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AWS Summit 2013 Singapore - Panelist Discussion


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AWS Summit 2013 Singapore - Panelist Discussion

  1. 1. AWS Summit Singapore 2013 Panelist Discussion Moderator: Angela Event info: At the first event of the AWS Cloud Computing community in South East Asia that took place in Singapore, our CEO Ikin Wirawan along with 3 others were the panel speakers of AWS partners. If you missed the talk show or want to relive the words, below is the transcript of the talk show: (A)NGELA: In your opinion, how have you seen the cloud adoption evolve over the past few years? And how has this shift benefited your business ? Minjar: We have been using AWS platform for last 5 years and clearly the market has accepted Cloud Computing as next paradigm shift for their business to bring agility and flexibility in IT, we have moved from too much noise in the market place to a clear business value proposition of using on-demand computing for critical workloads. Till last year, we had to educate customers and businesses about using Cloud Computing but now they are more interested in “how to use Cloud?” and “where to use Cloud?” so there is clearly a great traction among even traditional businesses to leverage Cloud for testing their business workloads like internal web applications, messaging solutions, websites, dev/qa environments, cost effective offsite DR etc. As a AWS partner, we have helped many customers ranging from Fortune 500 to fast growing technology companies in US, APAC and India to leverage AWS platform. Some of our customers like Mobstac, txtWeb are able to scale their business to 10’s of millions of users from few hundreds of users in just
  2. 2. 2 years by leveraging AWS infrastructure. We have also helped customers like Coconuts in Thailand providing local news to use AWS for handling viral growth their news content and do that effectively. Minjar started as a business unit in Kuliza providing cloud-consulting services on AWS in 2008 and we have now grown to a size where we had to create an independent entity last year focusing on Cloud and BigData solutions market. We have been growing at over 100% consistently from last 3 years and see an amazing growth happening over next 2 to 4 years as more mainstream businesses want to look at using AWS Cloud for deploying their workloads including critical ones like CRM, ERP etc and when hardware refresh cycles kick in for existing virtualized infrastructure. We are looking at growing atleast by 10X of our size in next 3 years Ogilvyone: Education and Awareness has increased to the point that Marketing folk have heard of Cloud For a Digital Marketing Agency like us, it’s a good fit because of these factors: o Fits the Campaign-based model (short-term) o Clients move quickly (don’t always plan, can build on the fly) o Takes away the headache of managing and procuring infrastructure (which our clients don’t care about – our clients are typically Marketing folks) o Cost, cost & cost efficiency o AWS was not our first cloud partner, which has helped because you get perspective on what AWS can do that others simply can’t! Izeno: In the past there’s more talks then action  Now we are seeing more and more web workload, dev test workload adopting cloud  With the mainstream business adopting cloud we will have more services opportunities Walden: I think it begins with the tech startup community. Their products are mostly in the cloud, they need the cloud because it’s affordable, and to reduce risk on failure and to be able to scale on success. Cloud adoption in the Enterprise community is slower, but gaining traction, and the trend is clear – it’s towards the cloud. My business is in software outsourcing with strength in web apps. It certainly benefits my business when startups and enterprises rush to the cloud. (A) We have been hearing a lot about Cloud, what do you think are some of the barriers to cloud adoption, and how your organisation was able to support in this area? Minjar: One of the main barriers to cloud adoption in enterprises is to redesign their existing business processes and make internal teams aware/skilled to leverage Cloud Computing
  3. 3. benefits. This is where AWS partners also bring a great value add for businesses to accelerate their Cloud adoption. One of the patterns that we noticed is even in big corporations most of the new applications or product development workloads are targeted for Cloud and business owners want to use Cloud Computing to bring more agility and reduce time to market. However with workloads like internal applications, CRM, ERP, SCM etcthere is a fear of complexity because of tight integrations with existing IT applications and CXOs are clearly looking at skilled partners who can help them evaluate, identify and implement Cloud for those workloads. Another challenge is to move existing IT management processes like change management, security processes, compliance requirements, audit mechanisms etc to Cloud along with IT application workloads. Also as a partner, we are able to help businesses look at Cloud Computing not only as a cost saver but also as a business accelerator by leveraging the elasticity, on-demand and flexibility characteristics of Cloud platforms. We have been working with Business and IT decision makers to deploy their application workloads on Cloud and make internal teams ready/comfortable for using Cloud. Ogilvyone: Knowing where to start and first steps Help customers understand what they have and also with migration from on-premise solutions Technology is reshaping Digital landscape. More and more, our Technology team members are becoming generalists and they need to understand how all elements of a Technology solution works and comes together, from the UI through to Servers. It’s a cultural change for our developers where they no longer specialize in one language or one platform only. They need to know about “everything” and how to solution. Izeno: Not many partners providing consultancy and managed services locally. Our infra team who is traditionally working with open source stack (such as Red Hat Linux, Apache, Php and Mysql) helps make the transition to AWS easily. Walden: The common barriers are misconception of security – my data secure with you, sovereignty – is my data private to me, can you snoop on it, and accessibility – what if my internet connection is down?. These barriers usually stem from lack of understanding. So what we have to do is acknowledge these common barriers and that include assessment and risk mitigation. Obviously clients love the cost advantage and scalability that AWS provides, so once these common barriers are lifted we are in a good spot.
  4. 4. (A) For those of you who had been having a AWS practice for a while, what do you think will be the initial challenges in building this Cloud Practice? And how has this partnership benefited you? Minjar: Our initial challenge was to create skilled teams, define specific solution offerings and simplify IT management processes so we can help our customers accelerate their business using AWS Cloud. It was also important to align internal teams about change to make sure they are part of our new direction. While we have started building a Cloud practice before there was a formal partnership program from AWS but after joining the APN, we were able to leverage AWS team skills and have partner specific training programs to make our internalteams skilled APN team is also working with us to accelerate our business growth by planning joint GTM strategies and organizing local events to bring the business community together to talk about Cloud Computing adoption and best practices for leveraging business value. There is a great value add in being APN partner as it helps us to connect with AWS teams and leverage their skills/best practices to help our customers Ogilvyone: Investment in skilling up or recruiting your team & Identifying your unique or differentiating offering in the market Izeno: Initial investment in staff training and marketing AWS Channel managers have been very helpful to link up with the right resources internally to help us get on the aws business to market at a faster pace Technical presales support Marketing support Walden: My company has used AWS since 2007 I think. We didn’t have any formal partnership with AWS back then. We signed up to become an official AWS partner late last year, and just having that Partner logo helps build better trust with our customers. And when AWS starts focusing on the Indonesian market early this year, I realize they are really committed in their relationship with us the partners, and that boost our confidence and motivation.
  5. 5. (A) Why did you sign up to be an AWS Partner? Minjar: AWS Partnership gives us a brand exposure in the market and reach prospective customers with confidence as its recognition of our company skills and capabilities. AWS Partnership helped us to accelerate business growth by planning joint GTM strategies and preparing solutions for specific market segments while reaching out to CXOs by leveraging capabilities of local AWS teams. It’s a great platform to make internal teams Cloud ready! Ogilvyone: Partnership has helped optimize our business and also unlocked opportunities  We don’t need a team of dedicated Network and System Engineers. We’ve empowered our developers to own the entire stack  Cloud is in its infancy in Asia. AWS partnership has helped identify opportunities. Also its global presence and recognition as an industry leader gives the Ogilvy more weight. Izeno: We are users of AWS for our sugarcrm hosting hence it makes a lot of sense to be a partner We like the scalability and the high availability that comes with AWS We believe that AWS is the way to go and will like to position ourselves as the leading solution provider for AWS! Walden: Well, as I have mentioned, we have used AWS for a while, setting up accounts for our customers. By becoming an official partner, I was hoping I could get leads and more services business. And the partner logo/ recognition is a plus selling pointand credibility proof point. Also I like Walden to be the first in Indonesia to be an AWS key partner with the first mover advantage.