capabilities statement<br />Global Resource Specialists<br />
Section details<br />Introduction & Mission Statement<br />Introduction<br />Mission Statement<br />Team Working.<br />Ope...
UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Introduction & mission statement<br />
Introduction & mission statement<br />Introduction<br />UK-Resource is a full resource company that will provide you the c...
Introduction & mission statement<br />Team-working<br />Where does an effective team come from, well it is a combination o...
UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Operations<br />
Operations<br />processes development<br />What really matters<br />Process developments for a an emerging project is para...
UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Skills provision<br />
Skills provision<br />Our Training ethos<br />Accreditation & certification<br />UKR has a training ethos that puts the cl...
Skills provision<br />Training facilities<br />It is essential to the success of any training program that the instructors...
UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Personnel provision<br />
Support Personnel<br />Ex-pat managerial provision<br />Users of the training facilities deserve the best in facilities an...
UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />What we are achieving<br />
What we are achieving<br />Somaliland: Voter Registration and Presidential Elections.<br />Wayne Huxtable was contracted b...
Credible experience<br />Georgia: Ministry of the Interior Special Forces.<br />UKR ran a nine month presidential protecti...
Contact details<br />Contact Name:<br />Wayne A. Huxtable<br />CEO, UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />UK.<br />Tel: +44 (0) 191565582...
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UKR Capabilities Statement


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UKR Capabilities Statement

  1. 1. capabilities statement<br />Global Resource Specialists<br />
  2. 2. Section details<br />Introduction & Mission Statement<br />Introduction<br />Mission Statement<br />Team Working.<br />Operations.<br />Procedural Development.<br />Equipment Development.<br />Services Development.<br />What Really Matters.<br />Skills Provision.<br />Training Ethos.<br />Accreditation & Certification.<br />Training Facilities.<br />Instructor & Training Development.<br />Personnel Provision.<br />Ex-Pat Managerial.<br />Specifically Targeted Indigenous SME’s.<br />General Service Personnel.<br />The Dedicated Team.<br />Credible Experience.<br />Contact Details.<br />
  3. 3. UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Introduction & mission statement<br />
  4. 4. Introduction & mission statement<br />Introduction<br />UK-Resource is a full resource company that will provide you the client with a totally encompassing consulting solution to which ever stage of development has been achieved.<br />Concentrating on the defence and security industries we are proud to have amongst our personnel a dedicated consulting team that have the ability to create sector specific project teams, for the sector specific needs of the client.<br />All main stream consulting personnel who work with UKR are often veterans of our other global projects with a substantial amount of experience gleaned from the global project management environment and frequently leaders in their chosen profession. New comers to the system are all recommended to us by trusted associates, and scrutinised by our due diligence team with regards to former professional careers and operational experience.<br />Our unique approach sets us apart from other operational consultants companies. Where our project staff are pioneers, and experts in their fields and above all excellent operations staff. All of our programs and process’ combine active management with an in-depth understanding of how personal development reflects in the real world and the difficulties that this represents to the manager and protection officer on the frontline of active protection duties.<br />Our clients include some of the most progressive and innovative newly emerged Governments of Africa, and the former Soviet Union, we have also engaged in institutional instruction within the police forces of the US at State level. We also specialise in client groups from referral units and learning centres.<br />UKR understands the commitment and drive required for success in today's global market place, our commitment is to assist and improve operational excellence in project delivery the world over.<br />UKR is a soul proprietorship based in the UK with legal entities based in its area of operations. At present UKR (Somaliland) Ltd has been established.<br />Mission statement<br />"Our mission is to empower the individual and organisations to maximise their strengths whilst managing and reducing the number of their weaknesses. To increase their capacity and performance capability in order to achieve success, through understanding and moral and ethical centred leadership.“<br />Our Principles:<br />Innovation - Striving to find new ways of delivering our projects to the client as well as improving our existing ones.<br />Effectiveness - By constantly monitoring our work programme and recruiting new, fresh talented facilitators, we shall always be in a position to offer consistency in quality and innovation.<br />Value - As an organisation we strive to offer value for money through effective cost monitoring and planned cost reductions on long term training packages.<br />
  5. 5. Introduction & mission statement<br />Team-working<br />Where does an effective team come from, well it is a combination of many factors which ultimately begins and ends with its managerial leadership. UKR will as part of the development process create attitudes for effective, moral and ethical leadership models. This phase of the consultation will not only provide effective management but also a blueprint for the development of other employed staffs of which will provide the core service personnel.<br />These blueprints will reflect a bench mark above and beyond the national standard of in country resource companies giving us an advantage where other national companies cannot possibly achieve.<br />As part of the consultation period we will look at the different types of team that will be put into use during operations, how they are structured, what makes a good team, the intricacies of the team and most important of all what are the main pitfalls and traps that the team can get into, and the necessary changes to the team makeup and environment to provide a cure.<br />
  6. 6. UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Operations<br />
  7. 7. Operations<br />processes development<br />What really matters<br />Process developments for a an emerging project is paramount to the smooth running of the operation, below are listed of the significant areas of process development which we can consult on not in just a regional context but also globally.<br />Procedural Development. Procedures for an emerging project is a key area of business success. As a core discipline, procedures are the back bone of discipline in this multifaceted area of operations. UKRbenchmarks for our procedural documents have stood their ground in hostile environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.<br />Equipment Development. UKR have exceptional relations with a variety of defence equipment manufacturers from a diverse area of operational capabilities. There is not a piece of equipment or an area of operations that UKR cannot procure at a reasonable lead time.<br />Services Development. UKR services to the project are the mainstay of our business. We are continually striving to develop services provision to provide added value to our clients on a long term basis.<br />When we look at operations, what is it that really matters. There are many answers to this, and it all depends on who you ask, marketing would say it is the attraction of new customers. Customer care would say it would be the retention of existing customers, as the work as already been done to attract them. Accounting would say it was the effective budgetary management of the client accounts that what really matters. Operations would say that it would be providing what the client requires and that little bit more that elevates use from the rest. <br />The truth is, from twenty years personal experience, and the countless decades of experience that our consultants provide says that no one size fits all and each individual opinion has to be taken into consideration.<br />Our analysts will take all the available data both current and historical and devise a strategic plan for growth and development according to the client needs. As our clients needs evolve so will UKR. Critically full transparency and timely communications will be provided to anticipate those needs in and provide solutions within a reasonable time<br />UKR has the perquisite regional experience to provide solutions quickly and effectively.<br />
  8. 8. UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Skills provision<br />
  9. 9. Skills provision<br />Our Training ethos<br />Accreditation & certification<br />UKR has a training ethos that puts the clients first, be this a National Government, an INGO or a public or private company. We fully understand that the training solutions that we provide must fit the overall remit of the project and provide the value added concept that our clients require. We never make assumptions about what's best for the client, it is always at the end of a lengthy collaboration and a transparent communication process.<br />UKR training packages are considered standard personal development programmes geared toward bringing about change. The courses are based on the belief that we can do nothing about the past; however we do have choices about today. And it is these choices that will ultimately affect the future. For most, success is a destination rather than a journey. If success is a destination then the journey has little significance, but if success is a journey, then the first step to success are the choices that are made today.<br />UKR can provide accreditation and course certification for its various modules that will qualify our personnel to work in hostile areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. These PSD and armed security guard courses are fully accredited by the US DoD for the accompaniment of US Government personnel abroad which is perquisite for anywhere US government personnel are stationed and work. This may seem a little over board, however UKR has certain relationships with Iraq companies where employment is a step for personal development of which will be brought back to host country for our use.<br />Instructor & Training development<br />UKR are under no illusions when it comes to the development of its instructor base and client training provision. We feel that a one size training course fits all attitude does not work in any scenario. It is with this in mind that a process of continual improvement and keeping current in all operational practises for the companies instructor personnel is a perquisite for trading in an every decreasing world.<br />© UK-Resource - All Rights Reserved<br />
  10. 10. Skills provision<br />Training facilities<br />It is essential to the success of any training program that the instructors and support staff have the proper facilities, equipment and training aids. Setting up the training program also includes addressing the issues of the location, condition and security of training sites, classrooms, lecture areas, specialist locations, if available. If unavailable UKR has the capabilities to address the shortfalls in training facilities with the introduction of complete camp setup programs using defence grade supplies and accommodation units.<br />Applicable concepts<br />Apart from our already stated principles, there are various concepts that UKR will introduce that have been gleaned from other high risk operational areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. These basic concepts are taken in context of which they were developed and re-evaluated and re-engineered to fit modern day Guinea and its National Security issues.<br />You will have the opportunity to meet with our directors and instructional representatives. We can discuss confidentially any security issues; look at specific situations / environments you want your units / agency and personnel to prepare for. <br />
  11. 11. UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />Personnel provision<br />
  12. 12. Support Personnel<br />Ex-pat managerial provision<br />Users of the training facilities deserve the best in facilities and care whilst not at the work place. UKR have multitude of expatriate personnel whom are experienced in the administration of camp facilities, security and client care. Depending on the project mandate UKR can provide the necessary expat personnel for optimum command and control of local staffs and provide the liaison for all support operations be it camp management, security or client care.<br />indigenous SME’s<br />Working in the background are our local staff drawn from a variety of occupations who posses very unique skill sets applicable to the required project mandate. A trusted fixer are worth their weight in gold.... Be it for procuring visas, to gleaning intelligence etc.<br />support Training Team<br />General service personnel<br />Our specialist project support training team will instruct the local nationals in their processes and standard operating procedures be it cleaners, chefs, manned guarding personnel or escort/PSD. Part of the training team will be an administration section responsible for the development of the various plans, standard operating procedures, cleaning schedules, guards post orders, and a multitude of basic administration documents required for the efficient operation of the support function.<br />Training projects takes an extraordinary amount of general service personnel to provide real client service and support. We will ensure that there are a fair distribution of tribal employees to alleviate tensions that can arise from over selective employment in favour of one tribe. All armed personnel will need to be drawn from the Police forces. <br />
  13. 13. UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />What we are achieving<br />
  14. 14. What we are achieving<br />Somaliland: Voter Registration and Presidential Elections.<br />Wayne Huxtable was contracted by the Peace building NGO InterPeace to provide logistics and security support to the National Electoral Commission who are tasked to provide free and fair elections in 2010.<br />Wayne Huxtable was first contracted to provide security assistance in securing international staffs after the October 28th bombing in 2008. This long term contract has evolved from securing international staffs to the advisement of donor communities and the Somaliland nation and its stakeholders on national security issues surrounding the registration and Presidential election processes. Intricacies such as cascade training of 5000 + Somaliland Police officers, construction of transparent audit trails, the assessment of regional headquarters and<br />district distribution centres, the setup of a nationwide communications system that includes five levels of communication, the setup and advisement of the National and Regional Election Security Committees, and the Police review, logistics, and communications task forces.<br />
  15. 15. Credible experience<br />Georgia: Ministry of the Interior Special Forces.<br />UKR ran a nine month presidential protection training program for the Ministry of the Interior of the CIS State of Georgia, prior to the Rose Revolution of 2003. The facility started life as a former Russian Military barracks of which the design team converted to our own use, to include accommodations for 240 students, classrooms and instructor accommodation.<br />The training facility ran a comprehensive set of training courses on weapons systems, tactical drills, offensive / defensive driving etc. The training that was provided was to be the blue print document for the eventual adoption by the Presidential close protection operatives as their bodyguard training syllabus.<br />The training syllabus was developed by former members of the Royal Military Police Close Protection Squadron, Royalty Protection Branch (SO14), and the SAS. The main lead came from the RMCP team, followed by significant input from the RPB and SAS on technical relevance to out of theatre operations and the intricacies of Presidential protection.<br />Along side the training facility UKR consulted on the facilitation of a full service security company who of which gained contracts from the Sheraton hotel in Tbilisi, ProCredit Bank, UGT, and BP.<br />
  16. 16. Contact details<br />Contact Name:<br />Wayne A. Huxtable<br />CEO, UK-Resourcing Ltd<br />UK.<br />Tel: +44 (0) 1915655821<br />Cell: +44 (0) 7709687479<br />Virtual<br />Email:<br />Skype: wayne.huxtable<br />Website:<br />