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Advanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) Professional Short Course

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AMA Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics Professional Short Course Course Brochure January 2011 Update White Eagle Aerospace, LLC Make Your Career SOAR
  2. 2. Advanced Missile AerodynamicsFellow Aerospace Professional, Thank you for your interest in White Eagle Aerospace! We are pleasedto present you with this brochure which describes our outstandingAdvanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) professional short course. AMAprovides you with a focused training experience relative to aerodynamicprediction methodolgies applicable to tactical missiles, ballistic missiles,launch vehicles, sounding rockets and projectiles . Each AMA participant receives a text book, a bound set of courselectures, and a CD‐ROM containing course notes, homework solutions, andtechnical references. I invite you to personally examine this brochure and learn more aboutthe Advanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) professional short course. Thenvisit our web site at or contact us by e‐mailor telephone to determine the date and location of our next AMA offering.Enroll today and let White Eagle Aerospace help Make Your Career Soar!Best Regards,John Terry White, President/CEOWhite Eagle Aerospace, LLCTraining@WhiteEagleAerospace.com520‐219‐0526 Office520‐390‐9157 Mobile White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  3. 3. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics Target AudienceThe Advanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) short course is intended for theaerospace professional seeking expert instruction in classic engineering‐levelprediction methodologies used in the estimation of missile and missile‐likevehicle aerodynamics characteristics. Course material has direct applicationto a wide variety of missile classes including tactical missiles, ballistic missiles,launch vehicles, sounding rockets and projectiles. The goal of the course is tohelp you understand the technical foundations of a variety of standard aeroestimation methods. Those who will benefit from attending AMA are: aerodynamics engineers missile defense technologists flight test engineers operations research analysts airframe designers flight controls specialists launch vehicle designers flight simulation specialists missile systems engineers systems engineers wind tunnel test engineers program managers Questions Regarding the AMA Course? Contact Us at 520‐219‐0526 or  White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  4. 4. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics What You Will LearnThe Advanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) short course features an in‐depthtreatment of engineering‐level estimation methods used to predict theaerodynamics of tactical missiles, ballistic missiles, launch vehicles, soundingrockets and projectiles. You will learn about Slender Body Theory and itspervasive influence in aero prediction methods. You will come to understandthe technical basis of the classic component build‐up approach, body aloneaero prediction methods and the Equivalent Angle‐of‐Attack method forlifting surfaces. You will also be taught the technical details related to amyriad of diverse topics including local surface inclination pressure methods,aerodynamic interference, 6‐DOF aero modeling schemes, area ruling andinlet aerodynamics . The AMA course of study includes the following topics: Slender Body Theory Inlet Aero Effects Equivalent AoA Method Body Crossflow Effects Component Build‐Up Wind Modeling Body Alone Methods Forebody Buffet Pressure Methods Shock‐Expansion Method Aerodynamic Interference Newtonian Theory 6‐DOF Aero Model Schemes Aero Database Sources Launch Vehicle Aero Viscous Interaction High‐Temperature Effects Aerodynamic Uncertainty Flush Airdata Systems Force Accounting Transonic Area Rule Aero Prediction Codes Supersonic Area Rule Historical Programs White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  5. 5. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics Aviation HistoryMuch has transpired during the 100‐plus years of powered flight. We areboth the beneficiaries and stewards of the technological progress thatprevious generations have bequeathed to us. However, the truth is that agreat many in today’s aerospace workforce have little knowledge of the keypeople, events, and innovations that comprise the history of their ownprofession. While we cannot live in the past, we must learn from it if we areto be successful now and in the future. Further, like our predecessors, wemust protect and preserve this legacy knowledge for succeeding generations.It is for these reasons that White Eagle Aerospace strongly emphasizesaerospace history in the technical courses that it offers. This is done throughthe mediums of special presentations, videos and discussions. Vehiclesaddressed in the Advanced Missile Aerodynamics course include: STANDARD Missile SPRINT ABM Jupiter Redstone Nike Hercules Tomahawk Hellfire Delta SNARK Patriot Falcon 9 Harpoon White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  6. 6. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics Your InstructorJohn Terry White is your instructor for all Terry’s teaching credentials include 15White Eagle Aerospace short courses. years on the faculty of the AerospaceHis 35 years of professional aerospace Department of the California Stateengineering experience includes the Polytechnic University, Pomona and 15NASA Space Shuttle, NASA X‐43A, and years as a technical instructor forUnited States Navy STANDARD Missile Hughes, Raytheon, Society of FlightPrograms. During his extensive career, Test Engineers and WEA. Terry hasTerry has served on the engineering lectured extensively on the history oftechnical staff of Rockwell International, flight for key technical organizationsGeneral Dynamics Corporation, Hughes such as the USAF Test Pilot School,Missile Systems Company, NASA Dryden NASA, AIAA, SETP, academia andFlight Research Center, and Raytheon industry. He has also authored moreMissile Systems. He most recently than 180 technical papers on a varietycompleted a 2‐year tour as manager of of aerodynamics and flight sciencethe Aerodynamics Department in the subjects. His professional affiliationsGuidance, Navigation and Control Center include the AIAA, SFTE, ITEA, NAA,at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, SAE, AAHS, FTHF, and NSS.Arizona. In this capacity, Terry wasresponsible for all aerodynamics workperformed at the world’s largest tacticalmissile producer. Terry is now Presidentand CEO of White Eagle Aerospace, LLC,located in Oro Valley, Arizona. WEA is aleading provider of consulting, training,history of flight lectures, and technicalpublications to the American aerospacecommunity. White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  7. 7. Advanced Missile Aerodynamics Key Information at a Glance Duration 4 Days; 32 instructional hours Text “Tactical Missile Aerodynamics: Prediction Methodology”, Vol 142; AIAA Progress in Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1992. Materials Lectures and Homework Solutions in Bound Form and on CD‐ROM  Instructor John Terry White, President/CEO White Eagle Aerospace, LLC Oro Valley, Arizona Course Fee Single‐Seat; $,1600 Please Contact Us For  Group Pricing Web Site Contact Info 520‐219‐0526 Enroll in Our Next AMA Offering Today! White Eagle Aerospace Short Course
  8. 8. White Eagle Aerospace, LLC Make Your Career SOAR