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Social media realitie lisbon-2018

  1. 1. Social Media and Society: News and Reality William H. Dutton @BiiiDutton Quello Professor of Media and Information Policy Quello Center, Michigan State University @QuelloCenter Presentation for a discussions at University Institute of Lisbon, ISCTE- IUL, ISCTE-IUL, FCT, and CIES-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal, 9 April 2018.
  2. 2. Social Research Perspectives on the Panics Over Social Media Social Relationships Dating (Dis)Information • Filter Bubbles • Echo Chambers • Fake News Privacy • Cambridge Analytica-Facebook Fiasco
  3. 3. Moral Panic threat to the moral order disproportionate reaction Source:
  4. 4. Social Relationships: A Threat to the Social Order? • Isolating Individuals? • Substituting Virtual for Real Friendship? • Undermining Social Relationships?
  5. 5. • 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 • Cross-sectional Surveys versus Panels • Multi-Stage Probability Sample • England, Scotland & Wales • Respondents: 14 years and older • Face-to-face Interviews, High Response Rates • Sponsorship from the British Library, Higher Education Funding Council for England, Ofcom, and Others • Component of World Internet Project (WIP) Oxford Internet Surveys
  6. 6. Isolating, Connecting, or Reconfiguring Access Romantic Views of the Past Complement v Substitute • Users Perceive Same or More Connections • Increased Contact with Family & Friends • Non-users are Most Isolated Meet New People Online, Growth Over the Years • A Few ( 1 or 2) Meet in Person • More Never Personally Meet Reinforces and Reconfigures Access: Can Change • Who You Know • With Whom You Stay in Touch With
  7. 7. Online Dating: A Threat to the Social Order? • Dating Through a Screen? • Undermining Stable Relationships?
  8. 8.  Supported at the OII by eHarmony (2008—2013)  18 Country Online Survey*  Co-habiting couples, 18 and over  Dated, Update Needed *Hogan, B., Li, N., and Dutton, W. H. (2011), A Global Shift in the Social Relationships of Networked Individuals: Meeting and Dating Online Comes of Age. (February 14, 2011). SSRN: or Me, My Spouse and the Internet Study
  9. 9. Me, My Spouse and the Internet Global Shift in Prominence • Since 1997 with Rise of Social Media • New and Legitimate Place to Meet Experience Technology • Based on Experience, not Success • Know Others Who Have Dated Online Complement v a Substitute for Offline Individual and Cross-National Differences • Older (over 40), Gender, Sexual Orientation Reconfigures Access, e.g., Age and Educational Differences
  10. 10. (Dis)Information Order: Undermining the Information Order? • Diminishing the Quality of Information? • My Daily Me – Filter Bubble? • Echo Chambers Polarizing Politics? • Fake News Undermining Trust?
  11. 11. Panic! Fake News Filter Bubbles Echo Chambers
  12. 12. The Part Played by Search in Shaping Political Opinion • Quello Center team in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford and Department of Communication, University of Ottawa • Professor William H. Dutton (Quello) • Dr. Bianca C. Reisdorf (Quello) • Dr. Grant Blank (OII) • Dr. Elizabeth Dubois (Ottawa) • With the assistance of: • Craig Robertson (PhD Student, Quello) • Sabrina Ahmed (BA Student, Ottawa) • Support from Google, Inc.
  13. 13. Cross-National Comparative Research A User-Centered Perspective Review of Literature Trace Data Survey of 7 nations Britain France Germany Italy Poland Spain United States 14,000 Internet Users, January 2017
  14. 14. Mitigating Problems 1. Centrality of Search for Info about Politics 2. Diversity of Sources/Viewpoints 3. Check, Confirm, Information 4. Find Info that is New, Unexpected, or Wrong 5. Seldom Block, Unfriend, Censor Others KEY THEMES
  15. 15. • Google Studie • Forschungsfragen • Methodologie • Erste Resultate • Bedeutung • Diskussion Individual Differences in Search
  16. 16. The Report Plus Dutton, W.H., Reisdorf, B.C., Dubois, E., and Blank, G. (2017), Search and Politics: The Uses and Impacts of Search in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United States, Quello Center Working Paper available on SSRN: Dutton, W.H. (2017), ‘Fake News, Echo Chambers, and Filter Bubbles: Underresearched and Overhyped’: news-echo-chambers-and-filter-bubbles-underresearched-and-overhyped-76688 Dutton, W. H. (2017), ‘Bubblebusters’, NESTA. countering-fake-news-filter-bubbles-and-echo-chambers/
  17. 17. Social Media and Big Data Reshaping Privacy and Data Protection? ‘Privacy is dead, get over it.’ Scott McNealy • Social Networking Eroding Privacy? • Cambridge-Analytica Fiasco Chris Wylie (Whistle Blower)
  18. 18. Facebook Global Science Research (Aleksandr Kogan) Cambridge Analytica A Complicated Ethical Breach, Rather than a Security, Data Breach W. H. Dutton (2018), ‘Regulating Facebook won’t prevent data breaches’, The Conversation, https://theconversation .com/regulating- facebook-wont- prevent-data-breaches- Mark Zuckerberg Trump Election Campaign
  19. 19. Why Panic? Deterministic Perspectives – Loss of Control Tipping Point – Potentially Transformative Lack of Critical Multidisciplinary Research Problems are Real, but Exceptions v the Rule Focus of the Mass Media and News
  20. 20. Social Media Panics in the Press: Why? News Writing Mantra: Simplify and Exaggerate • Actual Implications Complex, Conflicting • Journalists Don't Read Social Science! Networked (Pack) Journalism • Dominant Story Lines & Messages in News Outlets • Reporters networked online (2018) v. The Boys on the Bus (1972) Deterministic Perspectives Simple & Attracts Readers • Technology (Company) Bites Humans • 50th Anniversary of 2001: The Space Odyssey and HAL
  21. 21. What Can Be Done? Address Panics Research Challenging the Press Analytical Skepticism Outreach: Speaking, Blogging, Disseminating Not Over- Simplifying