User Reviews and Social Media: How Hoteliers Can Profit


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User Reviews and Social Media: How Hoteliers Can Profit

  1. 1. ? ? HOTEL “Where can I “What are find relevant my guestsinformation?” Travel ? saying?” Websites “How do I guide my users?”
  2. 2. SemanticChaos Structure Technology Semantic Technology
  3. 3. SemanticChaos Structure Technology “No WiFiin “The check-in was hotel rooms.” very quick.” “The surroundings were noisy and bleak.” “The staff was “Food and drinks friendly to kids.” were great.”
  4. 4. SemanticChaos Structure Technology Hotel Hotel Hotel ABC DEF XYZ Semantic + Kid Friendly Staff (4)Technology + Great Restaurant (8) - Small rooms (3) - No WiFi (2) Criteria: Good Food Category: Family Hotel
  5. 5. Backup Magic Box Backup Backup TrustYou Analytics
  6. 6. Best practice Brand Management in Social Media “For me brand protection and social media are almost contradicting – the intial reaction is that it is rather damage control you are trying to pursue. However managing social media does have implications on brand management: • Identifying von product issues via monitoring reviews • Identifying user needs and trends • Social Media is a marketing and booking channel” Heiko Siebert, VP Distribution, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 10
  7. 7. Best practice Get the overview: Where are people talking about me? “For more than two years we have been manually monitoring review websites with a quite substantial effort. Using TrustYou Analytics this is much more efficient.” Heiko Siebert, VP Distribution, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 11
  8. 8. Best practice Take it seriously: Staff and manage it “At ARCOTEL a dedicated Online Marketing Q1 2010 Manager manages not only the hotel‘s • Revenues Online up website, but different Social Media 78,02%year on year platforms like Facebook und Twitter as well • Revenues on ownwebsite - and this has been very successful for up 158,22%year on year Arcotel for some time now.” Manfred Mayer, CEO ARCOTEL Hotels05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 12
  9. 9. Best practice Reviews: (free) market research for you05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 13
  10. 10. Best practice Quality Management & Monitoring• “Redecoration” , “wellness area”, “new chef” etc.• Positioning, Trends, Guest needs “User reviews help us improve internal processes continuously and monitor our service strategy almost in real-time.” Christian Andresen, GM and OwnerThe Mandala05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 14
  11. 11. Best practice Benchmark against the competition• What distinguishes you from others?• What can be learned?• How do you compare against benchmarks?05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 15
  12. 12. Best practice Ask guests to write reviews The more reviews, the better! “…parking garage too tight for minivans…” “…restaurant was great for families…” “…great view from the balcony…” “…nice breakfast buffet…”23.06.2010 © TrustYou 2010 16
  13. 13. Best practice Show reviews on your website • Reviews are inherently independent • Increase trust – and thus your bookings and conversion23.06.2010 © TrustYou 2010 18
  14. 14. Best practice Social Media Marketing = Multi-Channel• Multi-Channel: Same as with the rates and OTAs you need to look at your entire presence on the web• Review websites• Facebook Fanpages05.04.2012 © TrustYou 2010 20
  15. 15. Summary
  16. 16. Solutions for managing user reviews Reputation Management1 Monitoring and analyzing hotel reviews Semantic Search & Analysis2 Automatically structure content Aggregated Content 3 Better conversions and more bookings
  17. 17. Last thought
  18. 18. Thank You!