andmostly scientifically oriented.The World Interiors Meeting is specifically aimed at professionals working in the broad field ofinteriors (see above), setting it apart from existing congresses.International marketing of the congress and direct marketing during the event offer the industrya unique challenge to develop a common vision and marketing, and to enhance coherence andvisibility.ProgramThe majority of the program will be interactive in stead of receptive. Congress participants arechallenged to actively participate in theme-sessions, workshops and debates. The keynotespeakers, who will be invited to pose provocative and challenging statements, will set the tone.Only the keynotes are plenary. Participants put together their own congress program from abroad range of parallel sessions. Designers and industry are invited to participate by offeringcomponents to the program according to the ‘app’ principle. At any time there will be the choiceof 6 to 8 parallel sessions simultaneously, offering something for everyone. The whole feels as achallenging and appealing bazaar of knowledge, encounter, presentation and debate. Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 4 September 5 September 6 September 7 SeptemberMorning Key-note 1 Key-note 3 Key-note 5 Key-note 2 Parallel sessions Parallel sessionsAfternoon Registration Parallel sessions Parallel sessions Plenary report of the Key-note 4 sessions Key-note 6Evening Opening Ceremony Cultural Program Cultural Program Gala Dinner Meet and Greet party19 June 2012 - Page 3 of 12
  6. 6. The Small SalonMeeting, personal encounters, open dialogue and free exchange of views are key words duringthe congress. The Small Salon will be the central meeting place, the foyer, the café. In theSalon monitors will show the proceedings in all sessions. The Small Salon is situated in thecentral foyer of the Beurs van Berlage and has an open connection to the World Interiors Salon(see below). Food and drinks served all day!Keynote speakers6 internationally renown keynote speakers will be invited to pose a challenging thesis or visionon the interior. Their approach will be diverse; from historian to re-user, from sustainability toglobal culture, from philosopher to star architect. Focus area both in history, contemporary andin future. Every keynote will be followed by a plenary discussion.Theme sessionsTheme sessions are the core of the program; a wide range of subjects will be looked at fromdifferent angles. All actual developments within the profession will be covered.Theme sessions consist of presentations by international experts, followed by a discussion ledby a moderator.Number of visitors per session varies from 20 to 500.Participants can pre-register and will receive specific information in advance. Furthermore: freeadmission and full is full.WorkshopsParticipants actively set to work led by an expert in the field.Participants can pre-register and will receive specific information in advance, and will be askedto prepare a ‘homework assignment’.Number of participants per session 20 to 50.PresentationsFellow professionals are invited to present themselves or their work or a subject that is ofparticular concern to them.Not intended for product presentations. Maximum duration 30 minutes.Continuous performance, free entry, full is full!Industry PresentationsSponsored product or company presentations of interiors related products and industries.Companies are challenged to go beyond the known product presentations and to focus onholistic solutions for a changing society.Maximum duration 30 minutes.Continuous performance, free entry, full is full!International Student WorkshopsPrior to the congress students and young professionals from around the globe will work withinternational tutors to explore knowledge and ideas. So far workshops have been prepared byGerrit Rietveld Academy and Delft University. See separate program.Maximum number of participants per workshop 50, of whom max. 10 from the same institute.Results of the workshops will be presented during the congress in exhibitions in the Salons.19 June 2012 - Page 4 of 12
  7. 7. World Interiors SalonThe inamsterdam World Interiors Salon will be the event where designers and industryhighlight the best of the best in interiors and design. As part of the inamsterdam WorldInteriors Meeting, loosely modeled after the ‘Casa Cor’ in Brazil, furnishers and manufacturersof interior products present together with designers. The World Interiors Salon is not a fair, nota product presentation but an integrated presentation showing design and innovation in a newand innovative form and context, challenging opinions and debate on what is known andfamiliar. Supervised by a curator and guided by a theme, groups of complementary producersand furnishers together with designers build experimental environments that showcase theirproducts. Designers and industry from the Netherlands, India, China and Brazil will take up oneor more environments, adding interesting cultural variety and attractiveness for an internationalaudience. In the environments spectators undergo a live spatial experience themed around‘young, lifestyle and care’.World Interiors Salon will be open to the public from 20 July to 21 September 2013. During thecongress the Salon is the exclusive domain of the convention attendees.Off CongressSocial EventsThe opening ceremony is the meet and greet event for all participants. Ceremony and after-party will not be exclusively for congress attendees, but open to all professionals.There will be drinks (Heineken and Bols), food (typical Dutch herring, ‘kroketten’ and stew),music (by prominent DJ’s) and light (by exciting VJ’s).The closing ceremony will be more formal, after all we learned a lot these days. A gala-dinnerfor participants and invitees, with nice speeches and maybe a last impressive keynote.ExhibitionsAll current exhibitions in the context of the World Interiors Event will of course be on theagenda of the congress participants. A discount pass will be available.Sponsors and industry around Amsterdam are invited to open their showrooms at night tocreate an open-house circuit.Guided ToursAll current tours in the context of the World Interiors Event are part of the congress program,and some special tours will be prepared for congress attendees.Foreign guests will receive a customized tourist guide in their ‘goody bag’.Cultural ProgramCongress participants are invited to enjoy Amsterdam’s always vibrant offering of culturalevents and exhibitions and to explore our world-class museums. The I Amsterdam City Card,offering free public transport, canal cruise and museum admission and discounts on multipleevents will be available for congress participants at a discount.19 June 2012 - Page 5 of 12
  8. 8. Venue World Interiors Meeting and World Interiors Salon will take place in the Beurs van Berlage, located in the heart of the historic city-centre of Amsterdam. The Beurs is not just one of the most beautiful and best located congress locations of the Netherlands, it is also one of the great masterworks of Dutch architecture. Built in 1904 by H.P. Berlage this ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ is now one of the top 100 Dutch UNESCO- monuments.A Thousand ChairsThe Beurs van Berlage was not originally designed as a conference hall, so we have to furbish itfor the occasion. Let’s do that in an interior designers way! For the convention the mainconference hall will be filled with all the chairs of Dutch make. Sofa’s in front, side-chairs in themiddle, office chairs in the back. All makes and models mixed, yet adequately labeled. Thestage is catwalk in the middle, challenging speakers to move around and spectators to look ateach other as well. An enticing and provocative setting that gives something to talk about, freepublicity and unconstrained sponsor participation.After the congress the chairs will be auctioned for a broad audience at the inmarket andrevenues will go to charity.afriend.inamsterdamThe inamsterdam World Interiors Event expects to welcome a large number of foreignprofessionals to visit the Netherlands for the event. We not only want to offer these guests aninspiring program, but above all let them experience what our specific Dutch approach is, whatwe feel what’s important, and show what we would visit if we were here for the occasion.The afriend.inamsterdam program offers a simple way to achieve this; when booking throughour website foreign guests can indicate that they would appreciate to have a cup of coffee ordrink a beer with a local Dutch colleague. During such an informal meeting experiences andideas for a successful visit can be exchanged. More is possible, but not necessarily. It’s up toyou. Dutch colleagues will be encouraged by their professional organizations to take part in theprogram. Matching will be based on (professional) interest, language and availability.Inamsterdam’s involvement is limited to the exchange of email addresses; host and guestarrange their own meeting, hospitality will do the rest….19 June 2012 - Page 6 of 12
  9. 9. Congress theme’s and sessionsSustainability, Cradle to CradleToday’s design practice is no longer bidding and commission based, but proactive andentrepreneurial. Designers formulate new challenges and propose solutions based upon a senseof long-term responsibility, global stewardship and care for environmental, economic and socialsystems and dimensions.Second Life, Re-UseHeritage houses, refurbished warehouses, old factories. Re-use is more and more the answer toour housing needs. Is transformation sheer romance or the challenge of the future? Do weneed any more new buildings? Is Interior Architecture the architecture of the future?Global Culture and MobilityWhile the world is getting smaller and fuller regional thinking and populism are on the rise.What challenges does globalization bring to the field of interiors? Do we adhere to local cultureor emerge into one global design language? Think globally, design locally?Social ResponsibilityWorldwide designers are taking up the challenges of morality, social inequality, environmentalissues and disaster relief. Designers take responsibility, and sometimes design does make thedifference. Can small steps and great effort return good for evil?Training and Education in InteriorsWhile Masters Degrees and PhD Programs are more and more the prevailing standard in interiordesign/interior architecture education, the internet still offers an array of correspondencecourses, distant learning and one day courses. What does it take to be a professional InteriorDesigner/Interior Architect, and where does education draw the line?Professional organizationsSmart phones, internet, social media. Is there still demand for professional organizations and ifso what is their added value? How do old and new ways of networking relate, and how do weserve the collective these days?LegislationFor decades interior designers around the world have been striving for recognition of theirunique profession as one that responsibly handles issues pertaining to health, safety and well-being. Are title protection, building codes and licensing and legislation trade barriers orbenefits?Heritage InteriorsHistoric interiors tell us much about the culture, lifestyles and fashions of a certain time andplace. More and more we begin to see the unique values of heritage interiors. But interiors arevulnarable, we shape them and every so-often we reshape them as they are overtaken by time.Interior SensesThe interior is by virtue the domain of the five senses; sight, touch, smell, taste and hear. Whatdo designers do to relate these ‘outward wits’ to the ‘inward wits’: common sense, imagination,fantasy, instinct and memory?19 June 2012 - Page 7 of 12
  10. 10. Interior MaterialsIt’s not just the look and feel, materials are the base of it all. Beyond senses and wits we expectmaterials to be ecological, innovative, smart, trendy, stylish, emotional, meaningful. Expertsdiscuss and discover what’s new and what’s known.Design for HealthcareWe are using more and more of it, but nobody wants to need it; care (freely rendered fromNietsche; “everybody wants to grow old, nobody wants to be old”). Now that in 2013 the firstgeneration of baby-boomers will retire, the theme is more actual than ever, and one of thegreat challenges for interior designers and architects.Design for Office PlanningNew technologies, shifting social structures and productivity increase. The workplace haschanged dramatically over the past decade. How do we create work environments thatempower people?Design for RetailTo supply or to seduce? is shopping becoming the new leisure? In a changing market place,how do we tempt the consumer to buy it where he sees it?Design for EducationTransferring knowledge to the next generation of independent thinkers is a key achievement inany social structure. While the learning environment, the technology and the perception are inconstant flux, how do we design the educational experience of the future?Design for HospitalityA home away from home. A good treat can be as simple as a smile, but how do we meet theneeds (and greed’s) of the ever more demanding guest?Design for LeisureWhen the unavoidable is done, we need distraction. A designer’s challenge, that opens wholenew possibilities to accommodate and serve a growing legion of free-time spenders.Design for Public BuildingsMass service or customization. Public service is more and more a service oriented business. Andthe design of public buildings maneuvers between transparency and distinction.Designer PresentationsFellow professionals are invited to present themselves or their work or a subject that is ofparticular concern to them.Industry PresentationsSponsored product or company presentations of interiors related products and industries.Companies are challenged to go beyond the known product presentations and to focus onholistic solutions for a changing society.19 June 2012 - Page 8 of 12
  11. 11. Preliminary Congress scheme and Longlist of speakersTheme Session Speaker (ovb) OriginSustainability, Cradle to Cradle Key-note Michael Braungart HamburgHeritage Interiors Key-note Eloy Koldeweij ArnhemFuture Key-note Stewart Brand San FransiscoArchitecture Key-note Rem Koolhaas RotterdamArchitecture and Interiors Key-note Ben van Berkel AmsterdamVolksfilosoof Key-note Bas Haring RotterdamHistory and Heritage Key-note Simon Schama LondonGlobal Culture Key-note Alain de Boton LondonCulture and Care Key-note Karan Grover India19 June 2012 - Page 9 of 12
  12. 12. Design for Healthcare Healthcare Hedy dAncona Amsterdam Healthcare Fiona de Vos Healthcare Erik Veldhoen Maastricht Healthcare Victor de Leeuw DordrechtDesign for Office Planning Office Rudy Stroink Utrecht Office Erik Veldhoen Maastricht Office Nel Verschuuren Amsterdam Office Ellen Sander Den Haag Office Frank Duffy London Office Seville Peach LondonDesign for Retail Retail 1 Gezina Roters Rotterdam Retail 2 Liesbeth van der Pol Amsterdam Retail 3 Evelyne Merkx Amsterdam Michel van Tongeren Retail 4 SVT Rotterdam Retail 5 Lyndon Neri NHDRO ShanghaiDesign for Education (School,University) Education 1 Pernille Palsbro Copenhagen Education 2 Herman Herzberger Amsterdam Marko van Zandwijk- Utrecht Education 3 VersluisDesign for Hospitality (Hotel,Restaurant, Bar) Hospitality 1 Patrick Leung Hong Kong Hospitality 2 Tony Chi New York Hospitality 3 Camille Oostwegel Maastricht Hospitality 4 Suzanne Oxenaar AmsterdamDesign for Leisure Leisure 1 Thomas van Leeuwen Leiden Leisure 2 Tracy Metz Amsterdam Leisure 3 Joseph Farcus Miami Leisure 4 Arnold Bos UtrechtDesign for Public Buildings Public 1 David Gianotten OMA Hong Kong Public 2 Willem Jan Neutelings Rotterdam Public 3 Christophe Grafe Delft Public 4Sustainability Sustainability 1 Gerrit Schilder Rotterdam Sustainability 2 Ro Koster Hoesselt (B) Sustainability 3 Thomas Rau Amsterdam Sustainability 4 Sustainability 5Second Life, Re-use Re-use 1 Frazer Hay Singapore Re-use 2 Frazer Hay Singapore Re-use 3 Cesare Peeren Rotterdam19 June 2012 - Page 10 of 12
  13. 13. Re-use 4 Jan de Haas Rotterdam Re-use 5 Evert Verhagen Amsterdam Re-use 6 Coen van Oostrom Rotterdam Re-use 7 Sven Brookhuis AlbergenHeritage Interiors Heritage 1 Hans Tulleners Amsterdam Heritage 2 Chirashree Thakkar Ahmedabad, India Heritage 3 Ann Massey London Heritage 4 Evelyne Merkx Amsterdam Heritage 5 Tim Knox LondonProfessional Organisation(s) Organisations 1 Joke van Hengstum Amsterdam Organisations 2 Michael Alin WashingtonLegislation Legislation 1 Kees Spanjers Amsterdam Legislation 2 Joachim Jobi Brussel Legislation 3 Jurgen Tiedje BrusselTraining and Education inInteriors IA Training 1 Ellen Klingenberg Oslo IA Training 2 Gennaro Postiglione Milano IA Training 3 Joke van Hengstum Amsterdam IA Training 4 Kees Spanjers AmsterdamGlobal Culture and Mobility Culture 1 Francine Houben Delft Culture 2 Arnold Reijndorp Amsterdam Culture 3Social Responsibility Social 1 Olle Anderson Goteborg Social 2 Harry den Hartog Shanghai Architectes sans Social 3 frontieres Paris Social 4 Peter van Asche SLA AmsterdamInterior Senses Senses 1 Rogier van der Heijde Amsterdam Senses 2 Marije Vogelzang Amsterdam Senses 3 Rob Metkemeijer Noordwijk Senses 4 Senses 5Interior Materials Materials 1 Els Zijlstra Rotterdam Materials 2 Gilian Schrofer Amsterdam Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3Designer Presentations 24 sessionsIndustry Presentations 24 sessions(all names subject to change)19 June 2012 - Page 11 of 12
  14. 14. Amsterdam, capital of inspirationLet us welcome you in Amsterdam, capital of inspiration. An amazing city, with many faces thatwill make you marvel. Amsterdam is a world city on an intimate scale that has a lot to offer:some of the greatest works of art in the world, more canals than Venice, more bridges thanParis and over 7.000 monumental buildings. No wonder Amsterdam’s historic city centre isrecently added to UNESCO’s world heritage list.Amsterdam is a city with a large creative sector and a rich diversity of culture. Where else in theworld will you find an enormous collection of 17th century Dutch Masters, Van Goghs, a majormuseum of modern art and a world-famous orchestra hall all on one square? Moreover, 2013will mark the re-opening of all major museums; the famous Rijksmuseum and the NationalMaritime Museum amazingly restored, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art extended with astriking new wing and the new Filmmuseum rising out of the water like a big white bird. TheHermitage Amsterdam showcases treasures from the ‘mother’ museum in St Petersburg and theinteriors of the Royal Palace have been meticulously restored. The Concertgebouw and themain theatre have been restored and expanded and this list is still far from complete!Even at night you don’t have to get bored. Throughout the year there are concerts in thefamous Concertgebouw or the notorious pop temple Paradiso, There’s jazz, opera, ballet,dance, theatre and musicals in theatres throughout the city. Furthermore the city is strewn witha vivid collection of cafés, many with outdoor terraces. In for some exciting nightlife? In thetrendy clubs and discotheques the best new dance music is played by prominent dj’s.Amsterdam is a lively city that buzzes with energy and creativity. Due to it’s location and it’shistory the city is internationally orientated and gives home to no less than 175 nationalities. Atrue melting pot of colourful people where the tramconductors are often able to address you indifferent languages.Amsterdam is easily accessible. Schiphol airport offers direct flights to more than 300destinations worldwide and is only 20 minutes from the city centre. Amsterdam is a compactcity and it’s highlights can easily be reached on foot, by bus, tram or (water) taxi. Or by bicycleof course!Welcome!We would love to welcome you in Amsterdamduring the year of interiors.Consult our site fornews.The inamsterdam World Interior Event 2013and the city have a lot to offer. Don’t miss it!19 June 2012 - Page 12 of 12
  15. 15. Stichting inamsterdam World Interiors EventOude Zijdsvoorburgwal 3061012 GL AmsterdamThe NetherlandsT +31 (0)20 6279133E
  16. 16. 2013 will be the year of interiors in Amsterdam! 2013 will be the Year of Interiors in Amsterdam; an attractive and varied event program willhighlight the historic, cultural, artistic and economic importance of interior architecture anddesign. Theme of the inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 is ‘Past, Present and Futureof Interiors’. Existing and new initiatives in the field of interiors will be brought under one umbrella,aimed at professionals as well as the public at large. From March to October 2013 an array of exhibitions, fairs, events, projects, lectures,seminars, presentations and much more around the theme of interiors will take place. Where possible the program will connect to existing events. Other Dutch cities will beinvolved in the World Interiors Event 2013.• inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 highlights past, present and future of the interior as a bearer of culture, motor of innovation and economic force.• inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 deepens and broadens the awareness of Dutch interiors and design among professionals, students and the public at large.• inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 provides insight in the connection between well designed interiors and the health, safety and well-being of people.