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Austin as a Digital Media Nexus. Presentation to the Technology Advisors Group of Austin


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September 2013 presentation to Austin's Technology Advisors Group presenting the current state of the video game and related industries, both globally and in Austin, Texas. The presentation looks at the game industry's market size, key players (especially in Austin), the shift from console and desktop computing to mobile gaming, technical challenges and opportunities.

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Austin as a Digital Media Nexus. Presentation to the Technology Advisors Group of Austin

  1. 1. AUSTIN AS A DIGITAL MEDIA NEXUS Frank Coppersmith President of CapsonTechnology Capson Technology
  2. 2. Video Game Industry Today Video game revenues will grow to $70.4 billion worldwide this year, representing a 6% year-on-year increase. The number of gamers is expected to surpass 1.2 billion by the end of the year.
  3. 3. Global Games Market
  4. 4. Global Games Market Per Segment
  5. 5. Global Gamers
  6. 6. Austin Game Industry
  7. 7. Austin Game Industry Overview
  8. 8. Austin Companies
  9. 9. Captivate!
  10. 10. Game Industry Upheaval •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Social Gaming (Facebook) Mobile Gaming (Smart Phones) Rise of Free to Play & Virtual Goods In Game Advertising Digital Distribution Gaming as a Service Data Driven Design New Console Generation
  11. 11. Traditional Publishing Flow Game Developers Game Publishers Game Players Game Retailers
  12. 12. Social Gaming New gamers and mechanics Easy to play * no winner/loser Viral elements (play with your friends) Free to play and virtual goods New game platform
  13. 13. Adoption of Smartphones
  14. 14. Growth of Smartphone Usage
  15. 15. Mobile Gaming Growth
  16. 16. Mobile Games and Purchasers
  17. 17. Free To Play – In App Purchase
  18. 18. Free to Play – Growth of Model
  19. 19. In Game Advertising
  20. 20. Digital Distribution
  21. 21. Gaming as a Service Device and Platform Agnostic Increase Engagement and Stickiness Improve Monetization EA Origin & Valve’s “STEAM” MMOs Downloadable Content
  22. 22. Data Driven Design
  23. 23. New Console Generation
  24. 24. Kickstarter Pre-sales reduce risk 3/4 of video game Kickstarters fail Most video game fundraising is in 10s of thousands
  25. 25. Big $$$ for Top Games
  26. 26. Mobile Gaming
  27. 27. Growth
  28. 28. Development Costs
  29. 29. Competition Over 800,000 Apps in the iOS Store
  30. 30. Opportunity Virtually unopposed growth opportunity ** Big publishers are distracted by new consoles Plenty of “Blue Water” opportunities ** Opportunity to define a genre Chance to go global ** China, Japan and Korea - high Android adoption Unprecedented Margins ** Low headcount - can get to profit quickly M&A / IPO Markets ** While Zynga has slowed things down, it will be back