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Community-Integrated Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities


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Community-Integrated Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities

  1. 1. Community-IntegratedEmployment for People with Developmental Disabilities Leaders for Ozaukee’s Next Generation Session 3: Diversity November 14, 2012 Joshua Ryf Communications Director Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
  2. 2. Community-Integrated EmploymentWhat is BPDD?The Wisconsin Board for People with DevelopmentalDisabilities (BPDD) was established to advocate onbehalf of individuals with developmental disabilities,foster welcoming and inclusive communities, andimprove the disability service system.
  3. 3. Community-Integrated EmploymentWhat is a developmental disability?Under Wisconsin State Law, a developmentaldisability is defined as a list of conditions. Thecondition must be severe and permanent.The federal definition is based on the level ofneed, not the underlying condition. Underfederal law, a developmental disability is asevere, chronic disability caused by a mental orphysical impairment, or both.
  4. 4. Community-Integrated Employment2012-2016 State PlanBPDD’s current State Plan focuses on:1. Self-Determination2. Self-Advocacy3. Employment
  5. 5. Community-Integrated EmploymentSelf-DeterminationPeople of all ages make choices about their lives,and are actively engaged in planning theirservices and supports.
  6. 6. Community-Integrated EmploymentSelf-AdvocacyPeople with developmental disabilities and theirfamilies will be effective advocates and leadersresulting in systems change on issues they feelare most important to them.
  7. 7. Community-Integrated EmploymentEmploymentPeople with developmental disabilities will beemployed in integrated jobs of their choosing inthe community.People with developmental disabilities will alsobe paid a competitive wage.
  8. 8. Community-Integrated EmploymentOther Important TopicsTransportationEducationVotingLong-Term CareMedicaidDental CareTransition
  9. 9. Community-Integrated EmploymentPeople First LanguagePeople First Language is an objective andrespectful way to speak about people withdisabilities by emphasizing the person first,rather than the disability.
  10. 10. Community-Integrated EmploymentCommunity-Integrated EmploymentCommunity-integrated employment refers toworking for a competitive wage in a community-based job.The employment must be in a work settingwhere, to the greatest extent possible, theemployment typically involves interaction withco-workers and business associates who do nothave disabilities and/or the general public.
  11. 11. Community-Integrated EmploymentWhy is Employment an Issue?As of 2011, only 8% of working-age participants(age 18-64) in Wisconsin’s long-term care systemhad integrated employment.When people with disabilities are not areunemployed, they are at risk of being: kept inperpetual poverty; less healthy; less included inthe community; etc.
  12. 12. Community-Integrated EmploymentEmployment for Youth with DisabilitiesYouth with disabilities are often overlooked andunderemployed in Wisconsin.When a youth with a disability gets workexperience in high school, the likelihood of themgetting paid employment after high schoolincreases.
  13. 13. Community-Integrated EmploymentWhy Hire a Person with a Disability?People with disabilities are hardworking,dedicated team members who want to work.When people with disabilities are included incommunity-integrated jobs, everyone benefits.When people with disabilities are employed, theycontribute to Wisconsin’s economy and use fewertax-funded public services.
  14. 14. Community-Integrated EmploymentGrafton PSA
  15. 15. Community-Integrated EmploymentHolmen PSA
  16. 16. Community-Integrated EmploymentHow Do Businesses Hire People withDisabilities?Supports are available to help the person learnthe job.Youth: Get in touch with a high school’s transitioncoordinator or special education department(e.g. Patty Brestrich, Grafton High School, 262-376-5611)Adults: Contact DVR’s Ozaukee County WorkforceDevelopment Center (262-238-2880)
  17. 17. Community-Integrated EmploymentFor more information, contact:Joshua Ryf at (608) 261-7829 orjoshua.ryf@wisconsin.govor go to
  18. 18. Community-Integrated EmploymentThank You!